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N.M. Nuke Dump Disaster Could Poison Entire Region

Putin Addresses Realities of Ukraine Situation

Powerful Israel Lobby Hosts Annual Confab

Ukrainian Crisis Misrepresented in Mainstream Press

Speculators Attack ‘Anti-Semitic’ Currencies

Obama Administration Targets Venezuela for ‘Regime Change’

Was the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ a 17th-Century False Flag?

‘Bloody’ School Shooting Drills in Vogue

Supporters of Israel Go All Out to Block Its Financial Isolation

The Outrageous Case of Matt Hale

Hillary’s War Against Women

Killer Hospitals

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: TSA Behind New Mexico Police Chief’s Termination

AFP PODCAST: School Safety Expert Threatened, Again

AFP PODCAST: Sofia Smallstorm Talks Sandy Hook

New Fed Chairman Angrily Rejects Central Bank Audit

States Seek Restrictions on NSA Snooping; Millions Tracked to Stop No Terror Plots

Alternative Currency Sabotaged?

Obama Policies Leave Blacks in Worse Plight

USDA Food Stamp Outrage Exposed

U.S. Has Transformed Libya Into Danger to All Africa

Culture War Waged at Olympics

AFP PODCAST: Academic Vilified for Questioning Sandy Hook

Israeli Intrigues Linked to Gun Industry

France Watch: Comedian Ignites Mass Protests; NWO Opposition Rising Dramatically

Euro Debt Spells Danger for Dollar

Hillary Presidency Frightens Some

Putin: Eastern Champion of Western Values

Pope Tackles Vatican Gay Network Charges

AFP RADIO: Sandy Hook, Fallacy or Fact?

AFP PODCAST: School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: War With Iran Imminent?

Robber Barons Party in Switzerland

Save a Palestinian, Boycott Israel

DoD Program 1033: Militarizing America’s Cops

D.C. Police, Attorney General Terrorize Citizen

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Political Correctness Gone Wild

Globalists Panic; ‘One World’ Trade Deal Exposed

The ‘Ugly’ Truth About Mass Shootings

Earn College Credits for Bashing Whites: Jewish Professor Creates ‘White Privilege’ Confab

Good News, Bad News in Obama’s SOTU

Witness Deaths Plague Probe Into Attack in Benghazi

Peruvians Looking to Dismantle Rothschild’s Media Monopoly

AFP PODCAST: Can Water Cure Anything?

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Gunowner’s Harassment Sparks Outrage

Date with a Debate: Piper vs. Fetzer and Friend

Pro-White Rallies Organized Across Globe for March

Crime Stats Alarm Black Leaders

Holder Uses the Race Card for Public Schools

Judge Slaps Down an SPLC Hit Man

Butcher of Beirut Meets Maker

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Christian Cross Assault Continues

Date with a Debate: Jim Fetzer vs. Keith Johnson

AFP PODCAST: AFP Subscriber Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad Fame

Ireland vs the Banksters

America’s Largest Bank Exposed for Spying on Political Rivals, Anti-Banking Groups

Hillary’s Lust for Blood and Money

Hoping This ‘Relationship’ Heading for a Break-up

Putin-Style Politics Could Be What Saves U.S.

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Gas/Oil Price Nexus Demystified

The ‘King of the Jews’ Is Dead

Not Just NSA, But Banksters Are Watching You, Too

Flat Foot Photo Shoot

U.S. Moving to Make Electronic Currencies Illegal?

States Say “Stop” to NDAA

Civil Rights Movement Needed for Whites

U.S. Interventionism in Asia Could Spark War With China

Israeli Firm Helps Rig Election for Mass Murderer in Zimbabwe

Secret Issue Behind Unemployment Benefits Battle

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Victim of U.S. Torture Speaks

Fukushima Meltdown?

Pakistan Outs Top U.S. Spies Over Civilian Drone Deaths

Thorium: Fuel of the Future?

America’s Appalling Racial Double Standard

Pathological Altruism and the Mandela Lovefest

Need a Green Card? Build ‘Little Peking’ in the Catskills

Canadian Police State vs. Brad Love

Mandela’s Legacy

Police Filing Lawsuits Against Citizens

Libya Facing Anarchy

Major U.S. U-Turn in Syria: Regime Change Hazardous

Israel: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Arabs and Jews Unite to Defeat Peace

Hungarian Nationalists Turn Tables, Charge Bela Biszku With War Crimes

New NYC Mayor: Just Another Wall Street Hand Puppet

WEB EXCLUSIVE: American Atheists Celebrate 50 Years of Attacking Christianity

Fed Turns 100: Victor Thorn Interviews Griffin, Roberts, Zarlenga and Shudlick

Lessons of 2008 Long Forgotten: House Passes Banker-Backed Bill

Rand Paul Mingling With Big Money Elite

New Evidence Surfaces in Navy Yard Shooting

Seattle PD Forced to Stop Secret Surveillance System

Hypocritic Oath: Doctors in the ‘Terror War’

AFP PODCAST: Mandela’s Jewish Influence

AFP PODCAST: The Real Mandela

AFP Warned in June: “Iraqis Uncover Sarin Gas Lab With Ties to U.S. Ally in Syria;” Pulitzer-Prize Winner Seymour Hersh Confirms

“Five Eyes Network” Sees All

Whistleblower Tells of White House Intrigues

Fire of Freedom Ignites in Europe

Pathological Altruism: White Man’s Burden?

Is Germany the Ultimate ‘Rogue Nation’?

The New Axis of Evil: Saudi Arabia and Israel

Overpaid DAV Execs Team Up to Censor Truth About Salaries

Israeli Data Spies Have Eyes Focused on U.S. Citizens

Rothschild-Israeli Ties to JFK

Entrapment Approved by Appeals Court

‘Amnesty Terrorists’ Use More Radical Tactics

Round Table Elite Meets

Psy-Ops Standard Fare for U.S.

Rally at the Alamo for Gun Rights


U.S. Supreme Court: Argentina Owes Banksters $7B

AFP Free Speech Conference, Austin, Texas: Livestream

Horrific Effects of Depleted Uranium Still Censored by U.S. Military, Media

French Populist Party Grows in Power

AFP PODCAST: The JFK Assassination and the Uncensored Story of the Two Oswalds

COMPETING VIEWS: Internet Rife With Disinformation; Sandy Hook Shooting—Where’s the proof?

AFP PODCAST: Texe Marrs, Will America Survive Until 2025? Part 1

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Police Brutality a Common Occurrence Across America

Ultimate Goal of Nuclear Talks Is to Leave Iranians Helpless; UN, U.S. Begin Dismantling Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Can Politically Incorrect Americans Retain Their Right to Free Speech?

DoJ Begins Militarizing Public Schools

Woman May Head Fed for First Time in 100 Years

Amnesty Rally in D.C. Spurs Outrage

Nobel Peace Prize for Hitler? Holocaust® Lobby Burned Up Over Two New Books

More Black Attacks in the Rotting Big Apple

North Carolina Under Attack Over Voter ID Act

AFP PODCAST: Paul Topete, Musician, Activist, All-Around Bright Guy

AFP PODCAST: Mark Dankof, Minister & Commentator

AFP PODCAST: Deanna Spingola, Author of “The Zionist Seizure of World Power”

AFP PODCAST: Texe Marrs, Best Selling Author, Filmmaker & Minister

AFP PODCAST: Phil Tourney, USS Liberty Survivor

Greek Leaders Turn to Israeli, Jewish Groups to Target Greek Populist Party

Are Violent Video Games Turning Kids Into Killers?

Climate Change Hoax Exposed

Education Program Conditions Kids to Accept Gov’t as God; Parents Need to Get Involved to Halt Hijacking of Education System

Greek Politicians Jailed; Golden Dawn Under Attack

WWIII Called Off?; ‘Back Story’ on Putin-Obama Deal; CNN’s Distortion of Holocaust Comments

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: The New World Order is Real

AFP PODCAST: Has AFP ‘Dropped the Ball’ on Sandy Hook?

U.S. False Flag Exposed; World Isn’t Buying Syria Story; ‘Peace President’ Fomenting War; ‘Kerry a Liar,’ Says Russia

Navy Yard Shooter Fits Mind-Control Profile

Who Protects Us from Criminals When They’re the Government?

Putin Forces Obama to Rethink Mideast

IRS Guilty

Syrian Crisis Exposes Israeli Lobby; Israel Allied with Al Qaeda in Syria

Zionists Behind Ouster of Egypt’s President

The Lessons of 9-11; News Flash: It Wasn’t the Nazis

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: High Gas Prices Here To Stay

Females Leading Fight for Gun Rights in U.S.

Black Leaders Advocating Genocide of ‘White Devils’; DHS Official Booted for Advocating White Genocide

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Disappearing Palestine, Coming to a Train Station and Bus Near You


AFP PODCAST: Million American March Against Fear Wrap-Up

Israeli Students Push Propaganda; Iraq/Iran Déjà Vu; USS Liberty Survivors Speak

Free Speaking Students Under Attack

Northern Californians Seek Independent State

Supreme Test for Monsanto

AFP PODCAST: DAV Donor Pulls the Plug

Lack of Leadership Blamed for Demise of Pro-White Group

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Iceland’s Recovery Continues Despite Dithering Politicians

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Syria, Just Another War For Israel

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

West Blind to Lessons of Libya

Putin Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Putin Assailed for Family Values Stance

AFP PODCAST: Atheist Group Scuttles 9-11 Memorial

AFP PODCAST: March Against Fear, Washington, D.C., 9/11/13, High Noon

Israeli False Flag?; War Crimes Investigator Censored, Claims Rebels Using Poison Gas; Message to Obama from Congress: No War on Syria Without Our OK

Truthseekers Targeted

Why No Mainstream Media Outrage Over Killing of Innocent White Man in Oklahoma?; The Blatant Hypocrisy of ‘Hate’ Crimes

‘Conspiracy Theories’ in the News Again

How I Learned the Truth About War

Politically Incorrect Journal Hits 20!

AFP Honors American Workers: Labor Day Sale Extended Until Further Notice!

International Jewish Lobby Gets UN to Blackball Speaker

Internet Encyclopedia Helps Brainwash Millions of Minds

U.S. Officials Protect Mexican Drug Lords

71* Christian Churches in Egypt Attacked, Looted and Burned

AFP PODCAST: Victorious Victim of Civil Forfeiture Suit Not Lying Down

How Child ‘Protective’ Services Can Get You Shot & Take Your Kid

The Truth About Benghazi

Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Criminals Beware! We’re Armed and Trained!


The New Poor

Holder Says You Have ‘Duty to Retreat’; Bloomberg Battered

Man Left for Days in Cell Without Food, Water Wins

Shocking Truth About Drones Kept from American Public

Were U.S. and Israel Behind Egyptian Military Coup d’Etat?

Infamous ‘Nazi Diary’ Turns Out to Be a Dud

Blackness Settles Over Detroit

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Black Victimization Subculture Thriving

Sheriff Stops Feds

AG Ensures Illegals Will Vote in Coming Elections; Spate of Violent Immigrant Crimes Ignored

The Weird World of John Hagee

Court Approves Indefinite Detentions

Who Will Be Next Fed Chairman?

Has Massive WWII Gold Hoard Been Found?

GOP Revolting?

Chef Paula Deen Skewered, Roasted

Bernanke’s ‘Shalom’ Address: Needs of Wall Street Trump All

World Trade Towers Owner Loses Bid to Cash in Twice

Obama Expands War Powers; Can Unleash Cyberwar Any Time

Confronting the ADL’s Campaign of Hate

How Egyptian Mayhem Benefits Israeli Goals

Mainstream Media Stokes Violence; DoJ Helped Organize ‘Trayvon’ Protests

School Abandons Chipping of Students

Schools Become Battlegrounds for 1st & 2nd Amendments

Tough-Talking Journalist Took on Zionist Power

The Real Mandela

Obama’s Secret Courts

Malfunction or Missile?

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Your Breath or Your Blood

Four Years in Jail for ‘FBI Fantasy’

AFP VIDEO & ARTICLE: Waco 20 Years Later

U.S.-Backed Terrorists Execute Syrian Priest

AFP PODCAST: Black Mob Violence Continues Unabated Across the Nation

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Waiting for the Violence

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Jews Unite in Support of Gay Marriage, Immigration Reform

AFP PODCAST: Mike Rivero Takes on the Bankers

AFP PODCAST: Mark Glenn on Israel Pushing the U.S., Russia to Brink of War

Freedompalooza Live Stream

Reporter Assassinated?

Supremely Disappointing

Powerful Forces Promote Rand Paul

Genocidal General Venerated With $120 Million Memorial

AFP’s Most Viewed Article: Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks

What Happened to the Witnesses to JFK’s Assassination?

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: ADL, SPLC Working to ‘Holocaust’ July 4 Festival

The NSA: Made in Israel

NSA: Never Say Anything

Asylum Seekers Burn the Asylum

Another ‘Free Speaker’ Jailed for Views

Disabled Vets Charity Takes Care of its Leaders While Thousands Left Homeless

New Cold War Looming?

British Cabal Under Fire

IRS Scandal Reveals Jewish Control of White House; Victims Speak Out

Bilderberg Facing Inquiry

Traficant Urges Investigation of U.S. Taxpayer Funding of Bilderberg

Has the Resistance Been Co-opted?

UK Officials Speak Out As Bilderberg-Linked Plans Emerge

ADL Gets Millions of Dollars to Stifle Free Speech Globally

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: The Results Are In, Torture Doesn’t Work

Why Government Disinformation Works

Obamacare 2014: Ticking Time Bomb

McCain’s Back-Door Scheme to Scuttle Syrian Peace

Holder Accused of Lying About Harassment of Journalists

Could Plan to Raid Savings Come to U.S.?

Iraqis Uncover Sarin Gas Lab With Ties to U.S. Ally in Syria

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Bill White Speaks from Prison

Weekend Patriot Festival Features Big Names

AFP PODCAST: Anderson at Bilderberg

AFP PODCAST: Traficant, Papaherakles at Bilderberg

Is Tax ‘Charade’ a Clue on Major Bilderberg Goal?

Keep the Spotlight on Bilderberg

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: USS Liberty Massacre 46 Years Ago Today

AFP PODCAST: Anderson at Bilderberg

AFP PODCAST: Traficant, Papaherakles at Bilderberg

AFP PODCAST: Mark Anderson’s Bilderberg Update from London

AFP PODCAST: Jim Traficant ‘Unravels’ Bilderberg

AFP PODCAST: Victor Thorn Interviews Texe Marrs

Obama Unravels: Scandals Rock Administration

Enough Money for Foreign Nations, But Not Our Own

The Israeli Link to the IRS Scandal

83-Year-Old Nun Faces ‘Death Sentence’

Occupy Bilderberg

Bow Hunters Feeding Starving Families

Bungling CIA Agent Arrested in Moscow Embarrasses U.S.

Man Who Stripped for TSA American Folk Hero

AFP PODCAST: Support Sheriffs in St. Charles, Mo. this Weekend

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Former CIA Asset Details Government Attempts to Censor Truth about 9-11, Iraq Wars

Brits Brace for Bilderberg

Green Tyranny

Green Tyranny

Top Warmonger Calls for ‘Robust Internationalism’

U.S. Allies in Syria a Barbarous Lot

European People Revolt Against Globalist Design

Is America on the Road to Socialism?

AFP PODCAST: The Horror of South Africa Today

Obama’s Red Line

The White House War Against Whistleblowers

Couple’s Baby ‘Legally’ Stolen by CPS

Terrorist Linked to SPLC

America’s Black Eye

AFP PODCAST: The Future of Freedom is Frail

FBI Busts Kid for Joining Terror Group U.S. Supports

AFP PODCAST: Family of Vietnam Vet Exposed to Agent Orange Suffers Side Effects

U.S. Makes Case for Wrecking Syria Like It Has Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya

Israeli President Pressures Pope Francis in Vatican Visit


Amnesty = Treason

Congress Slams DoJ Hard for Waste, Fraud & Abuse

AFP PODCAST: AIPAC Slaps America in the Face, Again

James P. Tucker, Jr., ‘Bilderberg Hound,’ Dead at 78

The Boston Bombing: What Did The Feds Really Know?

Boston Bombing Plot Thickens

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: More Terrorist Attacks in the Cards

AFP PODCAST & BOOK REVIEW: Yes, Conspiracies Are Real

WikiLeaks Data Dump Exposes Secrets

UN Orders U.S. to Repeal Drug Laws

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: UN Arms Trade Treaty 2013 Wrap-Up

Federal Reserve’s Attack on Gold & Silver A Warning Sign All Patriots Should Heed

Famed Arizona Sheriff Arpaio Targeted by Killer Mail Bomb

Israel’s Stooges in Congress Push for Changes in Visa Waiver Program

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Jim Tucker Finds Bilderberg!*

Obama Provoking N. Korea Just as FDR Provoked Japan

A Trail of Blood & Money

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Israel’s Insulting Offer To Massacre Victims

Can Popular Digital Alternative Currency Survive Coordinated Attacks?

U.S. Court Hands FBI’s ‘Stingray’ Major Setback

Will Bilderberg Meet in England?

Psychiatric Profession Has Lost Its Mind

AFP PODCAST: Jenifer Dixon interviews Harry Fear in Gaza

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Senate Clears Hurdle for More Gun Control, But Who Will Control Government Guns?

UN Gun Treaty a Threat

Free State Sheriff Stands Against Gun-Grab Laws

SPLC Releases Annual List of Worst ‘Haters’

Close Gitmo Now

WEB EXCLUSIVE: N. Korea Too Smart For Obama

Top Globalists Meet in Berlin to Plot Strategy

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Killing Its Unborn Will Haunt China

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Sheriff Fights Back

Bilderberg Meeting Site Unclear; Va. Could Be Red Herring

Iraq: The Colossal Failure

Military Suicides Hit Epidemic Levels

CPAC: From GOP Fringe Group to Neocon Powerhouse

AFP PODCAST: Keith Johnson Interviews Ray McGovern

WEB EXCLUSIVE: UN Arms Gun (Grab, Ban, Confiscation, Control) Trade Treaty, Exploded

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Professor Blasts University for Handing High-Tech to China

Israeli Stranglehold Choking Washington

U.S. Troops Killed Kids

Murder-Suicide or Black Op Hit?

Was Hugo Chavez Assassinated?

AFP PODCAST: Taking on the Fast-Food Giants

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Ray McGovern on CIA Head John Brennan

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Media Censors Violent Race War Raging Across America

The Water-Fueled Car

Remember Rachel

Obama Could Free Notorious Zionist Spy to Appease Israel

One-World Mouthpieces Continue Slandering Iran, Pushing War

Sen. Lindsey Graham at Center of Evidence Tampering Case?

What’s the Future Hold for the Catholic Church?

Botanical Medicines May Be Last Defense Against Superbugs

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Sheriff Fights Back

AFP PODCAST: Keith Johnson Interviews Ray McGovern

AFP PODCAST: Taking on the Fast-Food Giants

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Ray McGovern on CIA Head John Brennan

AFP PODCAST: Media Censors Violent Race War Raging Across America

AFP PODCAST: Tucker Preps For Bilderberg

Obama’s ‘Kill List’ Grows

Bankers Get Death Penalty After $2.6B Scandal

Could More War Open the Door for Global Bank?

The Mystery of Israel’s ‘Prisoner X’

Comic Moments Surround Hagel Affair

Sequestration Crisis a Fraud

AFP PODCAST: Secret Trade Deal Needs Exposure

AFP PODCAST: Merlin Miller Talks Iran, Israel and False Flag

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: The No Fly List Farce

Mainstream Media Censorship Exposed

Obama Outdoing Bush, Cheney on Police State

N.Y. Enacts Drastic Gun Law Diminishing Personal Protection

AFP PODCAST: 1st Book on Sandy Hook!

Debtor Prisons Popping Up Across America

Bilderberg Pushing Global ID Card

Israel’s ‘Back Door to War’

AFP PODCAST: Neuroscience, the New Frontier

West Point Cadets Taught Patriots Are Terrorists

N.D. Asserts Sovereignty; Rejects Obama Power Grab

Hackers Expose U.S. False Flag to Frame Syria

Will British Nationalists Scuttle EU?

U.S. Heart of New World Order

Gutsy Bishop Refuses to Recant Beliefs

War Lobby Fights Hagel’s Nomination

We Can Kill Anybody

Wall Street Vultures Drive Up Food Prices While Billions Starve

Texas Lawmakers Believe Disarming Public Wrong Approach to Stopping Gun Crime

Thought Police Won’t Stop Prosecuting Historians

The Morphing of the Military

Bilderberg May Meet in Virginia, Again

Decorated CIA Agent Imprisoned for Secret Torture Revelations

More Sheriffs Join ‘the Resistance’

U.S. Military Should Set Sights on Real Enemy

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Sanctions Take Heavy Toll on Iranians

Parents Recount Battle With Israel

The End of Rural America?

AFP PODCAST: Down the Rabbit Hole

AFP PODCAST: U.S. Gov’t Loses High-Profile Civil Forfeiture Case

AFP PODCAST: Holy Land of Horrors

Sheriffs Say They Will Not Participate in Gun Grabs

Militia Leader, 28, Gets 26 Years for Tough Talk

Unexpected Voices Join Alternative Money Debate

Technology Could Provide Bright Future for U.S.

Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild & Hitler

Web Exclusive: Zero Dark Thirty Doesn’t Disappoint

Tea Party Continues Battle Against Big Government

Foolish Decision By N.Y. Newspaper Sparks Public Backlash

FBI Colluded With Big Banks to Spy on, Undermine Anti-Wall Street Movement

Patriots All Across Nation Urged to Fight ‘Super-NAFTA’

Growing Global Nationalism Sparking ‘Deglobalization’

Swiss Bank’s Corrupt Influence Poisons U.S. Political Process

The Fiscal Cliff: A Diversion

How Disinformation Becomes History

Human Rights Group Charges U.S. Backs Terrorists in Syria

Invading Africa

Drugs, Kids & Guns

Hollywood Babylon: The Entertainment Industry’s Dark Side

Arkansas Town Using Police-State Tactics To Fight Crime

Bankers Forced to Pay $1.5B Fine

Bilderberg Bangs War Drums; Pushes Obama to Bomb Iran

Mainstream Media, Government Ensure Agenda Trumps the Truth

Despite National Tragedy, Truth Is, Guns Save Lives

Arming Teachers

Government Crosses New Privacy Line

Euro-Court Testimony Reveals U.S. Guilty of Ruthless Torture

Global Elite Break Pattern? Bilderberg Could Meet in U.S.

Meet the West’s ‘Frankenstein Monster’

Racist Israeli Minister Resigns

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Fate of San Bernardino A Cautionary Tale for All of America

Big Brother Is Watching in Multitude of New Ways

$10B Down the Tubes: Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ a Fraud

Globalists Want Obama to Push Climate Issue

American Whistleblowers Go Public; Reveal Threat to Nation from Reactors

U.S. Recycles WMD ‘Schtick’ as Excuse to Attack Syria

Secret Hill Meeting

Surveillance Drones Expected to Become Permanent Sight in Skies Over America

Wasted on War

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Senate Version of NDAA Relaxes Detention Threat, But ‘Studies’ War on Syria

Mom-and-Pop Chain Fights Obamacare

Mossad Ploy to Frame Iran Almost Works

Gambling Mogul in Trouble After Betting on GOP Victory

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Israeli Works to Help Palestinians

AFP PODCAST: Ghana King Issues Warning on Eve of Election

Israel Runs Amok

CIA, Mossad Suspected in Cyberattack

Mainstream Media Drops Ball on 9-11

50 States Calling for Secession, But States Far From Free to Go

Plutocrats Call for Debt Relief to Avoid Paying Share of Taxes

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Atheists Score Big Victory Against Christmas

Petraeus Set Up By Israel

Israel Sabotaging Obama’s Solution to Iran Issue

Benghazi Embassy Used for CIA Spying, Weapons Transfers

Students Rise Up Against Forced Chipping

We Just Want to Grow Our Own Food

50 States File Secession Petitions With D.C.

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Fired For A College Prank, 49 Years Later

AFP PODCAST: Black Gun Violence Leaves Hardworking White Man Paralyzed

AFP PODCAST: Are You Prepared For EMP?

AFP PODCAST: New Documents Reveal Cold War Chemical Testing Conducted on U.S. Neighborhoods

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Hurricane Sandy’s Untold Story of Looting, Violence, Resistance

Foreclosures Increasingly Militarized


U.S. Jews Embarrassed by Israeli Brutality

Sanctions Unite Iranians Against U.S.

WEB EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: 9-11 Widow Breaks Fundraising Goal

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Churches Call for Congressional Investigation on Military Aid to Israel

Time For Real Change

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Merlin Miller for President

AFP PODCAST: Dismantling the Rigged Two-Party System

Final Third Party Presidential Debate: Live Streaming Video on AFP

AFP PODCAST: Obama Witch Doctor Display Roils Town

Judge Sides With TSA Gropers

‘Energy’ Behind Regime Change?

Benghazi Attack Not About Film Attacking Mohammed

Israeli Warplanes Bomb Sudan; Was Attack a Dry Run for Iran?

Prominent Pro-Israel Policy Think Tank Advocates ‘Crisis Initiation’ Against Iran

AFP PODCAST: ‘Throw the Bums Out!’

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: No Fly List for Thought ‘Crimes’

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Third Parties Rising

ACLU Sues Boston Police for Spying on U.S. Patriots

FBI Entrapment Eyed

Romney Financed by Drug Lords, Mossad?

Who Should Monitor Corrupt U.S. Elections?

Cyberattacks on U.S. Banks an Excuse for War?

School Daze

Mainstream Media Hides Truth About McGovern

WEB EXCLUSIVE: 9-11 Widow Hoping for Supreme Court Review

AFP PODCAST: EMP on Capitol Hill, Post-Hearing Update

Special 2012 Third Party Presidential Debate: Live Streaming Video on AFP

Hacking Ohio?

Romney Foreign Policy Advisor a 9-11 Suspect

Foreign Corporations Dump Million$ Into Coffers of Presidential Candidates

Axing IRS & Fed Key to U.S. Economic Recovery

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Peace Activist Sentenced to 6-Months in Federal Prison for Exercising First Amendment

Landowners Unite for Last Stand Against U.S. Courts, Pipeline Co.

Face of America Changing

New Documents Reveal Cold War Chemical Testing Conducted on U.S. Neighborhoods

Probe Finds Police Fusion Centers Smother Freedom, Waste Millions

Way Too Many Nukes

Eric Holder’s Radical Past Uncovered

Latest Jobs Report Hides Real Labor Crisis

Analysts Worry About New Mideast War

Jimmy Carter Says Elections Corrupted

Electronic Surveillance on Public Soars; Congress Shirks Oversight Responsibility

A Megaphone for War Propaganda

China on U.S. Buying Spree

Obama Mideast Policy Muddled, Confused

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLE: Help Audit the Fed, Now!

Fed Under Fire

Experts: Food Prices Will Soar Leading to Political, Civil Unrest

Inside Fast & Furious

China & Russia Allied Against NWO

Embassy Attack Shows Folly of Arming Zealots

AFP PODCAST: 2 Marines Talk About Their Time on Iwo Jima – Part 4

AFP PODCAST: Is Larry Sinclair Telling the Truth? You Decide – Part 2

AFP INTERVIEW: Mainstream Media Censors the News

AFP PODCAST & ARTICLES: $83K Scorpion Sting Exposes Healthcare Scam

Judge Strikes Down Indefinite Detention, Obama Appeals

Soldierless Military Goal of America’s War Planners?

Democracy Worth the Toll?

Big Oil Wins Texas Land Grab Case

Eisenhower: America’s 5-Star Assassin

AFP PODCAST: Mike Zullo Talks Facts, Forgery & Fraud

AFP PODCAST: Pastor Terry Jones vs. the Muslims

World Backs Iran