Putin: Eastern Champion of Western Values

• Top financial criminals in Russia want Putin ousted

By Ronald L. Ray

A war against Western civilization is taking place, but it is Russia, in the East, that is defending cultural and religious traditions, not the rulers in America or Europe.

Most of the West has capitulated to the destroyers of truth, goodness and beauty, to the sodomites and usurers, to the abortionists and warmongers, to the adorers of money. It is Russia’s President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, a former communist, who stands in the breach, while bankers and internationalists promote the likes of Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky, a Russian Jewish oligarch with billions of dollars to use for the re-enslavement of the former Soviet Union.


Putin granted a humanitarian pardon in December 2013 to Khodorkovsky, a decade-long prisoner whose mother has cancer, and to a large number of others described by Putin’s critics as “political prisoners.”

Although convicted of tax evasion and moneylaundering—a conviction upheld by the European Court of Human Rights—Khodorkovsky has been portrayed by Western media and politicians as a “political prisoner” because he opposed Putin. He is the poster boy for the plutocratic fight against Russian nationalism and economic independence.

But according to a January 3 report in Germany’s National-Zeitung, even defenders of the 50-year-old multi-billionaire are forced to admit that his wealth is ill-gotten. In just 15 years, the young communist son of modest engineer parents amassed many billions of dollars under the aegis of former Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. He was one of a handful of Jews who were given free rein by Yeltsin to enrich themselves by gaining control of much of Russia’s wealth and politics, according to the “National Journal” website.

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As Yeltsin’s energy minister, Khodorkovsky used his now-bankrupt privately-owned Bank Menatep, for shady real estate dealings and to purchase a controlling interest in the defunct Yukos Oil Company at a fraction of its value. The Yukos production division in Russia sold the oil at minimal profit to the distribution division, located in a foreign tax haven, which then sold the oil to American and Jewish interests at market rates. Khodorkovsky and his partners profited immensely and paid little or no taxes. When a local Russian mayor spoke out about Yukos’s refusal to pay taxes, a Khodorkovsky partner was implicated in the contract murder of the official.

Khodorkovsky was accused of stealing 200 million metric tons of oil from Russia—half the Yukos production—via his business practices. Thus, it was natural that, under Putin’s efforts to break the international bankster grip on Russia and regain control of natural resources, Khodorkovsky would be investigated for selling those resources out of the country.

These are by far not the only such criminal actions and should surprise no one, considering they were done by a man who still denies wrongdoing and once wrote: “[W]e are animated by riches. . . . Our compass is profit. Our idol is her majesty, capital.”

Yet this icon of usurious debt-slavers was received regally by the German government in December and granted a year’s residency. He is visiting Switzerland currently, where half of his Yukos wealth is deposited.

Khodorkovsky claims, rather disingenuously, he wants no more part in business or politics, but only desires to “help” Russian “political prisoners.” Like Jewish globalist speculator Schwartz György, better known as George Soros, the criminal ex-oligarch wants to use his “civil society” foundations to promote his depraved, money-motivated worldview and regain control of Russia.

By distorting the facts of the political situation in Russia and agitating from without, Khodorkovsky and his supporters hope to bring down Putin and vanquish the last powerful political protector of Western moral and cultural values, such as God, family and true freedom based on personal and social responsibility. Putin, however, has ordered “battle lines” to defend our civilization.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.