Alternative Currency Sabotaged?

February 24, 2014 AFP 0

• “Bitcoin” facing uncertain future after series of suspicious setbacks By Keith Johnson It’s been a tough week for bitcoin, the popular alternative currency that allows consumers to transact business discreetly, outside the purview of […]

Obama Policies Leave Blacks in Worse Plight

February 24, 2014 AFP 1

• African-Americans worse off than before president was elected By Victor Thorn When elected as the United States’ first black president in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama assured voters that the country would enter a new […]

USDA Food Stamp Outrage Exposed

February 23, 2014 AFP 1

• Department of Agriculture vows change after “food stamps for foreigners” scheme uncovered By Victor Thorn As hardworking American taxpayers struggle to pay their bills, a move by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) […]

U.S. Has Transformed Libya Into Danger to All Africa

February 23, 2014 AFP 0

By Richard Walker President Barack Obama and former French President Nicholas Sarkozy should have provided Libya with an “after sales agreement” when they ordered the destruction of the Libyan government and the assassination of former […]

Culture War Waged at Olympics

February 23, 2014 AFP 0

• Russia comes under heavy attack by standing up for Christianity and Russia’s children By Pete Papaherakles While the Sochi Winter Olympics are in full swing in Russia, President Vladimir Putin finds himself in an […]

Israeli Intrigues Linked to Gun Industry

February 17, 2014 AFP 1

• Powerful, shadowy Zionist holding company dominates American arms business By Michael Collins Piper Some AMERICAN FREE PRESS readers are wondering if they are on the wrong side of the issue of Zionism and Israel, […]

Euro Debt Spells Danger for Dollar

February 16, 2014 AFP 0

• Mexico latest country to join BRICs to replace dollar as world currency By Bill White Since the Bretton Woods system was established after World War II, the American dollar has been the backbone of […]

Hillary Presidency Frightens Some

February 16, 2014 AFP 0

• Spokesman for “Stop Hillary” PAC says we need to be wary of Mrs. Clinton By Victor Thorn According to the latest federal elections filings, Hillary Clinton has been able to amass $4M for a […]

Putin: Eastern Champion of Western Values

February 16, 2014 AFP 0

• Top financial criminals in Russia want Putin ousted By Ronald L. Ray A war against Western civilization is taking place, but it is Russia, in the East, that is defending cultural and religious traditions, […]

Pope Tackles Vatican Gay Network Charges

February 16, 2014 AFP 0

By Victor Thorn This won’t be your same old Vatican anymore, at least if Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better known as Pope Francis, has anything to say about it. As Time magazine’s 2013 Person of the […]

AFP RADIO: Sandy Hook, Fallacy or Fact?

February 12, 2014 AFP 0

AFP RADIO AFP reporter Keith Johnson dissects what he considers to be the fallacies in Professor James Fetzer’s “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook Was An Elaborate Hoax.” ARCHIVES

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