American Attendees of Bilderberg 2024

  • Abrams, Stacey, CEO, Sage Works Production
  • Adeyemo, Adewale, deputy secretary, Department of the Treasury
  • Altman, Roger C., founder and senior chair, Evercore Inc.
  • Amodei, Dario, co-founder and CEO, Anthropic PBC
  • Anderlini, Jamil, editor-in-chief, Politico Europe
  • Applebaum, Anne, staff writer, The Atlantic
  • Bourla, Albert, chair and CEO, Pfizer Inc.
  • Chhabra, Tarun, senior director for technology and national security, National Security Council
  • Easterly, Jen, director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Ferguson, Niall, Milbank family senior fellow, Stanford University
  • Finer, Jonathan, deputy national security advisor
  • Fraser, Jane, CEO, Citigroup
  • Harrington, Kevin, managing director, Thiel Capital LLC
  • Hobson, Mellody, co-CEO and president, Ariel Investments LLC
  • Karp, Alex, CEO, Palantir Technologies Inc.
  • Kotkin, Stephen, senior fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
  • Kravis, Henry R., co-founder and co-executive chair, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
  • Kravis, Marie-Josée, chair, The Museum of Modern Art
  • Lander, Eric S., founding director, Broad Institute
  • Lee, Peter, president, Microsoft Research
  • Lighthizer, Robert, chair, Center for American Trade
  • Luckey, Palmer, founder, Anduril Industries
  • Micklethwait, John, editor-in-chief, Bloomberg LP
  • Petraeus, David H., chair, KKR Global Institute
  • Phillips, Richard H., Office of the Director of National Intelligence
  • Schadlow, Nadia, senior fellow, Hudson Institute
  • Schmidt, Eric E., former CEO and chair, Google
  • Sherman, Wendy R., former deputy secretary of state
  • Stephens, Bret, opinion columnist, The New York Times
  • Thiel, Peter, president, Thiel Capital LLC
  • Ward, Jonathan, senior fellow, Hudson Institute
  • Wright, Thomas, senior director for strategic planning, National Security Council
  • Zakaria, Fareed, Host, “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” CNN, weekly columnist for The Washington Post

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  1. Please interview JJ Carrell, newly retired Border Patrol (24 years) on the illegal migrant invasion!

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