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Occupy Bilderberg

May 30, 2013 0

• Bilderberg Festival plans massive presence outside 2013 UK meeting site By The Staff at AFP When Bilderberg group attendees arrive near Watford, England in early June for the annual secret gathering, they will likely […]

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AUDIO INTERVIEW: Victor Thorn’s Brother Speaks

August 4, 2016 54

AFP AUDIO INTERVIEW Dave Gahary spoke with William J. “Bill” Makufka about his brother Scott’s (Victor’s) suicide, that has shaken the truth community in a way few could have predicted. Due to the many questions […]

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GOP Hits Rock Bottom

July 21, 2014 0

• Black Democrats paid to vote Republican. By Victor Thorn — Campaign dirty tricks are as old as politics itself, but few compare to the underhanded tactics used by 36-year incumbent William Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) […]

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Benefits of CoQ10
Alternative Health

Even Mainstream Lauds Coenzyme Q10

April 12, 2017 1

Mainstream media publications, in this case Harper’s Bazaar and Reader’s Digest, are finally beginning to acknowledge the benefits of supplements such as CoQ10.  Of course, regular readers of AFP have long been clued in to the advantages—and necessity, given the current state […]


Bohemian Grove book cover

Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy

March 12, 2017 0

Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy They secretly meet for 17 days each July in a remote “sacred grove” of ancient redwood trees in the deep forests surrounding San Francisco. Some 1,500 in number, their membership roll […]



JADE HELM 15: Massive Military Exercise

June 1, 2015 10

By Dave Gahary — One has to be on guard when the mainstream media portrays everyone with an alternative view on just about anything as a “conspiracy theorist,” derisively of course. Take JADE HELM 15 […]