The AFP Report – James Edwards: America or Israel First?

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined by James Edwards, host of The Political Cesspool radio program and one of the most insightful political commentators in the alternative media. James is also a contributor to American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper.

James is back to discuss the latest issue of the newspaper, including the front-page piece titled “America or Israel First?” addressing the controversy sparked by populist Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) who posted a meme on his official X page criticizing Congress members for enthusiastically embracing Zionism and the interests of Israel while shunning American patriotism and the interests of the American people.

We also address Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing operation in Gaza – a barbaric military campaign that has the full backing of the entire U.S. federal government and mass media complex – House Resolution 894 that equates criticism of Israel with “anti-Semitism,” the state of the GOP and the upcoming 2024 election, the perils of mass immigration in America and the wider Western world, and much more!

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