Former Trump Legal Advisor Sets Record Straight

By John Friend

  • John Eastman, top Constitutional scholar, facing blatant “lawfare” campaign to silence him and the legitimate legal issues regarding the 2020 election

One of America’s preeminent Constitutional and legal scholars who advised then-President Trump on several legal challenges surrounding the 2020 election—ludicrously described as the “safest and securest” election in U.S. history—is facing an outrageous “lawfare” campaign on numerous fronts.

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John Eastman, a leading law professor who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, founded the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and served as dean for Chapman University’s Dale E. Fowler School of Law before being “retired” from his tenured position at the university’s prestigious law school, is not going down without a fight.

The Constitutional scholar was a key player in offering legal advice to Trump on how to prevent and rectify election fraud and misconduct, advice that the far-left partisans largely controlling the legal system in the U.S. have criminalized in one of the most blatant attacks on traditional jurisprudence in American history.

Eastman “has been targeted by hard core leftist activists who have filed a bar complaint against him, seeking to have him disbarred and thereby lose his source of income,” according to his official GiveSendGo fundraiser page, where the principled legal scholar is attempting to raise funds for his defense. Eastman is currently in proceedings at the California Bar Court where the future of his ability to practice law will be decided. He is also involved in the Fulton County, Ga. case, where he was booked earlier this year and is facing trial along with several other Trump associates and Trump himself.

The legal controversy Eastman is involved with all relate to the counsel he provided to former President Trump and efforts to review the results of the 2020 election, which many Americans still have questions about. Eastman has long raised important legal questions and issues about the conduct of the last presidential election—questions and issues the mass media prefers to ignore or mischaracterize.

“I think Americans should be greatly concerned about the failure of the courts to address obvious illegalities in the conduct of the [2020] election,” Eastman explained to this reporter in a recent email exchange. “Article II of the Constitution specifically assigns exclusive authority to the state legislatures to direct the manner of choosing presidential electors—not county clerks, not Secretaries of State, not even the courts. Yet those election rules were ignored or altered with impunity, creating an unfair, cheating advantage for Democrats and their allies in state government.”

Eastman specifically cited the alteration of voting deadlines in Pennsylvania and Arizona, the outright elimination or weakening of signature verification in Pennsylvania and Georgia, the illegal use of voter drop boxes in Wisconsin, the fraudulent backdating of late-arrived ballots in Michigan, the violation of rules for collecting ballots in nursing homes in Wisconsin, and illegal payments to voters in Nevada, among other critical issues relating to the 2020 election.

Following the 2020 election, those who were skeptical of the results were denounced as “election deniers” and targeted for persecution. The rule of law had already been extremely politicized even prior to the 2020 election but has been brought to a new level under President Biden, creating an “extra-Constitutional” era in American history, where the rule of law has been so politicized and weaponized it has entirely transformed the country.

“We’re seeing an unprecedented targeting of political opponents using a new tactic, ‘lawfare,’” Eastman noted. “Whether through the filing of complaints with bar associations, or the creative and expansive use of the criminal law, this is an egregious violation of First Amendment protections for freedom of speech and the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.”

He also pointed out that the government’s targeting of lawyers like him simply for providing legal advice to clients “also threatens our adversarial system of justice.”

“The chilling effect on lawyers asked to take on controversial causes or clients in the future is immense,” Eastman stated.

The mainstream mass media, accurately described by former President Trump as “the enemy of the people,” has played a key role, Eastman insisted.

“The mass media is implicated up to their eyeballs in these problems,” Eastman told this reporter. “In a brazen attempt to deny Trump a re-election that he appears to have won, they have colluded with partisans (Democrats and Never Trump Republicans) to foster a false narrative that is actually the opposite of the truth. Calling Trump’s claims of election illegality and fraud a ‘big lie’ is itself the real big lie.”

For his noble efforts providing Trump important legal advice, the California Bar Association is pursuing a case to have him officially disbarred, leaving him unable to practice law in the state.

“The bar has claimed that I did not uphold my oath as an attorney to support the Constitution, based on the false narrative that my efforts to have the illegality and fraud fully investigated were all based on the ‘big lie,’” Eastman explained. “They have also asserted that I knowingly made false statements—in internal memos, in court actions, and in public statements—that are constitutionally-protected speech.”

Eastman is currently fighting to retain his law license before the California Bar Court. Indeed, all of the legal challenges he is currently facing may end up determining the fate of this once respectable country that is quickly devolving into a corrupt, Democrat-ran dictatorship where the political opposition is ruthlessly crushed.

“The American people should know—from the immense and costly effort I have undertaken to defend my bar license by putting on extensive evidence about the truth of the 2020 election—that I remain deeply committed to our Constitution and, as importantly, to the founding principle that ours is supposed to be a government grounded in the consent of the governed,” Eastman concluded. “We provide that consent through free and fair elections. If the elections are not free and fair, we no longer are able to control the direction of our government and we become subjects rather than citizens in a free republic.”

Readers are encouraged to learn more about Eastman’s legal challenges and to consider supporting his legal defense. Visit for more details.

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