States Must Enforce Own Immigration Laws

November 2, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By José Niño To say that the southern border of the U.S. with Mexico is being overwhelmed by illegal immigration would be a massive understatement. The Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimated that roughly […]

SPLC Targets Patriots Once Again

October 11, 2023 John Friend 1

The malicious hate group is attacking a longtime liberty activist and broadcaster as well as the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, a leading organization championing constitutional principles By John Friend The Southern Poverty Law […]

Does GOP Have Spine to Impeach Biden?

October 3, 2023 AFP Editor 1

By Donald Jeffries Republicans have announced that the House will hold the first impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden on Sept. 28. A spokesman for the House Oversight and Accountability Committee stated, “The hearing will […]

First the ‘Crisis,’ Then Alien Amnesty

September 22, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By Jóse Niño Since President Joe Biden was installed in office in January 2021, the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR) estimates that roughly 5 million illegal aliens have entered the country. Naturally, there has […]

All Climatologists Do Not Agree on Global Warming

September 19, 2023 AFP Editor 2

By Mark Anderson Have key scientific journals become a monolithic industry of fear-peddling, hardwired to an unprecedented degree with confirmation bias? It appears so, as they cavalierly promote only the most catastrophic sounding “climate change” […]

Far-Left Radicals Finally Face Justice

September 19, 2023 AFP Editor 2

By John Friend While federal prosecutors and judges continue their politicized prosecution of conservative activists, Trump supporters, and other patriots who participated in the rowdy protests at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, law […]

Soros Network Fears Rise of Nationalism

September 18, 2023 AFP Editor 0

By José Niño Alexander Soros, the son and heir apparent of the far-left plutocrat George Soros, recently penned a piece in Politico about the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and its recent pivot in political priorities. […]

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