The Fraud of Anti-Semitism Exposed

December 9, 2019 Staff 0

By Phil Giraldi “Newspeak” was the expression coined in George Orwell’s novel 1984 to describe the ambiguous or deliberately misleading use of language to make political propaganda and narrow the “thought options” of those who […]

Something Not Right With CA Wildfires

December 8, 2019 Staff 0

One longtime firefighter says something else besides “global warming” is at play here. By Mark Anderson Recently retired Fire Capt. Matt Dakin does not hesitate when he insists that the wildfires that have been raging […]

‘The Swamp’ Never Rats on Itself

December 8, 2019 Staff 0

Don’t expect any high-level crooks to be named in the upcoming Justice Dept. FISA report. By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova predicts that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on […]

The Deep State vs. Gen. Michael Flynn

December 7, 2019 Staff 0

By Donald Jeffries Lt. General Michael Flynn stood out from all the rest of Donald Trump’s putrid, longtime insider appointments to his cabinet. Flynn seemed to be the closest thing to an outsider in the […]

Mother of All Bubbles About to Burst?

December 7, 2019 Staff 0

Bursting of the sovereign debt bubble will cause a crash worse than the 2008 meltdown. By Dr. Ron Paul When the New York Federal Reserve began pumping billions of dollars a day into the repurchasing […]

How the Internet Is Controlled

December 4, 2019 Staff 0

The practice of shadow-banning and the art of stealth censorship are key components of controlling the internet. By Dr. Kevin Barrett On Oct. 17 I published an article headlined “The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: […]

Journalist Arrested in Washington

December 3, 2019 Staff 0

Free speech hypocrisy abounds as the left ignores mistreatment of another newsman. By S.T. Patrick On Oct. 25, Max Blumenthal, the editor of independent news website “The Grayzone” and a frequent contributor to “Consortium News,” […]

Free Speech on the Ropes

December 2, 2019 Staff 0

Is criticism of Israel already an official hate crime in America? By Philip Giraldi One subject that congressmen and the mainstream media tend to avoid is the erosion of fundamental liberties in the United States […]

Going Soft on Crime Is Dangerous

November 20, 2019 Staff 1

A violent offender who killed a mother and child should never have been out of prison. By John Friend A young child and a mother of two killed earlier this year by a serial criminal […]

Best Ideals of Left Are Being Usurped

November 17, 2019 Staff 0

 Americans need to plug their ears to the siren song of radical identity politics. By Dr. Kevin Barrett In the bad old days, choirboys were emasculated to stop their voices from changing. Imagine being a […]

Stop Poisoning Water With Fluoride

November 16, 2019 Staff 6

Activists are battling in court to stop a powerful federal agency from fluoridating our water. By Mark Anderson The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains that fluoride prevents cavities, a long-cited but widely disproven “benefit” of […]

Confusing Time for Males and Females

November 16, 2019 Staff 2

It’s hard to deny there’s an agenda to feminize men and masculinize women—but why? By Donald Jeffries Anyone who has watched a television show, a motion picture, or mainstream advertising over the past few years […]

Facial Recognition Coming to a Hardware Store Near You?

November 15, 2019 Staff 0

Hardware stores, airlines, government agencies are all using “facial recognition” technology to collect and store our biometric data–illegally. By Dave Gahary In the 2002 film “Minority Report,” Tom Cruise plays a police detective in Washington, […]

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