The AFP Report – Dr. Kevin Barrett on Middle East Conflict

On this edition of The AFP Report, we’re joined once again by Dr. Kevin Barrett, a leading voice in the alternative media and a regular columnist for American Free PressDr. Barrett and I discuss some of the recently published articles in the latest edition of American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper – including his provocative piece explaining why he supports Hamas and why you should, too.

We also address whether or not the Hamas attack on Israel launched on Oct. 7 was a false flag-style attack organized or allowed by Israel, the largely debunked yet still widely circulating atrocity tales coming out from Israeli sources, the massive pro-Palestine protests worldwide, the public’s rejection of the pro-Zionist narrative disseminated by mainstream mass media and Israel’s Zionist puppets in the West, and much more!

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3 Comments on The AFP Report – Dr. Kevin Barrett on Middle East Conflict

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  3. a very balanced discussion on events unfolding – thx u guys.
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