Couple Arrested, Charged for Handing Out Legal Flyers

By John Friend

In yet another brazen example demonstrating how the First Amendment and freedom of speech has all but been completely destroyed in America, a couple has been arrested and charged each with 302 counts of littering for distributing political and religious literature in a Lithia Springs neighborhood, an unincorporated community about 15 miles west of Atlanta in Douglas County, Ga.

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No doubt a target of organized censorship groups such as the Anti-Defamation League for their bold, constitutionally protected free speech activism, Philip and Hillary Jacobs were originally arrested in early November after livestreaming their literature distribution campaign on their video podcast program “Catfish & Weaver,” hosted on the alternative video streaming site Odysee. Philip and Hillary are known online as Mr. and Mrs. Catfish Jankens and have claimed to have personally distributed over 100,000 fliers, mainly in Georgia, in recent years.

Douglas County sheriff’s deputies were made aware of the flyers being distributed, and quickly discovered the livestream video. Nine deputies arrived at the Jacobs’ residence the following day after obtaining warrants for misdemeanor littering and arrested the couple.

Douglas County sheriff officials described the literature as “anti-Semitic” in nature, legitimate political speech and perspectives that are the biggest target by organized grievance groups, law enforcement, and America’s political and mass media establishment. Since the outbreak of hostilities between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip, the American public has been subjected to an endless stream of propaganda denouncing “rising levels of anti-Semitism,” which is portrayed as one of the gravest threats facing the country.

The Jacobs couple have long engaged in flyer distribution in their home state of Georgia as well as Florida, and often use literature promoted by the Goyim Defense League, which concentrates on exposing the role that Jewish individuals and organizations play in various aspects of American society and government as well as their prominent role in promoting endless wars in the Middle East, subversive cultural agendas, and other anti-Christian, anti-American policies.

“First and foremost, our goal is to inform white Americans regarding the Jewish power structure that controls America and our corrupt and craven politicians,” Philip Jacobs told this reporter in an exclusive interview. “We operate in the spirit of Thomas Paine, one of the most iconic pamphleteers in American history. We do not break any laws. We simply exercise our beloved constitutional rights guaranteed under the U.S. constitution.”

The Jacobs argue that their constitutional right to distribute political and religious literature is protected by Georgia Supreme Court case law, specifically Statesboro Publishing Company Inc. v. City of Sylvania. In that precedent setting case, the City of Sylvania argued that its ordinances restricting the delivery of printed material in the city were designed to protect the aesthetic beauty of the community. However, the court ruled that “the city’s ordinance imposes too many restrictions on the distribution of handbills, pamphlets, and newspapers at homes” and that “the city’s desire to protect the aesthetic beauty of the city does not justify these restrictions.”

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“Because the Sylvania ordinance unreasonably restricts the home delivery of printed materials, we hold that it violates the free speech and press provisions of the Georgia Constitution,” the court conclusively ruled.

That is precisely the type of delivery of printed materials the Jacobs have been engaged in.

“My wife and I are charged with 302 counts each of littering, even though the literature was secured in a bag with ballast to prevent the flyers from becoming litter,” Jacobs explained. “Chief Magistrate Judge Susan Camp ordered a $30,000 bond for each of us for political and religious flyers that do not advocate violence in any way and are well within our right under the Georgia State and U.S. constitutions.”

In order to crack down on activists spreading controversial yet constitutionally protected political literature, the state of Florida has previously attempted to criminalize such activism by labeling it as “littering,” a tactic that the state of Georgia has now adopted.

Georgia officials are also seeking to pass legislation further criminalizing “anti-Semitism,” which amounts to criticizing or identifying Jewish power and influence in society.

“To stifle our freedom of speech, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently signed HB30, securing a definition of anti-Semitism,” Jacobs noted. “According to the text of the bill, it would ‘require state agencies and departments to consider such definition when determining whether an alleged act was motivated by discriminatory antisemitic intent.’ Other state representatives and senators in Georgia are conspiring with law enforcement to violate the civil rights of Georgians, which is a federal felony.”

Readers are encouraged to visit the Jacobs’ GiveSendGo page* to learn more about their case and to support their legal defense.

You may also donate to Foundation to Defend the First Amendment (FDFA), which has provided a $5,000 legal grant to the couple’s legal counsel in order to help defend themselves against this malicious prosecution. If you do donate to FDFA, please be sure to place “Jacobs” on the memo line of your check or money order so we know where to direct your donation. (See ad at right.)

Currently the Jacobs are being represented by the good people at Free Expression Foundation, headed by attorneys Glen Allen and Randy Sheppard.

* has more information and ways to donate.

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  1. Put flyers on car windows under the windshield wiper, leave them on counters, tables, benches or shelves. You can also drop them between doors on businesses with doors that your can slide them between. They cannot call it litter. Tape them to the door in a restroom stall is also ok.

  2. Nobody cares. These people are f___g clowns. Free speech0?!!😂 That’s pretty funny considering these are the same people that run livestreams showubg off their distributions like idiots. If you need to show off and brag then you are doing it for the wrong reasons.
    Their streams also have a public interaction area where people watching can communicate. First thing i noticed was that as soon as somebody said something that they didn’t like they were immediately removed from being able to communicate – so F your free speech when you have ZERO RESPECT for it! Hypocrites I do not support.

  3. This is an outrage here in the “land of the free”!
    Countless thousands or perhaps even millions of Americans have fought, bled and died in wars around the world to preserve the the First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech as contained in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution and, in the constitution of the State of Georgia.
    For the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to dispath 12 deputies to arrest an American couple on charges of Littering is Absurd!
    An egregious abuse of legal authority under color of law!
    And, of course, an abuse of authority under the auspices of Federal Code Title 18, Sections 241 and 242.
    County Magistrate Susan Camp and county Sheriff Tim Pounds, a black man, are the thugs behind this unconscionable and illegal abuse of power by State actors of the law!
    These thugs must feel the full wrath of honest Americans who still believe in the rule of constitutional law!

  4. If it were me I would kindly sue all actors involved for violations of your God given rights that are protected under the American Constitution utilizing United States Code (usc) 18 sections 241 and 242.

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