INTERVIEW: The Future for Whites Lies in the Heartland

• Pastor believes breaking America into three nations could provide haven for whites.

By Victor Thorn —

Pastor Thomas Robb, a longtime political organizer and radio talk show host, sees a time—possibly within the next 20-30 years—when this nation will be severely divided along geographic lines.

On June 2, Robb told AMERICAN FREE PRESS: “A black activist recently informed me that whites could be the minority in this country by 2042, if not sooner. Many people believe this message, but I don’t accept that whites will silently walk into the night.”

Robb then offered an amended version of this scenario. “Yes, minorities may be the majority in the United States by 2042, but only on the east and west coasts. When that occurs, you’ll see a white anxiety crisis, which will cause many of them to migrate into the heartland.”

Continuing these thoughts, Robb stated: “Right now, liberals call the heartland ‘flyover country.’ But within the next 20-30 years, you’re also going to find a rebirth of white identity. The reasons why are numerous. In the Southwest, a growing number of Hispanics are beginning to openly defy U.S. law. Blacks in the South want to establish a new Africa. All of these factors, not to mention disapproval of Obamacare and gun control laws, will lead to a growing secessionist movement in the heartland against the federal government.”

This divide is already starting today, said Robb.


“When congressmen elected in the heartland go to Washington, D.C. and seek to return our nation to sanity, their words fall on deaf ears,” he said. “The D.C. political establishment shows total disdain for these elected officials. At some point, everyone in the heartland will say, ‘Keep your hands off of us.’ States’ rights issues will then become highly important.”

Robb further explained: “Larger numbers of Hispanics and blacks who depend on the federal government will eventually weaken the entire system. This situation is unsustainable and will lead to an economic collapse. The entire house of cards will come crumbling down. That’s why we established the Soldiers of the Cross Training Institute. It’s our way of preparing for this window of opportunity. Heartland states will wield a great deal of influence when the federal government becomes too weak to survive. When this moment arrives, we’ll declare our independence.”

There is little time to delay, added Robb.

“The following example seems perfect,” he said. “Prairie dogs always select a sentinel to watch for hawks. When it barks, the other prairie dogs listen. The problem with so many whites today is that they refuse to hear the sentinel’s call that arises from the nationalist movement.”

Rather than being discouraged, though, Robb provided another alternative.

“What we need right now is a shepherd instead of more sentinels,” he said. “We’re missing that sense of love for our own heritage. We’re beyond the point of warnings. The trouble with whites today is that we’re not united together. Our enemies all appear to be joined as one, intent on the destruction of our culture, while we remain fragmented and controlled by fear. We have to break through that barrier and show white Christians how to love our people and heritage instead of letting it be pushed down the memory hole. The people who do that are our country’s real heroes.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. Whites should better understand the laws of evolution. Genetic science has shown that all races come from unique African ancestors who were black. Then they must understand that after the diaspora was differentiation of races but now is the time of the merger to result in a single race. The universal terrestrial race.
  2. I can certainly see why the hasbara agents and the shabbos goys of Team Z have such a vitriolic hate for Pastor Thomas Robb. His website homepage thoroughly repudiates their continual false claim of Jesus Christ being one of them, a “Jew,” ™

    Thomas Robb Ministries

    I know, I know, the ADL and the SPLC (and all the rest of the Team Z hate groups) constantly maintain Christian Identity is a “bad” thing. LOL

    But, bad for them (who constitute 3.5-4% of mankind), isn’t necessarily bad for the rest (96-96.5%) of mankind.

  3. Chaos will result if the U.S. economy suddenly collapses. White enclaves will have an advantage; their members are more resourceful. The blacks and Spanish will need the Red Cross for emergency supplies. They will wander in circles until help arrives.
  4. Hmm…it doesn’t sound as though Pastor Thomas Robb is a shabbos goy…

    Shabbos goy:

    Originally, a non-Jew who does work on Sabbath that a Jew cannot do. In modern times, it is a non-Jew who toadies to the every wish and whim of the Jews, especially in politics, or a non-Jew who is heavily supportive of Israel.

    For the cultural Marxist; Edomite/Khazars who call themselves “Jews” and pretend to be the descendants of the Biblical Hebrews; even though the Catholic Church has blown the whistle on their swindle of being “Gods Chosen People.”

  5. Funny, the article mentioned nothing about Robb’s KKK connection. A good location for a white homeland would be in the Sonora desert between Tucson and Nogales. The summers there will prepare you for your eventual resting place. No rain and sunny most of the time. Plenty of room, the nearest blacks are in Tucson and there are few of them, you’ll have plenty of Native Americans and Mexicans to do your work for you.
  6. Alaska is a good candidate for a homeland.

    It has the room for massive population expansion. It is over twice the size of Texas, and mostly undeveloped/unoccupied. The majority of the state has no roads whatsoever to support an invasion by heavy vehicles, tanks, etc. It is geographically suited to be defensible by guerrilla forces who can subsist on hunting and fishing in the field.

    Despite its huge size, Alaska only has a population of 736,000, which means it will be much easier for a population of nationalists to gain political power there.

    Alaska has a population of urban minorities from the lower 48 that are only there for the handouts and have no interest or ability for living based on agriculture or subsistence hunting and fishing. They get free money from the state each year from oil revenues just for living there, and one of the highest welfare payouts in the country. Take those away and they will flee back to the lower 48.

    Alaska has the natural resources: timber, oil reserves, rich fisheries and wild game populations. It has over THREE MILLION natural lakes, and many rivers for fresh water, which are continually replenished by glacier and snow melt-off.

    Alaska has ocean access, with more coastline than the entire east coast of the USA combined.

    It is geographically isolated from the rest of the U.S.

    The growing season is short but highly productive due to up to 24 hours of sunlight in summer. Alaska produce grows BIG and fast.

    Alaska has a history of pro-secession political parties, including the Alaska Independence Party, which have successfully captured the governors office (1990) and many other government positions in the state.

    Alaska winters in the South Central region are not that bad, having a maritime climate that is milder than interior and arctic Alaska and milder than some states like North Dakota. But with respect to cold weather, remember where whites come from. We are a northern people who flourished in the Ice Age. Our ancestors survived for many ages in the cold of Northern Europe before electricity even existed. Many whites live on homesteads in rural Alaska today with no electricity.

  7. I know that, within the pro-White, White race realist movement, Harold Covington is a controversial character and is disliked by a significant number of pro-White people for a whole host of valid reasons. I myself am not a huge fan of Covington—primarily due to his bizarre parroting of the official pile of Jewish neocon baloney about 19 Arabs with goat sh*t stains on their toenails, armed with box cutters, outsmarting the entire U.S. military, NORAD, NSA, the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI and even Deputy Barney Fife down in Mayberry, North Carolina and pulling off 9-11.

    However, Covington is right about one aspect to his Northwest Imperative concept. Wherever it is that a White Ethnostate is created—we absolutely MUST have access to either the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean without having to rely upon some non-white ethnostate giving us permission to cross their territory.

    I have spent a little time in the Seattle area, primarily on work related trips—and that has to be the most dreary, depressing, absolutely horrible climate to be forced to live in that I’ve experienced. Rains ALL the danged time and the skies are perpetually overcast—and then, there is the problem of the massive infestation of some of the greasiest and most self-hating, anti-White White liberals in the entire nation. As for the brutality of the winters in the Idaho, Montana, Dakota states—that is also not very appealing to most people. Imagine if our ethnostate was attacked by an EMP weapon—and we had to survive without the electric grid and this happened in the dead of the winter when it was 40 below zero and the snow was piled up 15 or 20 feet? I mention this, because I am forcing myself to think like our Jewish enemies would think—what better way to kill off the remaining Whites than to hit them with an EMP, fry their grid and then sit back and wait until spring and then let them all freeze and starve to death?

    Thus, Thorn is on the right track with his newfound focus on the need to create our White homeland—but, the location of that homeland cannot be restricted to ‘middle America.’ It is very important. We must have, at a minimum:

    1. Unfettered access to a coast line—where we can send and receive goods by sea.
    2. Sufficient fresh water supplies, in the form of lakes and streams and rivers.
    3. Fertile farmland, for agricultural purposes.
    4. A fairly lengthy growing season.
    5. We should look for an area that is as conducive as possible to our ability to defend it from invasion and attack, taking into consideration any natural geographic features that would assist us in this effort, such as mountain ranges, rivers, deserts, etc.

    This is a short list, but these five items are all important. Location does matter, Victor. When we reach the point where we begin negotiations for territory—we cannot let our racial competitors outfox us and claim all the best territories and natural resource rich areas of North America for themselves.

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