Sandy Hook Parents Could Be in Danger

By Keith Johnson —

There’s seemingly no limit to how far some will go to enforce on others their warped interpretation of what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

Less than a week before Mother’s Day, on May 5, a sign honoring seven-year-old Sandy Hook victim Grace McDonnell was stolen from a playground in Mystic, Connecticut. According to the local NBC affiliate, a man claiming to be the thief called the deceased child’s mother to say that her daughter “never existed” and then informed her that he stole the sign because he believed the “shooting was a hoax.”

This should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the ongoing witch-hunt against the surviving Sandy Hook family members. In recent days, these already traumatized victims have increasingly become the targets of harassment and defamation by those who accuse them of being paid actors in a staged event orchestrated by the government as a pretext to gun confiscation.

Robbie Parker, whose daughter Emilie was one of the 20 first-graders killed by lone gunman Adam Lanza, is no stranger to this kind of abuse. A day after the tragedy, Parker was labeled a “crisis actor” and accused of “getting into character” as he nervously stepped before CNN cameras and proceeded to express grief over the loss of his child.

Parker has now become the focus of a fresh new series of attacks, this time coming from University of Minnesota Duluth’s Professor James Fetzer. In a May 14 article for the website “Veterans Today,” Fetzer declared: “We got him! Robbie Parker, crisis actor, at long last exposed!”

According to Fetzer’s article, Parker’s real name is Samuel Travis Delaney, an actor and musician from Texas who “uses multiple aliases” and was paid by the government to “manipulate gullible Americans.”

As proof that Delaney and Parker were one and the same, Fetzer provides a few photographs of the two men for a side-by-side comparison along with an unsubstantiated claim that they’d “uncovered” Parker’s “audition tape for Sandy Hook,” the same tactic used to convince people that dead children sang at the Super Bowl.


It didn’t take long for this story to completely unravel. Though Fetzer was absolutely convinced that he’d unmasked “the real Robbie Parker,” he was forced to make a full retraction two days later after the man—whose real name is John Matthew Walker—came forward and set the record straight.

“I am a penniless actor and musician from Austin, TX,” Walker wrote to Fetzer. “Last year, some internet wackos decided, through a convoluted process of ‘Facebook Connect-the-dots’, that I am in actuality Robbie Parker, parent of one of the Sandy Hook victims. Not only do I look little like him, at BEST I could pass for a relative, I am nearly a foot taller [figuratively, not literally] and COVERED in tattoos.”

In a follow up article, Fetzer—apparently fearing “the potential damages” of a lawsuit—admitted he was dead wrong. “John Matthew Walker did not play the role of ‘Robbie Parker’ at Sandy Hook,” he wrote. “We have revised our conclusion on the basis of the scientific requirement of total evidence, where another alternative is better supported given the totality of the available evidence.”

Though a mistake of this magnitude might compel some to think twice before making another outlandish claim, Fetzer wasted no time coming up with an alternative theory courtesy of a fellow Sandy Hook skeptic, who calls himself “Dr. Eowyn,” of the website Fellowship of the Minds.

In his supplemental article, Dr. Eowyn scrutinizes the photo of a brand-new “look-alike” suspect and opines: “Unless Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook has an identical twin (which no media account ever claimed and who, strangely, did not attend the memorial service for his niece), he is the same Robby Parker who’s a ‘quality assurance engineer’ at SpotterRF, a defense contractor that’s linked to Homeland Security and the CIA.”

This AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter contacted Robby Parker at SpotterRF on May 19. When asked if he was aware of the allegation on the website “Veterans Today,” Parker laughed and said: “I saw that. That’s a different Robby Parker.” He declined to answer any further questions.

It cannot be denied that the lives of the surviving Sandy Hook family members have been put in jeopardy as a result of the libelous accusations and speculative claims made against them. Today, it’s a stolen sign and a malicious phone call. What about tomorrow?

Even Professor James F. Tracy—a devoted Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist—recently expressed his concern about potential violence after being approached by parties who “suggested that vigilante justice be visited upon the alleged Sandy Hook perpetrators.”

Is it just a matter of time before a parent, child or first responder connected to the Sandy Hook tragedy is physically assaulted by an unhinged Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist whose violent act was entirely motivated by hearsay?

Maybe there are some who are deliberately moving gullible people in that direction. Perhaps that’s the hoax we should really be worried about.

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Keith Johnson is a writer based in Tennessee. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. So is he living a life hiding his daughter pretending she's dead there's feedback from the family and friends make everything look legit but I'm still not convinced because there are anomaly so this changes things a bit

    On Robbie Parker’s Facebook page it shows him and his family all three daughters photos and video especially of EMIlY that predate the Sandyhook shooting. So is he living a life hiding his daughter pretending she’s dead? there’s feedback from the family and friends make everything look legit but I’m still not convinced because there are anomaly so this changes things a bit

  2. Who knows for sure, but Robbie Parker appeared to be the worst actor on the planet! It was embarrassing. Have you watched the CNN interview? First he snickered and sneered. Then he was acting like he was hyperventilating. It seemed so incredibly fake. I was shocked. This is why everyone across the nation thinks he, Robbie Parker, is a crisis actor and a very BAD one!
  3. I do really think that people need to stop posting unconfirmed reports on YouTube, because they only make the whole community looking for answers look stupid or as this guy says, unhinged.

    I became suspicious of Sandy Hook immediately after the event when I caught sight of Robbie Parker and the McConnells and the rest of the Stepford-like community. At first I thought maybe the news had accidentally published a skit or videos from some warped comedy show.

    I didn’t need any more proof than Robbie Parker and his little act. Those of you out there trying to convince the country that everyone grieves in a different manner, join the defense lawyers.

    That being said, I think we should all quit laughing at people like this, because I think the situation is far more dangerous than we like to think. We are very obviously being set up to be committed perhaps indefinitely, as mentally unhinged and dangerous. The link between guns and mental illness is constantly being pushed down the public’s throats, with increasing boldness, and some people have already been arrested, temporarily committed and accused of all kinds of stuff just for trying to find out the truth.

  4. Sandy Hook, Colorado theater massacre, Boston bombing and some other mass events shootings were clearly hoaxes, same people in different events? Come on America, you are smarter than this.
  5. DHS needs to hire better shills than Keith Johnson. He’s hysterical and a terrible actor. Keith Johnson couldn’t fool a retarded squirrel into falling for Sandy Hoax.

    Keith, you’re in the wrong industry. You should join the circus and try launching from a cannon wearing a sparkly leotard.

    At least that would be semi amusing to watch.

    Look at the fun Sandy Hook crisis actors are having—they got $281,000 each for pretending their (fake) kid “died” at Newtown.

    That’s more your speed—pretending your imaginary relative got “killed” by a Photoshop cartoon named “Adam Lanza.”

    You’ll never scam American citizens out of our guns, but you might GO TO PRISON FOR TREASON.

    Time will tell.

  6. Keith Johnson is the BIGGEST SHILL. He rants and raves during interviews to change the subject and distract folks from realizing that SANDY HOOK WAS TREASON.

    Sandy Hook was a gun-grab HOAX.

    CT police keep vanishing (examples: William Podgorski; Michael Compare) because DHS is terrified they’ll get forced to testify in court. Therefore, DHS fake-kills their operatives and relocates them under new names.

    That’s why there’s ZERO DEATH CERTIFICATES for anyone who died during Sandy Hook or for the cops who vanished (fake died) afterward.

    The only question: How long until a crisis actor or DHS agent cracks and blows the Sandy Hook Hoax wide open?

    Will Gene Rosen crack first, to save his skin? Will Francine Wheeler (professional actor) crack first, and admit her “dead child” (Ben Wheeler) was fictional?

    Keep shilling, KEITH JOHNSON! You’re only fooling yourself.

  7. Sandy Hook Parents Could Be in Danger?


    Since all of the so called “parents” are crisis actors, the only “danger” they are in, is not getting another paying gig.


    5. Sandy Hook? Shocking Photos



  8. To Keith (the fear mongerer) Johnson:

    It’s been a year since you wrote this article and nothing has happened to any of the make believe parents. Go dig a hole in the ground and stick your head in it.

  9. I was considering subscribing to AFP, but after reading this shill’s article about Sandy Hook, it’s clear that AFP is a “controlled opposition” newspaper, because no newspaper committed to the truth would print this type of garbage endorsing the official Sandy Hook narrative. Sandy Hook was clearly staged, and it’s a litmus test—anyone who supports it as a “real event” is either extremely gullible, or a tool. My only question is, what crime(s) did Keith Johnson commit that left him open to blackmail?
  10. William McKinley is correct, this guy is about as credible as Chicken Little saying the sky is falling.

    After much searching, I answered my own question from a previous post—unfortunately this guy goes back several years and predates the efforts of creating bogus website(s) and blogs to discredit Wolfgang Halbig and anyone who believes Sandy Hook “Massacre” was a hoax.

    I think I could have shortened my time in trying to find out more about this guy and refute his supposed “resume” by simply looking at the few still photos available of this guy. If one looks at the picture above, it is a considerably younger version of the image he uses on his YouTube channel. The second thing that you should notice is the dark splotch on the right side of his neck, partially obscured by his collar.

    More interestingly, if you look at the YouTube photo, you can see it is actually a tattoo. Using a viewer to magnify it, you can clearly see what appears to be the left half of a WWII German Nazi Eagle insignia, commonly worn on the breast of German uniforms. The same design used in tattoos by neo-Nazi groups. This coupled with his association to the anti-Semitic website “Revenge of the Plebs” a cornerstone of his “qualifications” as an “investigative journalist,” can only lead one to conclude the guy is just a self-aggrandizing “skin head” that has grown up and discovered the Internet.


    And for his claims of being a polygraph expert and working for law firms and Fortune 500 companies, he’d have trouble getting a job at Walmart being a door greeter. This guy’s only experience with a polygraph test seems more likely to have come from being on the wrong side of a criminal investigation than any type of gainful employment, LOL.

    So he has proven (HOWEVER or WHOEVER is funding him), that any whack job can have a silencing, even DEAFENING voice with a few dollars in hand on the Internet and create a perception that his opinions and theories are seemingly credible when in fact they are garbage and have ZERO worth or merit.

    It is also a testament to the relative ease with which one can cast doubt on even the most credible of sources by simply posting the same drivel numerous times on the Internet and to use a few tricks to lure unsuspecting users to what seem like credible websites, like his “”

    The fact that this bozo is able to cast doubt on the reputations or efforts of those such as Mr. Halbig’s or Alex Jones—whose pedigrees and past actions clearly outweigh in tonnage anything this anti-Semitic nutjob has or will ever do—is fairly alarming and one must always be vigilant when considering sources of information.

    TLDR; Keith Johnson has ZERO credibility. Substantiated. Case Closed.

  11. Here is my problem with Sandy Hook. Robbie Parker is obviously an actor. There is no possible way that he could not be an actor. None of the prime players had tears on the day of the “murders.” This isn’t right.

    And Operation Northwoods had one plan to establish fake funerals. Yes, fake funerals. I believe the funerals surrounding the Sandy Hook Hoax were fake.

    I urge the author to take another look. You have been used.

  12. This is a response to the comment below that states:

    “Debbie Williams says:

    September 15, 2014 at 08:12


    As a general rule, death certificates, just like birth certificates, in every state are not released to just anyone. It has been that way for a long time.

    What a sick and twisted mindset that intrudes into the lives of the families who lost loved ones that day. Funny how you still have the liberty to spread your unfounded rumors and lies without repercussion. You have no proof of anything that you say but yet you attempt to inspire others to believe you?

    My reply is this:

    No ma’am, death certifications are not available to just anyone, you’re right. HOWEVER, the social security death index and state sites for ordering them WILL let you know of they’re available for purchase if you can prove relationship by giving you the name, date of death, and location of death, so you can make sure you’re ordering the correct report. So the basics are PUBLICLY searchable. Additionally the FBI website shows that Connecticut did not report those deaths for the year of the tragedy. Not even close.

    The families of the deceased have been trying to raise unheard of amounts of money since the day of the event, Parker, himself, setting up a find for Emilie as the event is happening, reporting first she’s dead and then later they’re not sure, and so on. Once the children are buried, services past, they continue to rally to raise money using the deceased children name’s as if the money is for them. Last I checked, dead don’t need money. Funerals paid for thousands of times over. The family’s were already more wealthy than a lot of people sending them donations, and yet they continue to insist they need more. If anything, they should be saving money having one less child to care for. What do they need all the money for? Nice people lose their babies to unfortunate circumstances everyday and they aren’t getting millions of dollars in sympathy! Hell, most go completely unreported, especially minority children, and poor children whose families could benefit from the help and support! The money isn’t for the children, the deceased children are being USED to collect money. Last I checked, NO amount of money makes up for the loss of a child. If anything, the families who need money are the families with children who are survivors and need YEARS of counseling and activities to take their minds off what they experienced and witnessed and their interviews being mocked.

    I’m on the fence if this whole thing is real or not. But I’ll tell you one thing, I don’t know ANYONE who would behave the way these people of they lost their baby.

    And in a TIGHT community, no one knew the Lanzas?? The man interviewed who stated how odd that was, he was never interviewed again and his interview never aired again. The school bus/Gene Rosen story is ridiculous and bus route info shows no buses to SHES. All attendants must have lived within walking distance. The evacuations weren’t seen. People were being shuffled around the firehouse. Outside photographers and journalists have been met with contempt since the first few hours. So many discrepancies.

  13. Sandy Hook parents think they’re the only people who have ever lost a child. I’m sick and tired of seeing these idiots either being used to push political agendas or sue anyone they can for money. They’ve exhausted all sympathy at this point I really doubt anyone cares about these rich aholes or their stupid kids anymore.
  14. I’m still waiting for a crime scene photo as proof. Made the wager last year and still no takers.
  15. Sandy Hook parents are useful idiots being used to encroach on our constitutional rights. I stopped feeling sorry for these idiots a long time ago, now I wish they would just go away forever. I’m tired of them acting as if they’re the only ones who have ever lost a child. The media needs to stop pampering them immediately.
  16. Keith Johnson considers himself an expert on Sandy Hook simply because he has read and studied thousands of pages on the official Sandy Hook Report. That’s like saying one’s an expert on the JFK assassination because they have read and memorized the Warren Commission Report. Or an expert on 9-11 by studying the official 9-11 report. One needs to look no further to understand why AFP is in financial trouble by having brain dead writers like Johnson on its staff.
  17. Wow. I’m watching the Halbig/Johnson debate right now.

    I’m no fan of Halbig, because I think the angle of trying to raise endless funds for lawyers is ridiculous, but Mr. Johnson, he makes you look like an absolute hack.

    I can’t believe this tripe was printed anywhere. It’s garbage.

    Mr. Johnson, maybe getting through life with uninformed ad hominem attacks works for you, but it sure doesn’t work for most people.

    Please, take the time to review that little debate and what you have written above. If you really are sincere, you have a lot to reflect upon.

    Please, stop writing for public consumption until you do.

    It’s time for some serious soul-searching, no matter which side your bread is buttered. And there is a reason all of these comments are dubious of which side it is.

    Good luck.

  18. I suppose you did not watch the documentary “We need to talk about Sandy Hook.” You really need to watch it. Follow the money because there sure is a lot flowing around there. And while you are at it, watch the documentary “Engines of Domination,” and ask are you a tool for the state because it sure seems like it. Why would one of the researchers of the Sandy Hook documentary (the one following the money trail, that is) be threatened? I say she hit the nail on the head and you really need to see what she has to say. namesnotmary, she is on YouTube. Enjoy the show and we do NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOOK. Merry Xmas all.

  19. Seeing the Halbig vs. Johnson debate on Infowars and now reading this, I have little doubt that is a “limited hangout” operation of sorts. Mr. Halbig came off as being cool, calm and collected. Johnson admittedly lacks all the facts, acts as though details do not matter in proving motive, cause and reasonable doubt but goes on the attack against Wolfgang Halbig anyway.

    Mr. Halbig is a true American hero. They will make a movie about this guy one day, the aging consultant who comes out of retirement to fight one last battle for the kids and his country!

  20. I don’t know what really happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School on that day. What I do know is that there are so many things that do not make sense, that I can’t not ask questions. As soon as anyone asks any one of many reasonable questions, the mere thought of someone asking a question is met with disgust. There are too many unanswered and strange coincidences for this shooting to have gone off as reported in the MSM. Something is not right about this. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I just can’t understand how these questions have gone on unanswered for so long. A full-blown coverup seems almost impossible to pull off. This whole thing is weird.
  21. You know what is great? This Sandy Hook FRAUD is about to be BLOWN WIDE OPEN and this Keith Johnson shill is CRAPPING HIS PANTS!!! I love it. LOL!
  22. O-KAYYY! Here ya go again, ‘cuz this is getting entirely too serious. We KNOW this is a travesty of truth and justice, a slap in the face of all True Patriotic Americans with the buttend of an M-16A2 AND a debacle of Biblical proportions, so please look, learn and LAUGH right back in the faces of E-Ville…

    prescript: If any of the below doesn’t make sense, you have more research to do…

    Top Ten SANDY HOAX Two-Year Anniversary Commemorative Postings:

    10. Merry Hoaxmas, Newtown “residents.”
    9. Hope all you hoax perps are really enjoying your Hoaxmas “gift houses.”
    8. Found Noah yet, Lenny? Trying using “Kevin” for your search engine name. Hint: He’s NOT at Halbig’s.
    7. Also hope all you aimless roundy-round walkers have found your way home by NOW…
    6. Bought Emilie a new dress YET, Robbie?
    5. How are your remedial acting lessons coming along, Mr. Rosen?
    4. To anyone finding Lt. Vance’s self-respect in the gutter, please return ASAP via the Hubris Express.
    3. Please, everyone feel free to nominate Dr. Carver for the Proper Job Club…
    2. Hope all you “grieving” “parents” aren’t running out of your Perma-Grin Happy Pills while you all are STILL trying to meet your ANNUAL (WTFF?) $500K “fund-raising” “goals.”
    1. EVERYONE is invited to the Victoria Soto Memorial BBQ! (must attend three days early to be assured of a place and a plate)…

    postscript: Let the Troller Derby BEGIN!!!

  23. Keith Johnson discredits this website. I do believe he is delusional and extremely mentally ill. Hearing a debate with Keith Johnson and Wolfgang Halbig, it is obvious Johnson also has a violent temper.

    I will never come back to this website with scumbags like Keith Johnson writing crap like he does.

  24. The people who want the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook, because the official story has too many holes and anomalies, do not want violence against ANYONE. Not people involved, not children, we don’t want 26 children to have been killed. Especially gun owners, we don’t want anyone to be harmed. What we want is the truth, nothing but the truth, that’s it. So as far as I’m concerned, everyone involved can rest easy. The only ones who will harm them are potentially the police if they in fact did take part in a money-making fraudulent event of faking a massacre for money and political gain.
  25. Wow, what happened to this paper? I was a subscriber a couple of years ago, and just popped in to see what was happening here. Man, I can read crap like this story on any of the main stream media papers! Very disappointing.

  26. There are two ways to make an argument:

    1. Provide evidence, as well as sources, while challenging your own conclusions first, present an overall opinion, AS AN OPINION, and offer your audience the sources to examine for themselves, encouraging them to draw their own conclusions. (very solid, convincing, and based on scientific method)

    2. Do what you did. Make unsupported statements, cherry-pick evidence, and demonize anyone who disagrees because they dare to question what they are told. (also known as yellow journalism.)

    Who would you believe; the first one, or the one who always responds with “…because I said so!”?

    One more point:

    If I am a ‘truther’ for seeking to propagate truth, and we are diametrically opposed because of it, does that make you a “Liar,” propagating lies? Just sayin’….

  27. Debbie Williams, truth and proof are a two way street! Show us the proof that they are all dead! You’ve been lied to.

  28. If Sandy Hook blows up in their face, no telling what else will fall, and then making a living as fake opposition won’t pay so well.

  29. LOL, hey Keith, is it worth it, shilling for Israel? We noticed the coordinated effort to demonize truthers about Sandy Hook evolving: “The Ugly Truth,” AFP, Deanna Spingola and Rodney Martin among others. You’re co-opted opposition, all of yous, distorting the truth for our enslavers. Shame on yous.

  30. As a former subscriber, this article confirms that I made a good decision stopping my subscription. Shame on you a**holes.

  31. I will just touch upon the Robbie Parker point.

    What Keith Johnson left out was that “Robbie Parker” was filmed laughing with a massive smile on his face before giving a press conference just 24 hours after his supposed daughter died.

    It was obviously a load of sh*t. Either Robbie Parker has no feeling or love for his dead daughter, or he is not the father of a dead daughter.

  32. tusense96761:

    As a general rule, death certificates, just like birth certificates, in every state are not released to just anyone. It has been that way for a long time.

    What a sick and twisted mindset that intrudes into the lives of the families who lost loved ones that day. Funny how you still have the liberty to spread your unfounded rumors and lies without repercussion. You have no proof of anything that you say but yet you attempt to inspire others to believe you?

  33. The author of this article hasn’t done their research.

    First of all there are no death certificates issues on any of those 20 children and they created a new law in Conn. that was once public information is not any longer when it comes to these supposed death certificates. What are they hiding that they have to create a new law?

    The school that supposedly this horrific mass murder of children happened had been closed down for years.

    No blood or no child was ever seen on a stretcher or moved into an ambulance or brought to a hospital. That is rather unusual. Might it be that the public would have too much access to the non-dead children if they were sent to a hospital?

    No tears were shed from the parents who appeared on camera; only happy faces of how great their children were.

    And the biggest tell-all of this disgusting deception on the American people and the world, which will go down in history with our fraud, liar impostor president Obama, and that is the memorial sites for these children were put up days before the shooting occurred.

    The American people are not stupid and we are not falling for these terror-induced incidents of government doing to cause a reaction that goes after our liberties.

    9-11 was a botched job because it wasn’t well planned, building 7 is the big give away, then Shanksville, Penn. where a planed crashed with 200 people, but yet the bodies, luggage or parts of the plane were non-existent at the crash site and the Pentagon was quite obvious that a plane didn’t make that hole in the building; it wasn’t large enough and the plane wings were never found. We can’t forget that within an instant of the plane crashing into the Towers they marched the government liar out to the media to say terror, terror, Bin Ladin, Bin Ladin. Bin Ladin was blamed but yet he never took credit for it. Why would he do it without taking credit; usually a terrorist wants something in return.

    I used to be a proud American, but I am ashamed and embarrassed of our government and feel betrayed by them and worse I feel they are evil and all of them need to be given a death sentence for these treasonous acts they have been involved in.

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