European People Revolt Against Globalist Design

• Growing European Identity Movement seeks to restore cultural balance

By Ronald L. Ray

Young people in Europe are rising up against the destructive internationalist powers-that-be and energetically rejecting forced integration of the races, the annihilation of their own cultural birthright, and multiculturalism. Thanks to ingenious use of social media websites like YouTube, Facebook and Fumano, the recently formed “identity movement” has spread rapidly from France to Germany and Austria, and to nearly every other country of Europe.


Calling themselves Génération Identitaire in France, and the Identitaere Bewegung in the Germanic countries, the members of the identity movement seek to recover their millennial cultural heritage and traditional moral and religious values, according to a report prepared for an upcoming issue of THE BARNES REVIEW by Peter Strahl. Finding their inspiration in Charles Martell, the grandfather of Charlemagne, who drove the Muslims from eighth-century France, these young, patriotic nationalists likewise seek to rid their homelands of increasingly violent masses of alien immigrants.

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But these so-called Identitarians are not a part of a single-issue organization. They recognize behind the government-sponsored, mass resettlement of Muslims in traditionally white, Christian Europe not merely the deliberate effort to destroy Western civilization, but also the secret, internationalist cabals of amoral degenerates who foster that destruction through “multiculturalism” and false propaganda from the court historians, notes Strahl. The birthright of these young people has been plundered morally and financially by aging leftists and capitalist robber barons, who have sold entire continents into debt slavery to the banksters. Identitarians reject the pseudo-compassion of the cultural communists, who dump a huge pile of redistributed wealth onto foreigners, at the cost of their own fellow citizens.

The identity movement eschews traditional labels of “left” and “right” but is primarily populist and democratic in its political views, making it a major target of the New World Order establishment. While members of the movement number only in the thousands at present, with tens of thousands of supporters in cyber-space, they have been subjected to scurrilous and defamatory “hit pieces” by the German press and government apparatchiks. Despite Identitarians’ explicit rejection of racism and their respect for the cultures of all lands, they are portrayed as proponents of tyranny and racial genocide.

Symbolized by their bright yellow shields emblazoned with the 300 Spartans’ famous lambda in black, it is the young people’s spirited and patriotic nationalism, their desire for the recovery of enduring values and their willingness to fight for these things, which have terrified the rulers of political darkness. If the identity movement continues to grow at its current pace, it has the potential to neutralize the Zionist-Freemasonic goal of a one world government.

Thus, every self-respecting lover of freedom should give his full support to the Identitarians and to establishing the identity movement in the United States. A quick search on websites like YouTube reveals a number of inspiring videos, usually with English subtitles, of both their educational and political activities, whether at a summer training camp or in a cultural event.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author residing in the free State of Kansas. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.