U.S. Allies in Syria a Barbarous Lot

• Syrian rebels supported by America accused of gang-raping female civilians, cannibalism

By Ralph Forbes

Americans were shocked by the horrific stories of three women, who suffered brutality and torture, locked in a virtual dungeon for over a decade by a sick monster. If Americans knew the truth about nearly $1B of their tax monies the Obama administration gave away to sick, sadistic monsters to brutally torture countless women to be gang-raped, mutilated and murdered as helpless sex slaves, they would be equally shocked.

Obama said he was “outraged” after Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski, an Air Force officer who led the branch’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response unit, was arrested for sexual assault—even though an estimated 26K sexual assaults in the armed services were covered up last year—a 35% increase in the past two years of his presidency. So perhaps Obama can claim ignorance of the mass rapes, tortures and murders he pays for with our money—even though his Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. Army’s Africa Command and most of the rest of the world—including billions of Muslims—are outraged by these “Cleveland-like” horrific mass sex-crimes, multiplied a million times over.


On May 15, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee announced that it would vote on a proposal to start openly arming groups fighting the popular government of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

This comes even after the North African news service Magharebia—sponsored by the U.S. Africa Command—interviewed the head of the Tunisian League for Human Rights, Balkis Mechri-Allagui, about Syria, claiming that CIA and Mossad-backed clerics have gone so far as to bless the rape of women and children who don’t support rebels fighting the Syrian government.

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Like the vast majority of Muslims, Mechri-Allagui is outraged by the so-called “sexual jihad” preached by fanatical perverts, such as the following so-called religious leaders who condone sexual attacks:

Take the case of Salafi Sheikh Yasir al-’Ajlawni, who issued a “fatwa” telling jihadists to “capture and have sex with” all non-Sunni women—especially Assad’s own sect (the Alawites) and Christians. The U.S. mass media has censored the many reports of kidnappings and horrific gang-rapes of many Christian girls. After one kidnapping, eyewitnesses in the town of Aleppo reported that members of the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) raped girls, thinking it was “halal” or lawful because al-’Ajlawni called “infidel” women, melk al-yamin, or sex slaves, who are seen more as animals or possessions, than human.

The FSA is one of the groups actively fighting the Syrian government. According to The New York Times, FSA has benefited from weapons funneled to them from the CIA via Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Another CIA-backed “chaplain,” Saudi Muhammad al-Arifi, issued a blessing to jihadi fighters to engage in “intercourse marriage” with captive Syrian women that lasts for a few hours “in order to give each fighter a turn”—in other words, to gang-rape these poor women.

It has been reported that rich sheiks from Saudi Arabia and Qatar buy young sex slaves from FSA fighters to use them for a few days or weeks. Then the girls are dumped alone in Jordan, or left to come back to their families, humiliated and abused.

Sheikh Ishaq Huwaini preached infidel captives are ghanima, or the “spoils of war,” to be distributed among fighters and taken to “the slavemarket,” where slave girls and concubines are sold. “Go to the market and buy her, and she becomes like your legal mate—though without a contract, a guardian, or any of that stuff,” Magharebia quoted him as saying. “In other words, when I want a sex slave, I go to the market and pick whichever female I desire and buy her.”

Syrians have been fleeing their homes, even on foot, to escape FSA terrorism. Thousands of Syrians fled to Jordan’s Zataari refugee camp to escape the war. “Three girls in our camp were kidnapped,” Israa Mohammed told Magharebia. “They raped them. Then they brought them back to the camp. . . . The Jordanian guys, they come to harass Syrian girls from the age of seven or six.”

These monstrous war crimes were spawned by a CIA-sponsored version of “Islam” as part of Operation Cyclone, which began with $20–$30M in 1980—rising to $630M per year in 1987. Funding continued for the Afghan mujahideen through 1992. After 9-11, the U.S. government continued to support many of the radical “Islamists” and crazies—such as “Fethullah Gulen‘s $25B madrassa-and-mosque-establishment efforts throughout the Central Asian region and the Balkans.”

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Ralph Forbes is a freelance writer based in Arkansas. He is also a member of AFP’s Southern Bureau. Contact him at [email protected].