Obama Unravels: Scandals Rock Administration

May 31, 2013 AFP 0

In a city where politics is considered bloodsport, a trifecta of recent controversies—the IRS targeting conservative groups, the DoJ secretly wiretapping journalists and lingering  unanswered questions about the consulate office attack in Benghazi, Libya—have plunged […]

The Israeli Link to the IRS Scandal

May 31, 2013 AFP 0

By Michael Collins Piper Jumping for joy, some patriots are now convinced that those who control the big media have “gone conservative.” The patriots point out that the traditionally “liberal” media is dumping on the […]

83-Year-Old Nun Faces ‘Death Sentence’

May 31, 2013 AFP 0

• Sister Megan Rice, two others looking at possible 30-year term in prison for protesting nukes By Keith Johnson An elderly Catholic nun is one of three anti-nuclear weapons activists whom the United States government […]

Occupy Bilderberg

May 30, 2013 AFP 0

• Bilderberg Festival plans massive presence outside 2013 UK meeting site By The Staff at AFP When Bilderberg group attendees arrive near Watford, England in early June for the annual secret gathering, they will likely […]

Bow Hunters Feeding Starving Families

May 30, 2013 AFP 0

By Jenifer Dixon Every year, members of the grassroots hunting organization Back Yard Bow Pro (BYBP) donate thousands of pounds of venison to local charity groups to help alleviate hunger in two North Carolina counties. […]

Brits Brace for Bilderberg

May 25, 2013 AFP 0

By Mark Anderson In Hertfordshire, England, in the town of Watford, the mayor and the local press are not giving the silent treatment to the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting at the luxurious Grove Hotel, June […]

Green Tyranny

May 25, 2013 AFP 0

• Environmental dreams turn to nightmare By Victor Thorn In Maryland, nine counties are facing what’s called a rain tax based on the square footage of pavement on their property. In New York City, Mayor […]

U.S. Allies in Syria a Barbarous Lot

May 24, 2013 AFP 0

• Syrian rebels supported by America accused of gang-raping female civilians, cannibalism By Ralph Forbes Americans were shocked by the horrific stories of three women, who suffered brutality and torture, locked in a virtual dungeon […]

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