Occupy Bilderberg

• Bilderberg Festival plans massive presence outside 2013 UK meeting site

By The Staff at AFP

When Bilderberg group attendees arrive near Watford, England in early June for the annual secret gathering, they will likely be greeted by an entire festival that has been organized on the outer grounds of the posh Grove Hotel, where the 2013 meeting will take place, June 6-9. This could represent a major publicity breakthrough and help amplify the urgent message about the existence of this powerful organization as well as who is behind it.

The group is an elitist set of corporate heads, major politicians, media moguls and financial kingpins who meet each year in guarded, closed-door policy meetings, to determine how the world should go—whether the people of the world like it or not.


The longtime American mainstream media blackout about the Bilderberg meetings—elite gatherings, which date back to 1954 when this globalist group first started skulking into luxury hotels to assess their status and make their profiteering plans—eroded considerably last year in Chantilly, Virginia. There, The Washington Post—whose publishers have long participated as Bilderberg insiders but never reported a word about it—sent a photographer and printed a news story about the Va. confab. AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s team cheered and ran a story about it.

Bilderberg Diary

Organizers of the “Bilderberg Fringe Festival” held a warm-up celebration on May 25 outside the gates of the Grove Hotel, where Bilderberg will meet in June. They are calling themselves the “Bilderberg Welcoming Committee,”which is made up of “an umbrella organization consisting of pro-transparency campaigners.” Some are calling this year’s overall movement “Occupy Bilderberg.”

UK activist Nick Martian informed this newspaper May 22 that the festival has been organized under the auspices of a group called Passing Clouds, which has an address of 1 Richmond Rd., Dalston, E8 4AA London. Passing Clouds describes itself as being “run by the people for the people. . . . We actively seek progressive change within our system and our society to ensure a peaceful future for all people on the planet.”

The Fringe Festival will happen June 7-9 and will feature Bilderberg critics Alex Jones of Infowars.com, UK activist David Icke and others in a speakers’ area near the group’s press office.

The festival’s Internet postings show that a little levity is part of the mix. There is an announcement for “Bilderberg Bingo,” with the bingo cards featuring the faces of David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and other longtime Bilderbergers.