Against Obama, But for What?

By Patrick J. Buchanan —

After billions in attack ads that turned the approval ratings of almost every candidate, in both parties, upside down, Republicans appear primed to take control of Congress.

Why are Democrats falling like dominoes?

Easy. Theirs is the Party of Government. And government is failing. And their leader Obama projects diffidence and incompetence.

National surveys also show that large majorities believe America is heading in the wrong direction, that our children will not have it as good as we did, and that the United States is in a long-term decline.


Measuring the performance of Obama against the promise, America is voting for another change in leadership and direction.

But where does she wish to go? And whom does she wish to lead her? The country is voting against Obama, but voting for what?

The new majority leader is likely to be Mitch McConnell, who is about as popular as Harry Reid. The Republican Party that will take power is less well-regarded than the Democratic Party losing it.

What America is voting against is easier to discern than what she is voting for. Consider. Who speaks for a victorious GOP today?

The principal foreign policy voices in the new Senate will be Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Tennessee’s Bob Corker, who is slated to become chairman of foreign relations. All are interventionists; all are hawks.

But are the American people really voting to send arms to Kiev, to confront Russia in Ukraine, to commit to a forever-war to “degrade and ultimately defeat” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria?

Does the country really want a clash with Iran over its nuclear enrichment program?

If so, the GOP should return to Washington and in the lame-duck session authorize Obama to take us to war with the Islamic State.

My sense: A victorious GOP would prefer to take a pass on that.


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At its core the Republican Party is socially conservative, a family values party. The party champions right-to-life and opposes same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana.

How many Republicans ran on these issues this fall?

How many will be advancing this social agenda in Congress? How many cultural warriors are left in the GOP, when even the pope is calling for a truce in the culture wars?

Yet if the GOP is no longer united on foreign policy and social issues, surely they are as one on lower taxes and smaller government.

But are they really?

Certainly, even liberals must see from the inversion epidemic—U.S. companies buying up foreign firms to change residence and nationality—that having the highest corporate tax rate is economic suicide.

But is the Republican Party so committed to a balanced budget that Congress will slash spending to match cuts in tax rates and tax revenues?

And, if so, where does the GOP propose cuts?

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and defense are the big budget items. Is the GOP ready to cap or cut these?

Will the GOP go after education, housing, income security or food stamps, with Obama accusing them of pillaging the programs of the working and middle class while protecting Wall Street and the 1%?

Today’s vote, as the Washington Post‘s Dan Balz writes, is “an election about rejection,” the rejection of Obama’s leadership after six years of his presidency.

It is a referendum on Barack, and he is losing it. But it is not a vote of affirmation. It is not a vote of confidence in the party of McConnell and John Boehner. And it is no mandate.

It is America’s choice between undesirables.

America is saying: We do not like either of you. But we cannot keep going the way we have been going. We have to change. And the Republican Party is the only one on the ballot that appears to offer that.

When the returns come in, the mainstream media will declare that the country wants the Republican Party to work with President Obama to end the gridlock. Nonsense. If that is what America wanted, the country would have voted Democratic.

A Nancy Pelosi House and Reid-led Senate, with Obama in the Oval Office, would bring an instant end to gridlock. But instead of voting for a Congress to help Obama end gridlock, it will vote to augment the forces of those who have promised to checkmate him.

The country, in short, will vote today—for gridlock.

In a democracy, people get the kind of government they deserve.

The American people are today a deeply divided people—on ideology, politics, faith, morality, race, culture. Americans today—and not for the first time—do not really like each other.

As that is who we are, we will get that kind of Congress. And that is the kind of government we will have, until one half of the nation triumphs decisively over the other, as happened in 1932 and in 1980.

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Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book THE GREATEST COMEBACK: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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  1. East is traditionally and always RED and the West is BLUE in the ancient astronomies and masonic lodges. The Khazarian “Jews” follow the same ancient pattern and astronomies. They have established RED communist lodge of the East and BLUE Zionist lodge of the West. Plus, their masonic ONE PARTY SYSTEM of Red Republicans and Blue Democrats. The RED Lodge was divided on the Northern and Southern branches, Russia and China. The Western Blue Lodge was divided on Northern Illuminati and Southern Skull and Bones, just as there are two mountains of Transfiguration, Tabor-of-Life and hermon-of Death, on the two STARGATES pattern. Harvard is the recruitment university of Illuminati and Yale for the murderous Skull & Bones-nazis (Ashke-nazis). The Ashkenazis always settle in a local river-bend in a shape of female lap, or in a local confluence of two rivers-copy of the Galactic Mesopotamia/Dark Rift as described in Genesis 2:10-14. The Sinai peninsula is a such Earthly copy, so is the Manhattan island, or in London Canary Wharf on Thames in the City of London, a Khazarian state within a state-corporations. Visit on Google-Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene, and you’ll be much wiser than Pat Buchanan himself!

  2. The Khazarian Zionist megathieves-banksters – “financiers” don’t care anymore about anybody and anything! They know that the ‘END TIME’ is here and in 2016 they’ll BANKRUPT the U.S. and the world as a such. This ‘antichrist’ is their imminent and unavoidable! In 2019/20 will be all over. Shift of the Earth poles and earth crust will finish their usury and parasitic way of life as well. Pat Buchanan is a careful, useful idiot for many decades. He is no leader and by any means a true patriot.

  3. Like Democratic voters, Republican voters are not all of like mind, but represent a coalition of interests. In the 2014 mid-term election I personally switched and voted Republican for the first time in many years. In the past I have voted Green, Libertarian or Democratic, depending upon candidates and circumstances.

    This decision to support the Republicans was based solely upon my growing concerns about the deleterious effects of radical feminism. That socialist-Marxist movement has captured the Democratic Party and mainstream media, and is becoming institutionalized in every aspect of our society.

    If any Libertarian candidate had a prayer of winning an election I would vote for them. But practically speaking, our only hope for preserving the American family and the sanctity of marriage lies with the Republicans, regardless of their many other shortcomings.

  4. The American public overwhelmingly are against the current wars and any future war. Obama has fought to keep us out of two potential wars that could be devastating for our country, but good for business: Military-industrial complex, oil and banking. The democratic party has radicalized, morally, to the extreme left. The people see a party of debauchery where anything goes, no matter how damaging to the children. Gay marriage, which the majority are against, has been institutionalized by judicial fiat and not by popular vote! Amnesty is not popular and never has been amongst the people. The legalization of marijuana, abortion and euthanasia is a disconcerting trend that will destroy the social fabric of this nation if it is not stopped. With the help of the Murdoch media, America’s Christian and conservative traditions and beliefs have been usurped by a radical left, not by popular consensus or vote. We are still a Christian nation, but one with an identity crisis. Hilliary, the antithesis of moral conservative values, could put the last nail to the democratic party coffin.

  5. American elections seem like a theater of Hegelian dialectics here from the other side of the pond. But, maybe I’m just ignorant. Not that politics are much better my country.

  6. Dear AFP:

    I was a long time subscriber of yours back in the 90s’ when you still went by the Spotlight name and you featured a few articles by Pat Buchanan. But if most of what he says is true, then the people have truly wasted their votes and voter integrity. There’s more of a choice than the ‘lesser of two evils’ mentality that drives most voters; there are alternatives to the mainstream parties.

    An excellent book, printed in ’84, by a founder of the Populist Party, Don Kimball, entitled the Money and the Power, proved that Wall Street Zionist/Banksters own both political parties. Unfortunately, they also own the mainstream media, hence, alternatives, like the Populist/Libertarian/Constitution party, et al., are never trotted out to be shown to the electorate: “Look here, look at these people and their platforms, here is an honest person, here is a real Abraham Lincoln Smith! Here is someone that will not be swayed by the ‘special money/lobbyist interest’ in Washington!” No, the media won’t do it because of the quid pro quo of the Zionist Puppeteers and the NWO/OWG clique that have run things for the last 101 yrs.

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