“Chickenshit” Israeli PM Alienating Entire World

• Benjamin Netanyahu, truth’s most important ally.

By Ronald L. Ray —

The Jewish year 5775 has not started off well for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The explosive, mendacious leader of the sociopathic Zionist occupation government in Palestine took a direct hit from Israel’s daily newspaper Ha’aretz on October 3, and it’s been downhill ever since. Israel’s genocidal atrocities in Gaza this past summer and the Zionist extremist government’s insistence on building another 2,610 illegal Jewish dwellings in Arab East Jerusalem—after destroying people’s homes and businesses, of course—have even friends of Israel disturbed. The Ha’aretz editorial’s subheading, “The PM’s masks are being torn off, and the world is losing patience in the face of Israel’s policy of deception,” indicate the brutal truth about Israel is advancing, and that is a sign of hope for more rational international relations.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS has frequently covered the murderous treatment of Palestinians by Israel. Far from any true commitment to a two-state solution to the Zionist occupation, Netanyahu’s announcement to build a huge number of new illegal dwellings for Israelis in Palestinian territory—in East Jerusalem of all places—proves, says Ha’aretz, that the “goal is to prevent any possibility of dividing Jerusalem—nobody can seriously believe any longer that Netanyahu wants to resolve the conflict.” Indeed, one could hardly imagine a more warlike act: striking at the heart of the Palestinian homeland. Many believe such aggressive actions could well lead to a third defensive Intifada, just the excuse Israel seeks for entirely annihilating the native population.

While much of what President Barack Hussein Obama does is as destructive to society as the Israelis’ mayhem in the Middle East, this newspaper gives him credit for resisting Zionist bullying and defending the beleaguered Palestinians.


White House spokesman Josh Earnest severely condemned the planned illegal dwellings, asserting they would “poison the atmosphere” and “call into question Israel’s commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement.” Even United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon blasted “Bibi” for “having wars that sow such immense death and destruction every few years,” reported Ha’aretz on October 2.

Increasingly, even members of “the tribe” are leaving the Zionist reservation. The Atlantic published Jeffrey Goldberg’s story on October 28, which declared in blistering detail the “red-hot anger” of the Obama administration over Israel’s constant double-dealing. An anonymous senior Obama administration official summed it up with a single word, calling Netanyahu a “chickenshit.”

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Signaling the deep level of exasperation with the pompous prime minister’s psychotic behavior, the article suggested that a post-election Obama may leave Israel to twist in the wind at last by, among other things, laying before the world a detailed peace proposal for Palestine, based on the 1967 borders. The White House has already stated that continued Israeli settlement-building would “distance Israel from even its closest allies.”

Patience with Israelis’ paranoid “self-defense” justifications for annihilating another race have worn out. Likewise for the pathetic claim of Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett that Israel is the “vanguard of the free world against the Islamist terrorism by ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran,” although one would be hard pressed to find any Israelis fighting and dying in the Middle East to protect American or European interests. Netanyahu is so bereft of rational solutions that he has taken to repeating defiantly the same tired phrases about “security” like a mantra.

A recent Google consumer survey also revealed some surprisingly good news. A wide majority of Americans (60.7%) believes the United States provides too much aid to Israel. Fully a third say it is “much too much.” The “sleeping giant” awakes; nevertheless, Obama has asked for more handouts to Israel than any American president.

And if you thought that U.S. dollars for Israel are illegal, you’re right. The Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy has brought a lawsuit in U.S. district court, seeking to compel the federal government’s release of a 1987 Department of Defense study of how “American branches of Israeli charitable and educational institutes fund secret nuclear weapons research and development programs.” The case is part of an effort demanding enforcement of the Symington and Glenn amendments to the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act, which prohibit U.S. foreign aid for rogue nuclear weapons states, like Israel, which have not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Israel’s violent and abusive behavior towards both friend and foe is finally mainstream news, meaning the opportunity is at hand for real U.S. policy changes which isolate Israel—the “wife beater” among nations. But no hardened abuser ever gives up his destructive behavior without a fight, so be prepared for Netanyahu & Co. to become even more irrational in the interim.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. Dear American Terrorists and Mutants:

    Uruguay has accepted 6 detainees from Guantanamo, falsely accused and kidnapped by your Yiddish-terrorist government. But your half human-half animal genes don’t even imagine the real sufferings of these innocent people. I wish that you had some human feelings and awake to the reality of your satanic regime.

  2. Wow, JFK would be considered a tea party terrorist if alive today. This is what the Democratic Party has come to; a bunch Marxist, socialist Jew-hating morons. I would love to see any one of the people on this site calling for the destruction of Israel to visit the West Bank. I’m sure the members of Hamas would greet you with open arms and then cut your head off in the public square. The Arabs must really love the Left in America. Since 9-11, the building of mosques in America has risen 75%. Their goal of a worldwide caliphate and raising the Islamic flag in America will come true as long as the Left keeps producing uneducated zombies who believe the government has their best interests at heart. What a disgrace the country I love is becoming.
  3. PAULA:

    Israel never had a right to exist in the first place. American blood was traded for that little piece of land by deception. See Benjamin Friedman on YouTube. Jew bastards owe Germany an apology for all that shit. You guys got your damned little plot of land over there. Now get the hell out!!!!!!!

  5. If you search for the current definition of “terrorist” and who proudly called themselves that, as they bombed and murdered our British friends, you’ll find those that use the term most to describe their enemies are the ones who originally called THEMSELVES “terrorists.”

    Words from these people mean nothing. They now have convinced the world how barbaric they are. And don’t make the mistake for falling for the “Zionist” moniker to indicate any difference from the majority of the “tribe” (How Neanderthal in modern times; they even resemble that profile created by archeologists of Neanderthal from those bones and skeletons found in those caves. See Henry Kissinger for a perfect example).

    If one were to review tax returns of these tribals, one would notice a fair amount of charity, yet that charity RARELY is directed outside the tribe, with a significant portion going to “Holocaust” related endeavors, so ashamedly. In 1933, when “Judea declares War on Germany” (as British headlines read in that year (search it, please), The World Jewish Congress, while debating this action (well before any violence from Hitler), stated that 650,000 tribal members lived in Germany, yet when it came time to sign up for post-war reparations, 3.5 million of the lying bastards signed up. All of a sudden, these self-deluded folks formerly from the Volga River area of the Soviet Union started believing themselves to have been residents of the Ghetto instead of the Volga or the Caucus Steppes where they and their ancestors were truly from.

    Empathy and sympathy are Human traits. They exhibit neither, now or historically. Instead, they display the traits of the Khazar tribe they mostly are from, warring mentality and extreme racism and an innate urge to control other people’s lives. “War by Deception” (“Cowards are We”) as truth and fact would make Neanderthal perish for good,for the good of the human race. No more a vile, racist, violent, murderous, and insatiably greedy people has ever plagued this Earth.

    The majority of the tribe, thru their charities and volunteering efforts support Zionist extremism. And one need remember the official tribal religion is based on blood sacrifice so as to be (self) chosen—or maybe “chosen” by Satan—as a certain “Anointed One” a couple of centuries ago referred to them as a “Synagogue of Satan,” and they prove him right nearly on a daily basis.

    Religious “blood sacrifice,” another match to the description of Neanderthal.

  6. PAULA is another Yiddish speaking ‘terrorist’ and mass murderer supporting genocide of other human beings, the Palestinians, of whom are almost half Christians. I hope you feel ‘blessed’ in your local Zionist church on Sundays.
  7. This is “American Free Press”? What are you supporting? Palestine has nothing but contempt for Israel and will stop at nothing short of their destruction. Over and over, Israel has extended peace and land agreements; and over and over, Palestine lobs missiles at Israel from schools and communities. Israel has shown great restraint in dealing with Palestine. Palestine is nothing more than a political pawn of the Arab nations that hate Israel; shame on us for not supporting Israel. I wish Netanyahu was our President.

  8. Hopefully the American people are waking up to the fact that we are funding a Jewish terrorist organization called Israel.

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