RIP, Sweden. Cause of Death: Immigrants

• Massive influx of unassimilable immigrants, embrace of multiculturalism a disaster.

By Victor Thorn —

Sweden was once lauded as a Scandinavian utopia, but in a September 2010 United Nations (UN) Human Development Research Paper entitled “A Hypothetical Cohort Model of Human Development,” researchers Jana Asher and Beth Daponte cited grave dangers awaiting this country in the future. Since that report’s release, European media outlets have run headlines saying, “Sweden Will Become a Third World Country by 2030.”

The greatest scourge afflicting this nation is its embrace of multiculturalism via unchecked immigration. Sweden’s leftist leaders accept more refugees per capita than any of its European neighbors. Most of these migrants originate from Africa and the Middle East. In fact, 16% of Sweden’s population now consists of non-whites. One of the primary attractions for blacks and Arabs is Sweden’s generous welfare programs.


Journalist Ingrid Carlqvist, a distinguished senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute and editor-in-chief of Dispatch International, can no longer hide her dejection.

On April 2, she complained in an article posted online: “We had a perfectly good country, a rich country, a nice country, and in a few years’ time that country will be gone.”

The UN projects sharp declines in Sweden’s prosperity. Schools are overcrowded due to large numbers of immigrants, with some elementary classrooms now accepting adult refugee men who share seats alongside eight-year-old white boys and girls. In cities, violence is on the rise, a situation compounded by foreign killers who oftentimes confess to selecting their victims because they “look Swedish.”

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In refugee asylum housing complexes, not only do trash and human feces litter the grounds, but police officers must continually break up fights, stabbings, and assaults. Lowlife elements also open the door to weapons smugglers, drug dealers, drunk driving and other criminality.

Perhaps worst of all is the fact that Sweden has now been recognized as “the rape capital of the West.” On October 24, 2015, a Congolese man strangled to death a pregnant Swedish woman. The day before, three Muslim men gang-raped a young Swedish teenage girl.

In their own homes, some Islamic fathers have conducted forced “virginity tests” on their unwilling daughters, who protest such horrible invasions of their bodies.

If these examples aren’t appalling enough, Stockholm has been forced to open a homosexual rape clinic for men, who have been sexually assaulted by immigrants.


On April 6, AMERICAN FREE PRESS interviewed four individuals with valuable insights into these atrocities.

Dr. Elisabeth Ward, director of the Scandinavian Cultural Center at Pacific Lutheran University, told AFP: “Over the past 20 years, politicians have done everything possible to push an attitude of ‘Sweden is part of the world.’ They’re actually providing the same benefits to immigrants as they do to their own citizens. What it’s done is cause less nationalism among the citizenry.”

Chloe Hagstroem, a reporter for Norwegian American Weekly, explained: “Sweden’s immigration policies have been quite extreme, and now many citizens are skeptical of the government’s policies. Swedes have grown more xenophobic over the past decade.”

Regrettably, many in the political class still don’t get it. Johan Marcus, executive director for the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, could only muster this response for AFP: “Third world countries are moving up.”

On April 11, Jonas Norlin, a senior advisor at the Swedish Embassy, doubted the veracity of the aforementioned UN report. He wrote to AFP, “My personal view is that the predictive power of this model has been poor so far, so we should not take their forecast too seriously.”

If this type of mindset continues to prevail among politically correct Swedes, it’s a certainty that widespread peril will not be abated in that once idyllic nation.

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

5 Comments on RIP, Sweden. Cause of Death: Immigrants

  1. It’s not all BS, I’m Swede but I live in a relatively small town. Its not as visual here but in the more populated cities you today have no go zones (we never had that before this immigration started getting out of hand) and things have gotten really bad in many ways. Rape stats have gone up like 300% in the last year and you read and hear about rapes, assaults and thefts often resulting in injuries daily. Our media are flooded with immigration problems in the last year only. They have opened a hospital for boys as it has become a huge problem with boys also getting raped and had nowhere to turn like girls have. So in whole, what was a beautiful country we could be proud of be a part of is nowadays a country you can get arrested for wielding a Swedish flag as it could pose a threat to other people and the race card is played once again. They are trashing everything step by step that is about Sweden and the culture we have.
  2. What a tragedy to see ‘political correctness,’ a seemingly positive thing in concept, take down an entire culture and a beautiful country. Hopefully they will find a way to turn things around.

    Let’s hope the same thing doesn’t happen here—we are certainly in the kind of perilous cultural and political state that would allow it.

  3. Someone who is half Swedish was telling me recently about a visit to Stockholm where he ventured into one of the “no go” migrant areas. He found it incredibly threatening. His family is devastated about what has happened to the country due to the effects of unchecked immigration. There is an interesting video available online showing a dispute at a council meeting where the council are trying to force locals to accept a home for refugees next to a school and the locals protest due to the fear of crimes against the school children. It highlights well how out of touch the liberal ruling elite are.
  4. BS article on Sweden. Try getting your facts straight before utilizing yellow journalism. USA should take on more immigrates other than 1,500 since they are the cause of most of it, LOL. Statue of Liberty should be moved to Sweden.

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