Immigrant Invasion Imminent

April 26, 2016 AFP 1

• Local news exposes plan to resettle throngs of refugees in U.S. By John Friend — A news anchor from Fargo, North Dakota, has made national headlines after exposing organized efforts to resettle refugees in […]

RIP, Sweden. Cause of Death: Immigrants

April 26, 2016 AFP 6

• Massive influx of unassimilable immigrants, embrace of multiculturalism a disaster. By Victor Thorn — Sweden was once lauded as a Scandinavian utopia, but in a September 2010 United Nations (UN) Human Development Research Paper […]

PayPal’s Duplicitous Practices

April 25, 2016 AFP 4

• PayPal doesn’t really care about people; it cares about maintaining massive profits. By Dustin Howard — PayPal cares. Or at least the online banking giant wants you to think they do, as they issue […]

Mississippi’s Flag Is Making Me Sick!

April 25, 2016 AFP 2

• Black attorney says Confederate symbolism on Southern flag causing his bad health. By Dave Gahary — Arguably emboldened by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who promised to a “fundamentally transform” the United […]

Why More Muslims Won’t Condemn ISIS

April 17, 2016 AFP 2

• Are Western politicians deluding themselves by calling Islam a “religion of peace”? By Patrick J. Buchanan — “We are not at war with Islam,” said John Kasich after the Brussels massacre on March 22. […]

City University of NY Targeted by Zionists

April 12, 2016 AFP 1

• Efforts of students to promote open discussion about crimes of state of Israel earn ire of Jewish lobby. • 500,000 students affected by retaliatory funding cut. By Ronald L. Ray — The Zionist Organization […]

Carolina in Sights of Cultural Marxists

April 11, 2016 AFP 3

• Majority of North Carolinians reject uni-sex bathrooms, won’t kow tow to gender benders. By Dave Gahary — A slight change in the makeup of the City Council of Charlotte, North Carolina has created a […]

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