Mississippi’s Flag Is Making Me Sick!

• Black attorney says Confederate symbolism on Southern flag causing his bad health.

By Dave Gahary —

Arguably emboldened by the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, who promised to a “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, black activists have begun their assault on the last state to fly a flag containing Confederate battle imagery: Mississippi.

It was Republican governor Dewey Phillip “Phil” Bryant’s decision on February 24 to proclaim April “Confederate Heritage Month” that brought “The Magnolia State” into the crosshairs of the Cultural Marxists.

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Although Confederate Heritage Month is not a new event and had been issued by previous administrations, the “blacktivists” pounced on the chance to rewrite history to their liking. Bryant, a white Mississippi native, chose April 25 for Confederate Memorial Day, which is also observed as a state holiday.

Less than a week after Bryant’s proclamation, a black personal injury lawyer, who recently rebranded himself as a “civil rights” attorney, filed a federal lawsuit against Bryant seeking to declare Mississippi’s state flag “an unconstitutional relic of slavery.”

“I got sick and tired of being a second-class citizen,” said Carlos E. Moore, the only partner of the four-member all-black Moore Law Group in Grenada, Mississippi.

Moore revealed his vendetta against the governor’s decision in an interview with a “black” website: “That was very vile, that was very offensive, I think it was intentional. It was an insult to every African-American in Mississippi. He did it during Black History Month. We’re gonna make him pay for that offense and that flag is gonna come down.”

“The state flag with its confederate emblem represents white supremacy, slavery, beatings, rape, lynchings, murders, insurrection, and treason,” Moore replied to an email seeking comment on the suit. “It is a constant reminder of the oppression African-Americans had to endure in the past and an implicit threat that it could happen again. Removing the flag will change the hearts and minds of many in Mississippi because it will let those stuck in the past know that the state no longer sanctions or ratifies racial bigotry.”

Moore, 39, argued in front of the judge assigned to the case that the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage protects a fundamental right of dignity, and the flag violates his dignity and that of other American blacks.

Claiming the flag creates a hostile work environment for him in courthouses where it flies, and that “anxiety has created more stress in my life and has probably contributed to or caused the exacerbation of medical ailments, including but not limited to hypertension, insomnia and abnormal EKGs,” Moore is no ordinary ambulance chaser. He’s using his official website to fund his mission to erase U.S. history by accepting donations:

Your gift will help support this litigation to address Mississippi’s long-standing history of exclusion to its Black citizens. Symbols matter, and we want a flag that makes all Mississippians proud to call this great state home. Any flag that alienates and divides Mississippians is doing its citizens a tremendous disservice, and we will no longer accept symbols that offend a segment of the population. With your donation, we are taking a step in the right direction towards a more inclusive Magnolia State.

Moore launched his lawsuit after no less than 12 different bills to change Mississippi’s flag were introduced by various state lawmakers stalled in committee before the February 23 deadline.


Following a phone call to Moore’s law office, this reporter reached out to Mr. Moore via email, which was forwarded to the Perfect Pitch Media Group, the lawyer’s publicist, who replied with a series of questions (the name of your media organization, your website, where/when it will air, how long the interview will be, who’s conducting the interview and their social media handles, your phone number). Perfect Pitch is the brainchild of Tenisha Bell, a former executive producer for CNN. All questions were answered, but as of this writing, no reply was received from the PR firm.

Moore’s chances of success got a boost on April 12 when U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Mississippi Carlton W. Reeves called the flag “anti-American,” because it represented secession.

Reeves, the second black federal judge from Mississippi, nominated by President Barack Hussein Obama in 2010, ruled in 2014 that Mississippi’s same-sex marriage ban violated the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment.

It seems Reeves, however, will base his ruling on whether or not federal court is the proper venue for such a case, whether Moore has legal standing to sue, and whether he is able to prove he has been harmed by the flag. Another question Reeves will address is whether flag design is something that can be decided by a court.

Interestingly, Mississippi, which contains the highest percentage of blacks, 37%, of any U.S. state, voted in 2001 to keep the current state flag, in use since 1894, via a statewide referendum.

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  1. American ISIS . . . getting rid of our history. He’s 39, has been on the flag for ages, yet only complains now? It’s like moving next to an airport, then complaining about the planes.
  2. “Moore is no ordinary ambulance chaser. He’s using his official website to fund his mission to erase U.S. history by accepting donations:”

    Moore is a fu*king IDIOT! Erase U.S history, really though?! GTFO! Good luck with that one.

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