‘Hated’ SPLC Attacks AFP, Again

One of the crude and ghastly Jewish mouthpieces of the increasingly irrelevant and vilified Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has reared its nasty head to attack a syndicated columnist  whose articles appear in this newspaper, which is listed on the SPLC’s “Hate Map,” under the “General Hate” category.

In a pathetic and error-ridden Internet posting on their “Hatewatch blog” entitled “Pat Buchanan Pens Exclusive for Anti-Semitic Publication,” the head of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project Heidi Beirich rushed the piece out claiming that Buchanan wrote exclusively for AMERICAN FREE PRESS, lying that “the column ran as an advertised exclusive.”

She then added a correction to obfuscate the lie:

Editors’ Note: This story has been updated to correct that Pat Buchanan has written for American Free Press before.

Of course, that note doesn’t address her claim of exclusivity, and in fact is on par with calling The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion a “forgery.” Nowhere on AFP’s website does it say, nor has it ever said, that Buchanan’s columns are exclusive.

If Beirich was interested at all in telling the truth, she should read the comments below her words, because several posters provided evidence that Buchanan’s articles are not exclusive to AFP. Truth, however, is not what the SPLC is after.

A clear indication of the SPLC’s irrelevancy is revealed by the number of referrals from their website to this one.

Since the “article” appeared on April 29, a whopping 74 people clicked the link directing to Buchanan’s piece, “How We’re Losing the Culture War.”

It certainly seems appropriate to end this posting with the same words Ms. Beirich used in her hit piece:

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Read more of AFP’s coverage of the SPLC:

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5 Comments on ‘Hated’ SPLC Attacks AFP, Again

  1. Excellent points, William. Glad you don’t fall for the disinfo that says that only the Talmud is bad.
  2. Bongo beats start playing in the prison yard as a celebration for the entry of a new white inmate. He soon will be making phone calls to his family, not to say hello, but to wire funds for guys named Rufus and Pedro. The toughest white dude is no match for the non-white gangs that lurk in the prisons toilet or TV rooms. They will not murder the goose that can pay for their heroin habit; bitch-slapping the dude a few dozen times is enough to get him on the phone to his family.
  3. Southern Perverted Losers Council is totally irrelevant. They have my band Pokerface up for racist music. Every year the local Jew rag presstitutes call me up for a sound bite. I always hit back with, name one of our songs as racist. Otherwise, stop publishing this libelous trash.

    SPLC—hating everything white and to the right since its creation.

  4. Actually, Jews have hated ALL NON-Jews for 3,500 years.

    According to the SPLC and ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people.”

    When are the Jews going to REPUDIATE their TORAH and acknowledge the EQUALITY of Spirituality and Humanity of all GENTILES?

  5. According to the SPLC and ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people.” Jews have HATED CHRIST and his followers for 2,000 years.

    PROsemitism, what is it? If there is an “antisemitism” you must ask: “What is PROsemitism?” PROsemitism must be a supporter of “semitism,” which really means Judaism (even though most Moslems are SEMITIC). So what are you supporting if you are a PROsemite? Well, first of all, we must define Judaism:

    Judaism is neither a race or a religion, it is Xenophobic Tribalism.

    A person unduly fearful or contemptuous of that which is foreign, especially of strangers or foreign peoples.

    1. The organization, culture, or beliefs of a tribe.
    2. A strong feeling of identity with and loyalty to one’s tribe or group.

    So right off the get-go you hate all NON-Jews, NON-members of YOUR group (TRIBE).

    THAT means that if I am not one of the TRIBE, you do not like me.

    Since Jews brand all NON-Jews “gentile” and automatically denigrate them, to be PROsemitic one must by definition be ANTI-GENTILE.

    They hate all NON-Jews so fundamentally, that they have to SPECIFICALLY NAME what they grudgingly term “RIGHTEOUS GENTILES.” Those are NON-Jewish HUMANS that went so far out of their way to help/save Jews that the Jews were FORCED to ACKNOWLEDGE the humanity of that specific “gentile.” You see, PROsemites do not acknowledge the EQUALITY of spirituality and humanity of “gentiles.”

    According to the SPLC and ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people.”

    Jews have HATED CHRIST and his followers for 2,000 years. Go ask your Jewish friends to “acknowledge” Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ was an anti-Semite according to the Temple Priests who HEREM (excommunicated) Him just prior to crucifixion.

    JUDAS ISCARIOT was a Jew, in good standing with the Temple Priests.

    Israeli Deputy Minister for Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, from the settler party Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home) gave an interview in Hebrew to the Israeli daily Ma’ariv 12/30/2013 on his party’s stance against gay marriage.

    Here’s a snippet from the interview. Remember, this man is a high-ranking government official in the only “democracy” in the Middle East.

    Q: What will you do if the Knesset votes on a bill legalizing gay marriage?

    A: No way. Also, a Jew cannot marry a gentile.

    Q: Is that the same thing?

    A: We don’t recognize either of them. And anyway, a Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile, even if he’s gay.

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