Ph.D. Engineer: Evidence Shows Directed Energy ‘Dustified’ WTC

By Mark Anderson —

BRENHAM, Texas—Blinn College near Houston welcomed Dr. Judy Wood March 15 to expound upon the 9-11 findings in her detailed book, Where Did the Towers Go?

Based on the evidence, Dr. Wood, whose observations have made considerable ripples in 9-11 research circles,maintains that the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001 were turned to dust in midair by way of directed energy, whose origins are unknown at this time.

She has examined evidence of directed energy concerning the entire WTC complex—all seven buildings. Virtually all other researchers, as far as Manhattan is concerned, focus mainly or solely on the 110-story skyscrapers and 47-story Building 7. She maintains all of the buildings were destroyed in the same manner.

Dr. Wood (B.S. in civil engineering, M.S. in engineering mechanics/applied physics, and Ph.D. in materials engineering science), is a former Clemson University faculty member. If her analysis is correct—and no one can fairly say she isn’t meticulous—then the government story of 19 daring Arabs who hijacked planes—and the alternative of controlled demolition with planted explosives—could turn out to be false choices which obscure the truth of what physically happened in New York on 9-11.

“Empirical evidence is the artifact that the truth left behind,” she said to her Texas audience.

To unravel the 9-11 crime, she said citizens must first determine exactly what happened to the towers and then how it was done before it can be determined who did it and why.

Some of her most important insights are:

• In a controlled demolition (or the government’s jet fuel/office fires/pancaked-floors theory) there should have been around 1 million tons of broken apart material on the ground after the annihilation of the twin towers alone, which each weighed 500,000 tons. But there was nowhere close to that amount of material left. The remains of WTC 6, an eight-story building, towered over the North Tower’s remains.

• If such a large amount of material had crashed to the ground, “the bathtub”—a basin around the WTC foundation designed to keep the Hudson River’s waters at bay—would have been severely ruptured, leading to severe flooding of lower Manhattan. But that didn’t happen.

Seismic readings gave no indication that a large amount of material hit the ground.

• The “dustification” (Dr. Wood’s term) of the WTC towers was so complete that no discernible remains of even a single toilet or sink, out of the hundreds in each tower, were found.


• Countless floating sheets of paper were the only “office supply” of significance left. Paper piles were even photographed right next to seemingly “burning” cars. Yet none of the paper caught fire—nor did the green foliage of nearby trees get singed, despite the government’s claim of fires so intense that they helped drive the “collapse” of two huge towers without them tipping over.

• Perhaps most notably, 14 firemen emerged from the remains of the North Tower’s Stairwell B, in the center of what had been a building. They naturally figured they were about to die, waiting for falling chunks of concrete and steel beams, which never arrived. Yet they emerged, stunned, to see bright sunlight and open ground where a mighty building, complete with miles of electrical conduit and plumbing, once stood.

• Then there were the bizarre “toasted cars,” hundreds of them, many of which were a few blocks north of the WTC complex and safely away from any presumed heat. Scores of these cars rusted as if they had been parked in the elements for years, while many, if not all, of the toasted cars had their door handles, windows and window seals missing. While many of these cars looked as though they had “burned,” their gas tanks never exploded and no flaming materials fell on them.

• Several steel beams curled and folded like pretzels, and hydraulic excavation machines picked up glowing metal which, if it had been as hot as it appeared, would have caused the machines to seize up and fail.

“Somebody has the technology to disrupt and direct the molecular bonds of matter,” Dr. Wood said to her college audience. “I’m not talking about a ‘weapon.’ I’m talking about a destructive mechanism.”

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AFP Roving Editor Mark Anderson is a veteran reporter who covers the annual Bilderberg meetings and is chairman of AFP’s new America First Action Committee, designed to involve AFP readers in focusing intensely on Congress to enact key changes, including monetary reform and a pullback of the warfare state. He and his wife Angie often work together on news projects.

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  1. Into 9/11,the zionist BLUE LODGE of USA encoded the END TIMES…Visit Google- MASONIC FINGERPRINTS LEFT ON 9/11 CRIME SCENE, for the details! 9 rows of stars+11 columns of stars,and 6+7 stripes…9+11 crew members with pilots and 6+7 crew members…

  2. This seems a bit of either/or logic. How about the planes crashed into the buildings, bombs were planted in the buildings, thermite was used in it and this directed free energy device used to pulverize everything. It is the perfect crime: a lot of leads leading in different directions but they can all be true which speaks to at least complicity if not downright orchestration on the part of the U.S. government.

    Dr. Woods view doesn’t necessarily negate any of the other theories, but I think hers go the farthest to explain all known phenomena regarding this event. And everything we know unmistakably puts the lie to the official version. The perpetrators should be found and charged with treason. Murderous traitors!

  3. The problem that I have with Dr. Wood’s theory is, when watching the towers fall, do they appear to be exploding from the inside out (as if explosives were planted inside)? OR, do they appear to be coming down from the outside in (as if an exotic “directed energy” weapon were pointed at them and fired)?

    Watch the towers collapse again. Pay attention to the multi-ton girders being hurled laterally, watch the apparent explosives race down the side of the building ahead of the collapsing debris.

    Notice the leaking of red-hot iron pouring from the corner of the building just moments prior to collapse.

    Listen to the testimony of firemen about “red hot iron running down the channel-rails, like in a foundry.” Listen to the testimony of other firemen describing explosions. Listen to the testimony of Barry Jennings as he describes explosions inside of WTC7. Notice the video of the lobby, how the marble facade is blown off of the walls before the buildings fell. How could a jet plane impact hundreds of floors above have done that? How could a “directed energy” weapon do that? One can even hear the minor explosions on video shot that day.

    No, there was nothing terribly exotic about what happened that day apart from nanothermite (unreacted particles discovered in the dust) as well as military grade explosives planted in tiny bits all over the building in quantities ensuring that once the thermate had done it’s job, the building would come apart, but not enough to register loud BOOM!s.

    The evidence is there, it’s been discovered by other reputable scientists that don’t have a book to sell (Dr. Steven Jones, et. al.) All that is needed now is the court case.


    Watch again the video of WTC7 falling. It looks EXACTLY like a controlled demolition!

  4. First stupidity in this article is the fact that the WTC Twin Towers had ‘110’ stories/floors. The truth is that they had total of 117 floors each, since each building had also 7 floors beneath—read Gillespie’s book WTC! And each building stood upon 117 steel columns embedded into the Manhattan’s bedrock. It is the basic Maya calendar number, based on solar and galactic cycles! Both, Twin Towers + U.S. Stock Market copied the 3 stars of the phallic Belt of Orion, located on the female lap copy, Manhattan island, the local Zionist copy of Mesopotamia in Milky Way (Genesis chapter 10), separated with the Hudson (Gihon) River and East (Pishon) River.
  5. I hope no one is forgetting here that an advanced device, supposedly a beam weapon, built by at least one company, Rockwell, according to Ms. Wood, using a secret unknown technology involving “free energy,” killed thousands of American citizens on 911. Let that sink in people.Did a U.S. Gov’t “black” militarized, parallel, or foreign entity kill thousands of American citizens on our soil, with impunity, and without a complete investigation? Wood’s evidence, and a Congressional investigation, could lead to this being true. And who in our coming gov’t or the current one will address these terrifying issues? Are we ready to face what we’ve become: the impotent sheep behind a quasi-military power beyond public intervention and control?
  7. It is very important to keep a cool head and look at all aspects of one of the most important singular events in our recent history. The whole aura around this event has been polluted by intentional disinformation and emotional blackmail: “How can you question the official government story of events? It is so disrespectful to those that lost family and friends, etc., etc.” Really? Who is trying to fool us with that clever and manipulative ploy? And then all the other “experts” wade in with distractions and distortions. LOOK AT THE FACTS! There is a disconnect between what was there after the collapsed buildings and any of the official or mainstream “conspiracy” explanations. From all my reading, it is only Dr. Judy Wood that is actually addressing that.
  8. Look for Dimitri Kalehzov WTC NUCLEAR DEMOLITION SCHEME. That’s why most of the buildings pulverized.
  9. She’s got it right everyone and somehow all must do their part to spread the word. Little by little the house of cards with fall. The media and gov’t are to blame here and in bed together completely. A terrible disgrace again to this country and the world. The cover as detailed and intense as JFK’s murder. The reports from both, I’d not use to wipe my arse.
  10. There was also much discussion about thermite in the dust well, and it may have played a small part. Dr. Judy Wood has without a doubt hit the nail on the head. These massive buildings did just dissolve as they went down, and some sort of weapon that the public knew nothing about had to be used to achieve this.

    The site was also cleared in record speed to leave no evidence in the aftermath. All the dust materials from the site and any remaining evidence shipped out of the USA.

    The rusted cars, lying about everywhere and paper floating around. As well as that passport of one of the “terrorists.” The masses were so traumatized that we were ripe for manipulation, and that was really what this was all about.

  11. I have read that when some native Australians saw Western ships for the first time, the spectacle was so completely beyond their comprehension that they simply ignored it and went on with what they were doing. I think we have a similar sort of reaction to the phenomena of 9/11.

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