Left-Wing Censorship Group Slapped

Media Matters

Popular talk show host Tucker Carlson is giving the thought police a taste of their own medicine.

By John Friend

Television talk show host Tucker Carlson, one of the most popular cable news commentators on air today and a strong critic of globalism, mass immigration, forced multiculturalism, and other key tenets of the prevailing liberal, politically correct social order, has been targeted by radical left-wing groups and activists for months now.

As this newspaper has previously reported, radical antifa activists targeted the outspoken America- first populist’s home in the Washington, D.C. area in November of last year. Several members of Smash Racism DC, a radical left-wing antifa-affiliated group, posted Carlson’s home address online and organized a protest outside his residence to denounce his alleged “racism” and “bigotry.” Others have organized boycotts of his program and have attempted to entice advertisers on both Fox News and Carlson’s flagship nightly news program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” to end their business relationship with the network.

Media Matters, a highly partisan and far leftwing organization that regularly targets and attacks conservatives, has been and continues to be one of the primary organizations operating both behind the scenes and publicly to sabotage Carlson’s nightly news program and tarnish his reputation. The activist organization recently published and highlighted a number of controversial statements Carlson made years ago relating to women, minorities, and other topics in a dishonest effort to distort what Carlson actually meant and further tarnish his reputation.

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Carlson commendably did not back down in the face of such a dishonest and highly partisan smear campaign.

“Media Matters caught me saying something naughty on a radio show more than a decade ago,” Carlson said in response to the Media Matters hit piece. “Rather than express the usual ritual contrition, how about this: I’m on television every weeknight live for an hour. If you want to know what I think, you can watch. Anyone who disagrees with my views is welcome to come on and explain why.”

Indeed, in response to the attacks, Carlson has used his platform to launch his own investigation into the dishonest left-wing groups and individuals that have so brazenly attacked him and Fox News in an effort to de-platform them and sabotage their reputations. In recent episodes of his nightly news program, Carlson has aired segments exposing the groups working tirelessly to end his career, including Media Matters, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and CNN, among others.

Carlson recently revealed that the current president of Media Matters, Angelo Carusone, has a history of making derogatory and disparaging comments. Unsurprisingly, Carusone’s controversial statements have garnered little attention— or outrage—among Media Matters’s liberal supporters.

On his now-defunct blog, Carusone used a number of slurs to characterize transvestites and minorities, including Jews. According to a report from “The Daily Caller,” which dug up Carusone’s old blog using the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine,” Carusone has referred to transvestites as “trannies” and Japanese people as “Japs,” long considered an ethnic slur. Carusone, who is homosexual, even invoked classic anti-Semitic tropes when describing his Jewish boyfriend’s political convictions, writing that his boyfriend was conservative as a result of possessing “several bags of Jewish gold.”

Typically, these statements would have leftists worked up into a lather, working overtime to get the individual fired. The mainstream media would have reported heavily on the politically incorrect verbiage, interviewing top officials at the SPLC and other organizations, who would have condemned the speaker in no uncertain terms. A look at media reports reveals that only Fox News picked up the story, and Carusone remains the president of Media Matters.

Countless conservatives and principled supporters of Carlson have rallied to his defense, expressing outrage at the increasingly tyrannical and dishonest tactics used by the radical left to silence and shut down their political rivals.

“The anti-Tucker outrage mob is so clearly acting hypocritically and in bad faith for purely partisan political reasons,” Donald Trump Jr. recently stated. Ned Ryun, the CEO of American Majority, correctly noted that Media Matters exists solely to “take out conservatives in media and politics.”

“They’re a partisan hit squad trying to delegitimize and de-platform conservatives [. . .] Serious-minded people should understand this is political warfare and tell Media Matters to go pound sand,” Ryun stated.

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Christopher Cantwell, a libertarian-leaning podcaster and commentator, in a recent podcast praised Carlson’s resolve in refusing to bow down to Media Matters and the radical left.

“What makes [Carlson] more dangerous to the left than any other single thing is that he understands their long game,” Cantwell stated. “Those who apologize today will be paralyzed tomorrow, because the goal of the mob is not redemption, but submission. One who can be made to bow to their whims will invariably be conscripted into their service, and Tucker simply will not permit this to happen to him under any circumstances.”

For now, Carlson and Fox News are not only holding out and refusing to bend to the pressure being brought by these dishonest outfits, they are actively fighting back against the left-wing outrage mob.

John Friend is a freelance author based in California.