Embassy Attack Shows Folly of Arming Zealots

Attacks on embassy, ambassador carried out by violent faction trained, armed by United States

By Richard Walker

Initial efforts by the Obama administration to tie the embassy attack in Libya to an angry mob ignore new facts that show the attack was carried out with military precision and the attackers were once members of a group that was armed and trained by the Unites States and the United Kingdom.


The heavily armed militiamen who launched the assault were from an organization of Salafi Muslims that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Washington armed and provided with intelligence during the overthrow of the murdered Libyan leader Muammar Qadaffi. Evidence the attackers, numbering as many as 40, used a mob assault on the embassy to cover their more deadly operation illustrated considerable planning. It also demonstrated, if there was ever any doubt, how supporting militias in the Middle East and elsewhere can quickly backfire.

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The Benghazi, Libya episode could well signal a wave of major attacks on embassies and other U.S. facilities in the near future, especially if Israel launches strikes against Iran. But, aside from the violent backlash an Israeli strike will undoubtedly cause, there are other dangers emanating from the policies of the Obama administration and its allies. With the help of Israel, Britain, France, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Washington has been running numerous shadow wars, using militias trained by American special forces as proxy armies.

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One such war that is happening on a large scale is in Syria, where anti-government militias have been armed and trained in the use of explosives and the most up-to-date weapons and surveillance equipment. Those militias, which include all kinds of extreme elements, have no love for America and may end up killing Americans in the coming months.

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The mainstream media in the West has attributed the embassy attacks to a crazy minority angered by an insulting film about the Prophet Mohammed. The truth is, there remains deep-seated anger among Muslims over the U.S. war on the Muslim world and our unquestioning backing of the Israeli regime. 
Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.