China & Russia Allied Against NWO

By Ronald L. Ray

Russia and China have radically reinforced their strategic alliance in the face of increasingly militaristic United States imperialism. According to the German newspaper National-Zeitung, when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Chinese President Hu Jintao at the beginning of June this year, no fewer than 16 agreements were signed by the parties regarding energy, industry, research and foreign policy. In July, China announced plans to double its investments in and aid to Africa* over the next three years, to $20 billion, while continuing similar campaigns throughout the world.


Perhaps the most critical aspect of the Russia-China agreements is the stated intention to move toward trade and investment payments in their  national currencies, “in order thus to protect ourselves from diverse currency risks and to strengthen the positions of the ruble and the yuan.” This is the clearest indication yet that the two countries intend to abandon the U.S. dollar as a “reserve currency.” Given the huge populations and economies involved, this would dramatically increase the likelihood of a dollar collapse, meaning catastrophe for the U.S.

Internationally, Russia and China have many common interests, such as opposing regime change in Syria, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization missile shield in Eastern Europe and the encirclement of the two allies by the U.S. On disarmament, terrorism, separatists, organized crime and illegal immigration, “The positions of Russia and China . . . are practically identical,” said Putin. “They rest on the principles of responsibility, the pre-eminence of . . . human rights and respect for the interests of the partners.”


Putin also believes Iran has a right to peaceful development of nuclear power and is not seeking atomic weapons. Regarding Syria, the Russian leader stated previously, “We think that no one has the right to decide for another country who should be in power and who not.”

China, meanwhile, has been expanding ties to several African nations, such as Angola, South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria and Egypt. But while the U.S. overthrows one stable and peaceful government after another, committing heinous war crimes such as the destruction of the Great Man-Made Water Project in Libya, China deals respectfully with its trading partners to earn their trust. The Chinese have sent thousands of workers to build hospitals and schools and to teach better agricultural techniques, training tens of thousands of Africans. In this way, the Asians give the appearance that they are helping African development while increasing their own access to Africa’s critical natural resources, much to the irritation of the U.S. government.

In struggling for natural resources, a situation very similar to the lead-up to World War I is rapidly developing. Will the U.S. dollar be allowed to crumble as China cozies up to Russia and Africa? Only the international banksters know.

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

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  1. Here, in Brazil, China is increasing investments in infrastructure. Brazil is on the way to communism and, if this moving breaks the NWO plans, I’ll change my opinions concerning Lula/Dilma governments. Will they be right on the end?

    Excellent article.

    Best regards,


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