JADE HELM 15: Massive Military Exercise

By Dave Gahary

One has to be on guard when the mainstream media portrays everyone with an alternative view on just about anything as a “conspiracy theorist,” derisively of course.

Take JADE HELM 15 (JH15), a two-month United States military training exercise taking place in multiple states from July 15 through September 15, 2015, involving all four branches, but under the command of U.S. Army Special Operations Command, which claimed “’the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart’ from previous training exercises.”

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana will be swarming with our nation’s most lethal killers, but the mainstream media, including Internet websites, have come to the quick conclusion, without much research, that anyone who believes this is anything but legitimate military training is a nut. Colorado was on the list, but dropped out of the exercise “because the unit that was designated to participate won’t be available.”

JADE HELM 15 stands for “Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution,” “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants,” “2015.” JADE “is actually a software program that was initiated by the Pentagon for the rapid distribution of logistic support.”

For more insight into this matter, AMERICAN FREE PRESS turned to former U.S. Marine Corp officer James H. Fetzer.

“I have the training manual,” said Dr. Fetzer, “from the headquarters of the United States Army published in December, 2008, talking about how they’d like to be conducting operations in regions that have historically been immune, including the continental United States.”

He added: “JADE HELM involves a massive array of military equipment and troops, combat veterans, who have been known to slaughter women, children and the elderly in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“What’s going on is all in violation of posse comitatus,” said Fetzer, “that precludes the use of military force to perform police functions.”

The Posse Comitatus Act is an 1878 federal law designed to “limit the powers of the federal government in using its military personnel to act as domestic law enforcement personnel.”

“The infiltration into American cities where these forces are supposed to blend in could somehow be explained away as preparing for foreign engagement, where there’s no hostility,” is ludicrous, said Fetzer.

Dr. Fetzer then touched on a seemingly separate matter that has some scratching their heads.

“Not only are these Walmarts being closed,” explained Fetzer, “five of them, but they’re undergoing modification. They’re putting up plastic sheeting so you can’t see what’s going on inside, erecting eight or nine foot fences, and taking these enormous shipping containers, such as you would see on freighters at sea, and using them to create barricades at the back of the Walmarts.”

In fact, on April 13, Walmart did abruptly close five stores, laying off 2,200, providing paid leave for two months to “both full-time and part-time workers.” Two are in Texas, and one each in Oklahoma, California and Florida.

According to the retailer, plumbing problems caused the closings of all five stores, and they will be closed for around six months for “extended repairs,” but many are suspicious.

A letter sent to county officials for the store in Florida, “claims the layoffs are permanent.” The county commissioner told WFLA “that the store ‘didn’t mention anything about plumbing.’”

As a proud American steeped in the tradition of distrust in government, I’d keep an eye out for JH15.

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Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.

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U.S. Citizens Voice Concern About Troops in Their States

By Mark Anderson —

Respected journalist and producer Gary Franchi of the noted NextNewsNetwork.com is among the vigilant alternative-media reporters recently smeared as mere “conspiracy theorists” in national CBS News reportage on the distrusted “Jade Helm 15.” The military exercise evidently involves all four military branches in up to six states—including Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. Colorado was in, but now it’s reportedly out.

Public concern in Bastrop County, Texas recently reached a near fever-pitch when 200 people packed a town-hall meeting and “questioned a U.S. Army commander about whether the government was planning to confiscate guns or implement martial law,” according to a report by WMUR Channel 9, the area’s ABC News TV affiliate.

Meanwhile, as WMUR noted, Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape fumed that “conspiracy theorists” and “fear mongers” have been in a “frenzy” over Jade Helm, which, at minimum, showcases Pape’s ignorance of the abuses sometimes carried out by standing armies throughout history against their own people.

In April of 1914, during a Ludlow, Colorado coal-miners’ strike at a Rockefeller-owned mine, American soldiers from the state’s national guard, who one would expect to be especially sensitive about shooting their fellow citizens, were brought in. They opened fire on men, women and children and killed most of them, some of whom burned to death in an ensuing fire. So, the widespread and rather naive notion that American army boys would never shoot their own people was put to rest long ago.

WMUR added, “Suspicions about Jade Helm intensified on some conservative websites and social media after a map labeled Texas, Utah and parts of [Southern] California as ‘hostile’ for the purposes of the two-month training exercise that begins [July 15]. Such war simulations aren’t unusual, though the Army has acknowledged that the size and scope of Jade Helm makes it unique.”

This CBS News report, which doubted all the motives and insights of concerned citizens and apparently believed everything the military said, quoted mainstream reports that parroted official military claims that, while the exercise is unusually large, the people have nothing to fear.

“Jade Helm truly is just a training exercise to prepare Special Operations forces for future operations overseas,” Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria told CBS and other media. “That’s all we want to do.”

Clearly, there was no real objectivity in the CBS missive, which could have stepped back and probed Jade Helm a little more closely, though it did acknowledge Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s reasonable response to concerned Texans, evidenced by his order for the Texas State Guard and law enforcement to “closely monitor” Jade Helm.

Perusing papers across the nation, this reporter found that Nebraska’s flagship daily, the Omaha World-Herald, went out of its way to belittle public concern over Jade Helm without balance or fairness. True, some citizens may have overblown concerns regarding what Jade Helm is about. Yet, a May 6 World-Herald house editorial took only the most far-fetched theory it could find on Jade Helm and used that one example to make it look like all public concern is ridiculous. The editorial also scolded Governor Abbott simply for responding to Texas citizens’ concerns.

Did the World-Herald already forget that Texas saw federal military assets used to slaughter innocent people during the Waco massacre in April of 1993? Evidently so.

It’s high time the mainstream media, military spokesmen and other established interests start taking the concerns of American citizens seriously. Taxpayers shell out $600 billion a year to support the most expansive, expensive military in human history.

Yet that military, with its never-ending unwinnable wars and global presence based on a very ill-advised foreign policy, has too often laid waste to innocent peoples and their lands around the globe, overtly and covertly, even with the best of intentions. Perhaps that explains why concerned Americans are rightly asking questions.

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AFP Roving Editor Mark Anderson is a veteran reporter who covers the annual Bilderberg meetings and is chairman of AFP’s new America First Action Committee, designed to involve AFP readers in focusing intensely on Congress to enact key changes, including monetary reform and a pullback of the warfare state. He and his wife Angie often work together on news projects.

10 Comments on JADE HELM 15: Massive Military Exercise

  1. I know this article is a year old, but that just makes this an even weirder coincidence to me. People in Bastrop County were worried about martial law and gun confiscation because of Jade Helm. Yesterday, there was a shooting in Bastrop, Texas which ended in four dead, including the shooter, and the police declined to comment on the shooter’s motive. Am I the only one that finds this odd?
  2. The name of the exercise itself explains the purpose behind the exercise, to kill Americans that have formed their own state militias (which is a right guaranteed under the Constitution) or are suspected of being a member of such an organization. Says it right there in the name of the exercise and this is the reason Obama has divided the country up into 9 zones where state rights and authority are overridden by APPOINTED (Pentagon/White House/Federal Reserve Bank) regional governors. Ex military helping in this exercise are army trained in OCCUPATIONAL police work which is very different from local police behavior which recognizes American civil rights of its civilians by law. Good luck Americans. Now you will become Iraqis and Palestinians in the eyes of your own military in your own homes.
  3. Could the Jade Helm 15 military “exercises” actually be a ruse to cover preparations for the government’s crackdown on an anticipated mass uprising, if the international financiers succeed in crashing the world’s money system on September 15, 2015? Apparently these banksters did some dress rehearsal economic looting on at least two prior Zionist “feast days” of 29 Elul that occurred almost exactly seven years apart: mid-September 2001 and mid-September 2008.
  4. There actually are ISIS branch offices in El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico.

    ISIS also has its main office in Washington, D.C.; the part the JMSM has been covering up is ISIS is a military contractor.

    The military contractors whose original name was Blackwater has changed its name so many times over the years, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if …. ISIS = Blackwater.

  5. I would like to see them spend that time and our money actually rooting out all of the Islamic terrorists that have and are infiltrating our open borders and are living among us now. Is it ironic that many of the states and locations chosen are areas where this occurs and there has been activity? Jihadi John in little ole Bastrop? You betcha! In their world, Ft. Hood, which is just right up the road, is as well known as Hollywood, thanks to Major Hassan and his workplace violence incident. And just how do we find the real home grown Islamafacists living here? Since Obama is not doing much to stop the threat overseas, it is coming to a neighborhood near you, and we want our soldiers ready to deal with it. When it does happen, we want our military leaders and troops to be able to discern us from them and protect our rights while assisting them in their right to die.
  6. Jade Helm, what ever this truly is, we as a people have every right to worry. U.S. special forces “training” across our cities. I hope it is what is being said, but I know first hand in the military you train in areas similar to those you plan to fight in. Why are we training our already elite military forces to prepare to fight in areas similar to our own cities?
  7. So the army (and god knows what other agencies and foreign troops) want to “train” in several western states. Really…here’s a news flash; we have been having nightly air maneuvers over lower Manhattan and South Brooklyn (just across the river from Wall Street) for the last two months! Every night, often at 1 to 3 AM, we have helicopters on stationary post for HOURS depriving thousands of residents of sleep, often so low that they vibrate apartments. Sometimes it’s OSPREYS often with no markings, doing the airshow.

    People by the hundreds complain to official and the local press who have a deaf ear. People call local police who adopted the Sargent Shultz response that they know nothing, even when their patrolmen are over the air reporting what is going on. Finally, a group of electronics types set up a well-calibrated spectrum analyzer when the aircraft are overhead and when they are distant. The frequencies of the downlinks are all federal assigned frequencies, not NYPD. AND the downlinks are all encrypted.

    So concerns about Jade Helm is all extremist paranoia, or it’s all imagination or fabrications of those radicalized ranchers/country folk? Really? Well, they’re nightly now over Wall Street! Including unmarked Ospreys. What do you say to that NY Times/Washington Post/CBS/NBC/SPLC etc. ad nauseum?

    This is Jeff Smith, NE Regional Director AFP, sitting in a totally exasperated state in midtown Manhattan.

  8. Jade Helm is an anagram for “Mahdi ELE” (flipping the ‘j’ to an ‘i’). Kinda weird coincidence.

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