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Since South Africa’s return to black rule, the results have been disastrous for the whites who helped found and feed the once economic powerhouse.

Is it possible that the United States may be in store for the misfortune that is befalling that country?

Dave Gahary had a chance to sit down with Victor Thorn, who tackles this topic and discusses how his new book, AMERICA’S RACIAL POWDER KEG: How a Violent Dependency State Has Been Created Within the Black Community, may provide some clues, in this important interview (17:25).

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Template for Terror

• Could America end up like South Africa?

By Victor Thorn —

In the advent of Baltimore’s April race riots, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People spokesman Shabaka Afrika urged blacks to take up arms. Malik Zulu Shabazz, another black activist and former head of the New Black Panther Party, advocated the building of a black army that would target and kill police officers.

Considering the racial strife that has grown over the past six years of Barack Hussein Obama’s presidency, on May 12 AMERICA FREE PRESS interviewed James Kelso, director and membership coordinator of the American Freedom Party. He also hosts a radio talk show on Republic Broadcasting Network and the Liberty News Network.

When asked about the increasing enmity exhibited by blacks toward whites in this country, Kelso said: “South Africa is a case study of what happens when a white population is overwhelmed by an influx of non-whites. When the ratio gets high enough, they take control. Whites in South Africa used to be 25% of the population. Today they only account for 8% to 9%.”

The results aren’t pretty, added Kelso.

“In South Africa, whites are being terrorized,” he said. “They’ve lost control of the government, universities, police forces and army. Out of 4 million South African whites, an estimated 850,000 now reside in squatter camps with little electricity, sewage or schooling. Their homes are nothing but tin-roof shacks, and little white children are covered in fleas. This news should shock white people into awakening.”


But that’s only the beginning.

Kelso continued: “South African President Jacob Zuma, a self-proclaimed communist, has been caught on tape singing songs in his Zulu language about killing whites. Every time whites have tried to make improvements in their shantytowns, Zuma sends in bulldozers and destroys them. Some of these people have been driven into refuse dumps where they live atop unprocessed garbage. It’s unprecedented in white history.”

They also face other dangers, as Kelso explained: “White people and their children living in cars along roadways are subject to rape, murder, robbery and assault from marauding blacks. There have been more than 3,000 documented murders of white farmers since the ANC [African National Congress] took power in 1994. More than 68,000 South African whites have been killed since then. Since the ratio of whites in South Africa compared to America is 50:1, that would equate to 150,000 deaths by our standards. Details concerning home-invasion homicides are even more sadistic and brutal. During a recent spree, blacks broke into a home owned by whites, grabbed their 10-year-old son, and then pushed his face into a boiling pot of water until he died.”

Apologizing for the gruesomeness of his portrayals, Kelso nonetheless felt that citizens in this country needed to be aware of what’s going on.

“In South Africa, it’s routine for blacks to torture whites as they’re chanting and screaming,” he said. “Little girls are raped in front of family members, while others are electrocuted, disemboweled, have fingers cut off or are doused with chemicals. We can’t justify this kind of behavior to our own children by turning the other cheek. It’s time to rise up.”

When whites straggle to hospitals for medical care, Kelso said they face a new set of nightmares.

“Hidden cameras have captured blacks torturing white mothers,” he said. “Whites also face 48-to 72-hour admittance times, and must bring their own food and mattresses. Relatives are forced to remain by their sides to prevent these patients from being abused.”

Putting the entire matter into perspective, Kelso stated: “Between 20% and 25% of all South African whites live under these shantytown conditions. Rolling blackouts allow them only four hours of electricity per day. That means no refrigeration or Internet. Whites that do still own homes reside behind barbed wire and high walls. When whites are attacked, black criminals cheer on the gangs that do it.

“In South Africa, here’s the real story you won’t hear anywhere else. The blacks don’t like us. They hate us just for being white. They’re the racists. And it’s coming to America. The reason why they envy whites is because we’re hard-working, intelligent and fair looking. In London and Paris, there are certain areas referred to as ‘no go’ zones. We also have them in America, but they’re called by a  different name: ghettos. There are places in London where whites absolutely cannot walk down a street without facing mortal terror. Look at what happened in Baltimore.”

Bringing our conversation to an end, Kelso stressed: “Demography is destiny. Obama and his underlings represent an anti-white administration. Look at the kind of people he appoints. Many of them are Saul Alinsky recruits and activists, or they follow a Communist agenda that’s allowing a flood of illegal aliens and fake refugees into our country. Obama hates everything that we love about this country. He and his Bolsheviks are going after our families and churches in an attempt to decapitate traditional society. Charles Lindbergh said it all in a November, 1939 edition of Readers Digest: ‘This alliance with foreign races means nothing but death for us.’ ”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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    We are in the process of establishing a fund for CDSA (Currently disadvantaged South Africans).

    It is not a racist gesture, it is just a way to protect the White South African future.

    Currently no white South African can apply for any job in government or in some of the major international companies even.

    Did you know that Chevron, Shell and other petroleum companies now only allow black operators to own fuel stations? Bullying white people out of family businesses and giving it to the young inexperienced black businessman that got a loan from the government. They call them HDSA (Historically disadvantaged South Africans). Even though apartheid ended more that 20 years ago, the bulk of these applicants that get generous funding are barely 20 years old themselves.

    So, the inception of CDSA.

    This is not just to promote white business, but you must remember that something a few people know about happens almost every day. Affirmative action and broad based black empowerment forces business owners to appoint a black partner into a business that they didn’t even work for in a lot of cases. Due to the increased difficulty in finding large government tenders by these once successful white business owners, these businesses are now scaled down or closed down, resulting in lost jobs. And here I am talking white and black jobs. A lot of business owners do join up with black partners just to get the B.E.E. accreditation. I would rather join someone of any race because its beneficial to the business not because there must be 51% black ownership.

    We work with young entrepreneurs that cant find work even with a degree or with years’ experience, and at the same time a 20 year old historically disadvantaged South African with limited business experience gets a R8 million loan for a business from the (NEF).

    So we will be establishing a fund and are looking for investors to fund young CDSA entrepreneurs in South Africa in various industries and businesses. The fund will work on a loan structure and is repaid on an agreed interest rate. The current value of the RAND makes it easier to fund businesses privately for international investors, because your dollar is worth almost double than two years ago.

    The other thing to consider is that this is only a temporary thing as we hope that racial issues and unfair business practice in South Africa will come to an end. The ultimate goal is to see white and black businesses grow, but in the meantime we need to save the intellectual property of what the white entrepreneurs can bring too.

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