White Cop Innocent: Blacks Warn of Infiltrators in Cleveland

How much of a hand does George Soros have in instigating racial violence across this once great nation?

Look no further than Cleveland, Ohio, the 48th largest city in the United States, and the once proud commercial center, where whites made up almost 99% of the population in 1900  and now barely break 30%.

With blacks making up almost 55% of Cleveland’s numbers, some residents are warning of race riots, a la Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland, with some notable blacks and former gang members warning that outsiders are planning to infiltrate “The Forest City” and stir up some trouble.

And with the school district telling parents in a recorded phone call Friday night that they would be allowed to keep their kids home if they felt safer after the verdict, for Michael Brelo, and police agencies in the area increasing their inquiries on purchasing “riot gear, bullet proof vests and other safety equipment,” the odds that violence will erupt are pretty good.

Any way you look at it, AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s Victor Thorn was right. Here comes the rioting!

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