AFP Conference Speakers Rock the Boat

By Victor Thorn

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—On a brisk, windy, rainy evening on Nov. 16, 100 of AFP’s subscribers, READERSHIP COUNCIL members and distributors, joined by AFP staff, boarded the 240-foot-long Nina’s Dandy cruise ship at the Port of Alexandria, in Old Town Alexandria, Va., just across the Potomac from the nation’s capital, for a three-hour cruise featuring dinner and talks by revisionist historian David Irving and Texas minister Texe Marrs.

AFP’s own correspondent Michael Collins Piper was master of ceremonies, introducing the two respected and well-known guests. Clearly, Piper’s talents extend far beyond authoring books, writing newspaper articles and hosting one of the premier talk radio shows in America.

Besides entertaining those in attendance with a hilarious story about the time he met the ADL’s chief propagandist, Abe Foxman, Piper also  touched upon a recent child sex abuse tragedy that has devastated Penn State University. The irony, said Piper, is that free speech advocates are often treated far worse, in today’s society, than child abusers.

“If [alleged child abuser] Jerry Sandusky had been accused of being a holocaust denier or Hitler apologist,” remarked Piper, “you can rest assured he’d have been thrown in jail years ago instead of still running free.”

This most apt example is certainly true. As Piper noted, “Abe Foxman can make a couple of phone calls and destroy someone’s life.” To depict  how this process works, Piper continued, “There’s a determined effort in this country to silence free speech by defaming people. It’s linguistic legerdemain, degrading those who speak the truth—and it comes from one particular power source. These are the same people that control Wall Street, the media, academia, law and the government. That’s why we see authors like Texe Marrs and David Irving being smeared.”

To bring his story full circle, Piper characterized Foxman’s reaction upon seeing him outside a Washington, D.C. restaurant.

“He froze, then denied even being Abe Foxman,” Piper laughed. “Foxman then fled down the street because he wasn’t in control and couldn’t use his tactics of bullying, lies and intimidation that he would usually impose on us.”

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At the beginning of his presentation, David Irving made it perfectly clear what being a revisionist historian cost him: “After 13 months in solitary confinement in an Austrian prison, I lost my family, friends and possessions.”

These chilling words established one indisputable fact: Anyone who engages in setting straight the historical record can face stiff penalties. Unlike academics who play it safe while remaining in their ivory towers, an individual such as Irving, who has authored 30 myth-busting books, is confronted by a hostile press, arrests, court cases and careericide.

Yet Irving hasn’t backed down in light of these hardships. After describing to a receptive audience how he still gets hassled by immigration services whenever he enters a new country, Irving delved into his specialty: the history of World War II.

To begin with, he cited a notorious Zionist named Chaim Azriel Weizmann, who corresponded with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill throughout the war.

On Sept. 13, 1941—less than three months before the Pearl Harbor attacks—Weizmann pressed Churchill to go along with Zionist demands to establish a Jewish state in Palestine, to be called Israel. “If you go along with our wishes, we’ll manage things for you,”Weizmann said.

In a letter, Weizmann continued this rationale to Churchill, who suffered under serious threats of defeat from Adolf Hitler’s war machine: “Jews in the U.S. are the most powerful pressure group there is. If you do what we want, we can bring America into the war.”

As a result, Irving explained how a “telephone job” occurred between Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt. “These secret communications took place behind the backs of their own cabinet members even before the U.S. entered World War II,” Irving said. Then, against FDR’s objections, Churchill implemented oil sanctions that conveniently forced Japan into the war. Naturally, this strategic move led to a “surprise attack” by 350 Japanese fighter planes and bombers only months later at Pearl Harbor.

To facilitate this onslaught, Irving proceeded to depict Churchill’s treachery in regard to the UK’s codebreaking capabilities. Specifically,  Churchill’s men at Bletchley Park were decoding signals that the U.S. didn’t even know existed, in addition to cracking American dispatches sent abroad. But they didn’t pass along the Axis messages to their U.S. ally.

“Behind the breaking of Germany’s Enigma code lies the secret of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor,” Irving stressed. “The Brits were responsible for Pearl Harbor, because they withheld 48 of the most important messages they intercepted from Japan relating to the [attack on the United States of America].”

Irving then revealed Churchill’s motive. “He was determined to drag America into the war because that’s the only way they could win.”

As Irving closed his presentation, this writer was reminded of a poignant reference made earlier in the speech to one of his relatives.

“My nephew is currently on a tour of duty in Afghanistan,” said Irving, “and he told me, ‘Many of my mates don’t know why we’re here.’This is the same thing that many men said during World War I and II after the UK dragged America into their wars.”

Victor Thorn


In the far-reaching and wide-ranging world of conspiracy research, few members of the alternative media merit the label of “legend.”  But Texe Marrs undoubtedly lives up to that billing.

On the evening of Nov. 16 as AFP conference attendees listened in rapt attention, Marrs provided one of the most insightful discourses ever presented on the inner workings of those possessed by evil.

“After examining psychopaths and politics for decades, I’ve come to realize that they’re twin-related subjects,” Marrs began. “Psychopaths are so evil, they cannot be redeemed. Psychiatrists have even determined that they can’t be cured, because they feel no guilt or remorse.”

Reiterating this point, Marrs added: “Psychopaths are robotic androids. They’re another species, and MRIs taken by medical doctors have shown that their brains are actually different than everyone else’s. Worst of all, they believe they’re a superior people.”

After brilliantly establishing the foundation for his argument, Marrs next spoke with more specificity.

“I’m not saying that all Zionist Jews are psychopaths, but I will say the leadership of Zionist Jews are all psychopaths,” he said. “But, then again, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are all psychopaths, too.”

When trying to establish how this phenomenon arose, Marrs utilized his expert analysis. He continued: “Culture is the main influence on psychopathology. If we go back hundreds of years—all the way to the time of Jesus—you’ll find that Jews clustered and isolated themselves. Jewish communities have remained closed off from the rest of society. They say: ‘We’re superior. We’re gods. We have a divine heritage and want nothing to do with the gentiles.’ They also say Jesus was a bastard, his mother a whore, and the goyim are cattle, not human beings.”

Continuing this theme, Marrs didn’t temper his delivery: “The Jews are taught to be haters. They’ll cheat, defraud and kill gentiles without compunction. Rabbis and the IDF [Israeli Defense Force] harvest body parts from live Palestinian soldiers. They cut their chests open and steal their organs, then fly them on airplanes to rabbis. Only psychopaths would do that, someone that is supremely evil.”

Returning to the topic of culture, Marrs spoke passionately: “When you have psychopaths in a poisonous society, more psychopaths are created that eventually become politicians who seize the power of an entire country. The United States is now up against a psychopathic society that’s being run by the Jews. In fact, a few weeks ago in The New Yorker magazine [Sept. 19, 2011], Barack Obama is shown wearing a yarmulke with the caption: ‘The First Jewish President.’ In my DVD Rothschild’s Choice, I clearly show how Obama is run by the Jews.”

With the battle facing this country clearly spelled out, Marrs offered a solution: “We’ve got to stand for righteousness and truth.”

As the crowd cheered appreciatively, it became apparent that if more of America resembled those gathered aboard Nina’s Dandy, our country wouldn’t find itself in such a quagmire of monumental proportions at the hands of psychopaths and a foreign power.

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Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 40 books.