Bankers Annexing Europe

How long before globalists impose their economic solutions on America?

By Peter Papaherakles —

After 2,500 years, the country that gave birth to democracy is ironically witnessing its collapse. Greece is no longer a free country, but instead the fiefdom of a banking cartel known as the “Troika,” a triumvirate of three banking entities: the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union. The end result: On November 11 (11-11-11) Lukas Papademos became Greece’s first prime minister to be appointed by global bankers.

Papademos became a senior economist at Boston’s Federal Reserve Bank in 1980. By 1994 he was the governor of Greece’s central bank and was  instrumental in replacing the drachma with the euro. In 2002 he became vice president of the European Central Bank, and then returned to Greece as adviser to George Papandreou. Since then, Greece’s debt has grown exponentially despite imposed austeritymeasures that have devastated its people. Not surprisingly, Papademos is also a member of the Trilateral Commission.


On November 16, only five days after Greece’s loss of sovereignty, Italy, with an economy five times larger than Greece’s, met the same fate. Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi was forced to step down and cede power to Mario Monti, a globalist-oriented economist.

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Monti has been a member of the European Commission since 1995 while serving as an economic adviser to the ever-present Goldman Sachs. He too is a member of the Trilateral Commission, and, even more significantly, is listed as amember of the Bilderberg steering committee. Upon taking power, he also appointed himself minister of finance.

In both cases, the people had zero say in these matters, effectively ending popular representation for the good of working-class people in both Greece and Italy.

Britain’s Nigel Farage—while addressing members of the European Commission on November 16—best summed up the situation:

“Here we are on the edge of a financial and social disaster, and you are all in denial. By all objective measures, the euro is a failure. And who is in charge? None of you has been elected. None of you has any democratic legitimacy.”

Farage continued: “When Mr. Papandreou used the word ‘referendum,’you and your friends got together like a pack of hyenas, [surrounded] Papandreou, then had him removed and replaced by a puppet government. Not satisfied with that, you decided that Berlusconi had to go. So, he was removed and replaced by Mr.Monti, a former EU commissioner, a fellow architect of this Euro-disaster, and a man who wasn’t even a Parliament member.”

With the recent failure of America’s Super Congress debt committee, how long will it be until another globalist organization starts proposing that unelected financiers need to save our nation from bankruptcy?

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