U.S. Sniper a Hero?

• Truth ignored in movie about American sharpshooter.

By Bill White —

Christopher Scott “Chris” Kyle, the subject of the flag-waving fluff film, American Sniper, was hardly a role model. An invader, he looted, murdered and pillaged during the American invasion of Iraq like a savage of old. A Navy SEAL, his job was to break into the homes of innocent people and murder them if they resisted. Often, like a common burglar, he would steal from his victims. The United States military credits Kyle with murdering 160 people, many of them women and children, whose crime was to resist a foreign invader intent on making their nation part of the New World Order.

“Iraqis who resist U.S. troops under any circumstances, including from within their homes, must die,” scholar Michael Hoffman wrote in a recent American Sniper review. “That is the substance of this movie, and one that American super-patriots who embrace it may have cause to regret in the future—when U.S. troops come kicking down the doors of their homes in Missouri, Texas, Wisconsin or elsewhere, because they failed to comply with some agenda concocted in Jerusalem and executed by Washington.”

Respected filmmaker Clint Eastwood has endeavored to make Kyle a hero, portraying Kyle as a “model Christian” of the modern American kind—the kind willing to justify any crime in the name of Christ as long as America’s Zionist masters approve. But, the film is somewhat deficient in reflecting the truth of Kyle’s character. While Eastwood portrays the psychopathic Kyle as ignorant and hard-drinking, he neglects to show Kyle as the psychopathic liar he was well known to be.


“And then there were the tales Kyle told about himself, which came under increasing suspicion after numerous journalists tried—and failed—to corroborate them,” The Washington Post reported on January 20. “Among them, Kyle once said he shot dead two armed Texas thugs who wanted to steal his truck. He said he traveled down to New Orleans and killed 30 bad guys in the chaos following Hurricane Katrina. And he also falsely claimed he punched out former Minnesota Governor Jesse “the Body” Ventura after Ventura, a former member of a U.S. Navy Underwater Demolition Team [the precursor to the SEALs],  disparaged the Navy SEALs.”

In the end, Kyle, meanwhile, was executed by a Marine, Eddie Ray Routh, whose mind had been shattered by the Iraq War. Speaking to police investigators, Routh referred to Kyle as a “demon” and said that, had he not murdered Kyle, Kyle had planned to take Routh’s soul.

Media commentators have lauded Kyle and demanded Routh’s life in penance. For the moment, Kyle is the hero of the deluded masses who dance along to the beats of the electronic hallucination—to the audio, video and, virtual reality complex of America’s media.

But when this manifest-action of the eternal evil has passed, and humanity awakens from this effort at one world tyranny, it is not clear who will wear the laurels.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Virginia. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. Bill is also the author of a new book entitled National Socialism: Yesterday & Today. Proceeds go to White’s legal defense fund.

14 Comments on U.S. Sniper a Hero?

  1. A friend of mine sent me your article as I was not familiar with your publication. This was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen about a man who was a true hero. For me, the movie was anti-war because it showed it the way it really is: horrible, ugly, violent, and impossible for those who lived through it to ever recover from.

    At the end of the movie, the audience (every seat taken) was totally silent for several minutes. Then the applause began—something I had never experienced in a movie before—and this lasted for several minutes.

    The only thing more stunning than this movie was your editorial response. Unbelievable that you would not understand the merit and courage that Clint Eastwood showed in making this film.

  2. I hope that no one is or was expecting the narrative of another Hollywood movie to be even remotely factual. Let’s remember who is control. Is this article accurate? I have no way to know. So who really knows where Kyle’s head was at?
  3. Chris Kyle is a hero, period. Soldiers don’t make policy, politicians do! Got a problem with military policy, blame those making policy, not the soldiers! Too scared to criticize the NWO lackeys in office?
  4. Where the he*l are my freedoms lost since 911 these zioCowards are “fighting for”? Every one of ’em that died or lost limbs did so for NOTHING. GOOGLE “war is a racket general smedley butler.” READ IT if you are able, then come back and defend the filth….er….troops.
  5. This is the most honest, refreshing, and accurate review of this lame attempt to transform Chris Kyle into some sort of poster child for the war mongering, chickenhawk crowd of, and it shames me to say, mostly ‘White’ so-called kwanservatives who all carry a picture of Sean Insanity around in their wallets and who love to send our military soldiers off to fight, kill, and die in wars that the Israel First America Never treason lobby lies the USA into.

    Eastwood should be ashamed to have his name associated with this war mongering, propaganda-oriented, Hollywood garbage.

  6. It is important to humiliate the military in order to complete the communist revolution. I saw the flick and no, Christ would not want any Christian to become a murderer, but Christ did love and forgive even the worst sinners; he knew people are a product of their upbringing.

    How often has the rage-filled author of this post witnessed for Christ? Oh, too busy ranting I assume. This is a disappointing blog, and for the record, I am no Zionist but then again neither are most Jews.

    It boggles my mind, your lack of compassion, Kyle was raised on Gobbels TV.

  7. It’s easy to judge a pathologically lying psychopath who is so full of sh*t that it’s constantly spewing from their mouth! Killing unarmed people with a .50 cal at 2,000 yards distant is not even in the ballpark of being heroic! Especially when the killer is enjoying what they’re doing. NO real Christian would shoot anyone, let alone over 160 fellow human beings. And get their rocks off by it as well? Whatever. There is a label for guys like Chris Kyle. It’s called a mass murderer!
  8. Bill White you are a delusional, pole smoking, turd burgling, rim licking piece of sh*t! Try being a productive member of society and get a job. Sh*t bag.
  9. Anyone ever checked the stats on those pigs who are shooting people in the back? My guess is that most, if not all, are vets from the endless war. Kyle was dog excrement at best. A good number of returning vets are psychopaths. They have no support from this vet!
  10. Hey nick, shove it pal, and spin!!! You and this Kyle jerk, along with the “Dirty Harry” clown, Eastwood!! FOLLA?
  11. Granted, and as an Eastwood fan, this film was not his finest hour. I cannot not agree that his intention either was to pump up the ‘fist pumping’ of the “super patriots” (sic., ‘gun wavers’ of the drunk and disorderly type) that needed a reason to feel proud of American diplomacy. I have to be honest, too, and say that I have neither seen the movie nor do I had any real intention of doing that. Is it possible, as Roseanne Barr said in Eastwood’s spoof of talking to Obama in a chair at the Republican convention, that he was seen “talking to a vending machine” afterwards? Funny stuff, but if the rules of engagement in occupying another sense of safety, security and sense of well-being, is interrupted by A Kyle, then this whole sense of hero worshiping is, certainly, not America’s finest hour. However Kyle died; he did, and there is no amount of words to continue his legacy either by video or newsprint. Even this article is a preaching to the choir.
  12. It’s easy to criticize warriors who put their lives on the line while you sit in judgment from the comfort of your office! Walk a mile in our shoes before you write a piece of sh*t article again!

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