Scottish Independence Vote Stolen

• International observers, independent researchers say vote was a “sham and a scam.”

By John Tiffany —

On September 18, 2014, Scotland’s voters went to the polls to vote on the question: Should Scotland be independent as it was prior to 1603? In some areas 90% of the qualified voters turned out in hopes of having their say. The next day it was reported that the official result was only 45% “yes” for independence to 55% “no.” But as Hamlet might say, something is rotten in the state of Scotland with evidence indicating that the election was rigged.

Before Election Day, the informal polling was running 51% yes to 49% no. That’s your first sign of possible shenanigans. But there is lots more.

In Glasgow, police are investigating “about 10-15” cases of vote fraud. But that is just a tip of an iceberg, designed to make people believe there is “nothing to see here.”


At least three videos have been posted on the Internet showing votes massively being stolen before your eyes. Russian observers, wrote Paul Joseph Watson of the popular commentary website “Infowars,” stated that paper ballots were seen lying around with no security. One video shows a table with stacks of supposedly no ballots, but a close up shows some of the stacks are topped with ballots that are clearly marked yes. Another video catches a “vote counter” in the act of marking a number of blank ballots with X’s in the no box. In yet another video, an election official is seen transferring a stack of yes votes into the no area of the table at which she is working.

Georgy Fyodorov told Russian news outlet RIA Novosti: “According to what our observers tell us, there were more yes votes during the vote counting. Scotland found itself under immense pressure. Those on the UK side campaigning for ‘no’ resorted to every violation imaginable.”

These comments are backed up by Igor Morozov, who also pointed to the intense propaganda campaign on behalf of England, which wanted Scotland to remain a part of the UK, in the days leading up to the referendum.

It has also been noted that the voting was made open to 16 and 17 year olds, with the awareness that these children were leaning in favor of a no vote. Ballots were even sent to three-year-old children weeks before the election took place—obviously violating the law.


Chris Everard on the “Kev Baker Show” on UK radio predicted the result, which he said was “a sham and a scam . . . vote rigging and vote fraud.” He said that it means Scotland will continue to be used as a testing ground for dangerous nuclear reactors, that Scots will be subjected to high taxes and that they will not have control over their own oil and their own whiskey.

In northern Scotland, in Ross-shire—an area with known pro-yes orientation—a single-truck fatal crash occurred involving a truck hauling ballots. The “accident” received no international or even UK-wide publicity, but after the crash Ross-shire was reported to have voted mainly no.

“Buckingham Palace kills to stay in power,” Baker commented. The royals, he added, “will kill and kill, and kill again.” Baker cited numerous examples of people who crossed the royal family and were later found mysteriously dead.

Still, the plucky Scots are not giving up.

Says Ian Hamilton: “This is a revolution. . . .We have to fight all the way.” He noted that even the Scottish Police Federation has come around to supporting independence.

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John Tiffany is copy editor for AMERICAN FREE PRESS and assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Michigan and has done postgraduate studies in law, biology and computer science. He is devoted to the truth and lets the chips fall where they may.

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  1. People wonder how come it took so long before the Scots started to voice their revolt against the fraud. Everybody should know by now that Obama is a phony and a fraud, but the voters in the U.S. are still sleeping: maybe it’s the fluoride in the water.
  2. So! It has taken you over 6 months to know that you were bamboozled? Not much brain between your ears in Scotland?
  3. If electronic tally was used, it’s a scam vote. There is no logical reason, least of which would be economic, to fail to hand count and tally all votes under all party supervision.
  4. This is old news. Really, does it take an astute reporter seven months to come up with this conclusion: “The fix is in”? Another paper revealed this same information withing the first several weeks afterwards.

    And a word to the wise who have “sponsored content” on this same page; it makes you look like a tabloid newspaper. It does not take much to ‘entertain’ by means of ‘shocking pictures of Walmart shoppers,’ but there is a psychological transfer from a butt crack to being a butt joke with the real news.

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