Massive Gold Heists in Ukraine

By Richard Walker —

Who controls Ukraine’s gold reserves, worth about $1.5 billion, remains one of the great mysteries of 2014. And if that is not bad enough for Ukrainians, evidence has emerged that the country’s central bank was duped into buying an unknown amount of lead bars that had been painted gold, believing they were the real thing.

Since March 2014, there has been widespread speculation about the whereabouts of the country’s 40 metric tons of gold bullion. In March 2014, Russian news and commentary website “Iskra” claimed 40 metric tons of gold were spirited out of Kiev’s central bank in the capital in a hush-hush military-style operation and loaded onto a plane at the national airport. The plane then took off for an unknown destination.

While the story did not make it into the mainstream media, it was picked up by Shanghai Metals Market (SMM), China’s leading, independent, integrated suppliers of metals market intelligence.” It reported that a Ukrainian government source confirmed 40 metric tons of Ukraine’s gold had been airlifted to the United States.

For SMM, the figure of 40 metric tons seemed strange since the World Gold Council had listed Ukraine’s gold reserves at only 36 metric tons. According to SMM, orders for the transfer of the gold were given by the country’s acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the U.S. Federal Reserve organized the operation.


One of the questionable issues at the heart of the mystery is that if Yatsenyuk gave the order for the removal of his nation’s gold reserves, he did it in March, just weeks after he was propelled into power by Washington. U.S. officials had conspired with right wing elements to overthrow the elected government of the country’s president, Victor Yanukovich. Another element of the puzzle is that in February before Yanukovich fled to Moscow, the country’s Central Bank chairman, Sergey Arbuzov, claimed the nation’s gold reserves were 21 metric tons and not the 40 metric tons reported by SMM and its source a month later.

If that is not puzzling enough, in May 2014, Vira Rychakovska, deputy chairman of Ukraine’s National Bank boasted her country was 47th in the world with a gold hoard of 36.1 metric tons of gold. However, she neglected to reveal the actual location where the gold was being stored, choosing to say instead it was within the National Bank’s foreign currency reserves.

Washington and the Fed have denied any knowledge of the vanishing gold, but that should not surprise anyone. After all, where is Libya’s gold? It is suspected that after the fall of the Libyan regime, a move also engineered by Washington, massive gold reserves of the late Colonel Muammar Qadaffi were spirited out of that country, too, into the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed has been a major repository for gold bullion since the end of World War II. Germany has been trying to repatriate its gold from the Fed and demanded an audit of Fed holdings in 2014. The Bank of the Netherlands removed 120 metric tons of gold from the Fed in 2014, implying it was not happy having its gold in the U.S.

If the missing Ukraine gold seems like a bizarre tale, even more absurd is the fact the country’s Central Bank in Odessa was buying what it thought was gold from the public to boost its reserves. It has since transpired one of its senior employees was scamming the bank by replacing actual hold bars with ones made of lead and painted gold. There is therefore a strong possibility the Fed in New York is holding in its cache of Ukraine’s gold bullion some gold that is not the real thing.

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Richard Walker is the pen name of a former N.Y. news producer.

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  1. The Ukraine coup was (and continues to be) an extremely profitable business venture for the NWO. They proclaimed loudly that they spent $5 billion (I think it was) on support, which we know is legal tender (worthless no-intrinsic-value digital currency) and pocketed 33 tonnes of gold. That’s called 100% profit.
  2. How primitive from a government to make a move such as faking gold! I am sure the recipients knew it, it was only to put up a face to mislead those who were not involved, but the financial institutions must have known it that received it. I know that nations, Iraq especially, are piling up gold as dust on an island, they foolishly think it is safe there. U.S. is getting rid of all the gold exporting about 30K tons monthly secretly, but God now exposes all the darkness. I have seen it reported in a U.S. government publication, it was (is) posted online.

    The Federal Reserve has no reserves because Obama is turning the country over to Islam, building the Islamic Brotherhood, and he wants unlimited debt to destroy the nation’s economy. (The market will soon collapse people! USA is going down for the coming three years but will survive.) He wants to enslave us and opened the borders to invite in all evil (ISIS, epidemics), to create fear then takeover to establish police state and marshal law. Beware of ObamaCare! 666, and everything he has to offer. You must not pick up the mark of the beast! It is coming soon! Satan has diabolic plans for the nation but GOD IS GREATER than Satan, or Obama, or the entire Homeland Security, Pentagon, CIA and the rest together, the entire satanic kingdom, which is the world system, not only USA. Pray for them! We are not fighting against flesh and blood!

    So where would you go? Running away is not the solution! Returning to God is, and pray, and pray, and pray, and repent and He will heal the land. That is God’s plan. He is about to flood the earth with His glory and we, the sons of God, will lay down our lives to see the Kingdom established where righteousness, love, peace, and joy abound. Satan cannot touch our love for one another. He is defeated because he has no part in us. Love everyone, help everyone, share what you have and follow the Holy Spirit. God will care for you, provide and protect you, and exalt you in the midst of your enemies. Take your eye off evil and keep it on Jesus. He has a plan that cannot be defeated. Do not judge others, for they are victims of evil deception. Just love, let them see a better way through you. Assemble with kingdom-minded people and DO what it takes.

    Obama cannot kill me until God says it is time for me to go because I have finished my course. Then immediately, I will be translated into my eternal body, into my glorious form, death has lost its power over us people of God! God is in 100% control! We have nothing to fear! This is the time for judgment. The most glorious time of the church is coming; the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. We will live by God’s goodness, truth, justice, equity, liberty; in His Presence is fullness of joy by His Spirit.

    Who can take away my love or my peace or truth out of my heart that is coming from above? Can Obama do it? NO. Live above the evil domain, we are seated with Jesus Christ in heavenly places and now that the Kingdom manifestation is at hand, we have God unprecedented support, favor, love, power to backs us up and He does!

    That scripture which calls to come out calls to come out of the Catholic church, Vatican, that is fake and evil. The pope is supporting Islam, denying the truth and their sins are reaching to heaven, too much to write, it has no end. Their judgment is written, but first comes the Antichrist and the beast out of it. NWO will be promising world peace and many will go for it like sheep to the slaughter. Pray for God’s will! The whole world is a big conspiracy, planned out by Illuminati, demonized humans. All governments are their puppets. Look at the entertainment industry! Is it not from hell? And lawmakers! It’s a game to deceive but now game is over.

    Understand that Satan will not give up easily and he will become more wishes, gross darkness will cover the earth, many will perish. Our hope is not in this life but in the next. We establish the Kingdom now and it will never end. Yes, for a short while, there will be increasing persecution, but death is gain. They will kill many of us at the appointed time, but we will be with the Lord, and we will come back as eternal flesh or eternal spirit (according to His will and calling) and continue with the saints to finish the work to prepare the Bride for the Second Coming of Christ, after which the Lord will destroy the wicked. Then again, we come back and rebuild the earth. Living in eternal form is not lesser (activity, knowledge, honor, glory) but much greater in every aspect of life.

    So, just set your mind on things above and not on earthly things. Jesus is the hope of glory, not hiding away in some remote places, there is none. People are threatened with imprisonment if they go off the grid (worldwide surveillance system). If you try to figure it out alone or survive, you have no chance at all. Our power is in UNITY.

    I have a message to all the partakers of this evil plan: it is not too late to come out and repent. God loves you and wants to forgive and give you eternal life. We pray for you, but if you refuse to repent, you will find out when it is too late how hot hell is. This is nothing to play with and evil will be wiped off the face of the earth! God’s Universe will not be polluted with evil any longer. He has long suffered for us and let humankind get to the end of his ability to live apart from God arrogantly, and foolishly. We now see where our own will has takes us. Now the table is turning. So much light is coming from Heaven to expose the darkness that darkness will have no place to hide. Darkness is incapable to cover the Light no matter how dark it is! So, again, let there be light!

  3. HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCY PERSONNEL ALSO WENT INTO MY BROTHER’S GUN SAFE AND SWITCHED GOLD COINS WITH DIFFERENT GOLD COINS IN HIS GUN SAFE. You can’t protect yourself from this criminals who work for HOMELAND SECURITY AGENCIES hide behind churches and badges in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security.

    It is only a matter of time until they do this to the rest of the citizens here too, like in Nazi Germany. My laptop has been Hacked REMOTELY. They have also placed jpg files overnight on my “desktop” part of my laptop, as well as hacking and altering Security Camera Recording Equipment/Camera Systems, Car Alarms, Cell Phone and other Electronic Devices.

    I know for a fact that criminal Homeland Security Personnel have targeted me for ongoing burglaries, vandalism, pet torture and poisoning, as well as the planting of stolen and unknown origin property.

    I believe 100% that Christopher Monfort, who is going on trial for death penalty crimes in Seattle, has been targeted by some of the same criminal Homeland Security Terrorism Task Force Agencies which have been involved in committing the crimes to me.

    I have no doubt that he was set up to die, when his gun didn’t go off because it had been unchambered, as the gun that I slept with had been, on one occasion, when I was briefly out of the house. I have no doubt that the assassination of the Seattle Police officer on Halloween was a drug trafficking/distribution initiation sacrifice killing, by the criminal covert Homeland Security Agency Personnel that used Christopher Monfort as a “patsy” too.

    People don’t understand that the bombing done to Judi Bari’s car (from Earth First) was an inside job and she was framed and smeared for that also.

    Americans have found out that the people involved in ordering and committing torture, murder, as well as acts of sodomy to children, working for the CIA and the military in so-called detention camps, get rewarded for their criminal acts. The psychologists contracted to the government made millions of dollars, Matthew Zirbel became a wealthy ambassador (CIA Officer 1 – from the “Salt Pit”), and many, many military personnel came home to large salaries in Homeland Security and Law Enforcement jobs.

    Many Americans do not know about the covert, black operations that continue to go on inside the U.S. targeting “Watch List” activists — who they have labeled “Domestic Terrorists.” I’ve lost over $30,000 in property, and I have no doubt my beloved cats’ life was cut short from being traumatized by these criminal, Homeland Security Agency psychopaths and sociopaths behind targeting Laptop has been Hacked REMOTELY. They have also placed jpg files on my desktop of my laptop as well as altering Security Camera Recording Equipment/Camera Systems, Car Alarms, Cell Phone and other Electronic Devices people for these crimes.

    The worst part of it is that you can’t find an attorney or civil rights organization to help you fight these criminal agencies involved, even after you’ve hired a P.I. and got names and address of personnel involved from license plate traces and phone numbers. (Some of the people involved in these covert crimes have connections to the military, and have been trained for these black operations which activists, including myself have been targeted for.)

    I’ve had to file 11 $1 million dollar tort claims against the FBI for their involvement as well as the suppression of repeated FOIA requests and appeals for information regarding the crimes to my residence location, numerous illegal vehicle entries, and burglaries to five private storage facility locations in the Seattle – Puget Sound area. These tort claims do not even cover the damages and illegal entries from September to November of 2014, which have yet to be submitted.

    I have heard of one out of court settlement to an activist in the Seattle area — but much of this information is silenced by gag orders, non-disclosure agreements and classifying information. This is how they keep their crimes against citizens covered up.

    My best advice for activists or ANYONE WHO SPEAKS OUT ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT OR OBAMA, is to leave the country now. We are living in Nazi Germany on STEROIDS and they have all the highest technology, personnel and equipment to target you for crimes, never be detected and ARE IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION JUST LIKE THE WAR CRIMINALS INVOLVED IN THE CIA AND MILITARY TORTURE AND DETENTION CENTERS.

    My safe deposit box in Colville, WA was entered illegally and property was stolen out of it also. My grandmother’s antique ruby ring now has a synthetic ruby in it and the original ruby was stolen out of it. I can name the names of some of the people involved in some of the crimes and they are still at large and I’m sure that they are targeting other individuals who are not politically-correct and outspoken, as I have been, as well as involved in activism.

    Another source of information on the covert operations is Kay Griggs — you can watch her on YouTube. Trine Day Press and Kris Millegan is also a great source for researched information in many books that regular publishers won’t publish.

    I plan on leaving the country this year, as soon as I can. Americans are too dumbed-down, distracted and controlled by diversions to see what is going on and how it is going to eventually impact them and everyone else.

    Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

    “Come out of her, my people,
        so that you will not share in her sins,
        so that you will not receive any of her plagues;
    for her sins are piled up to heaven,
        and God has remembered her crimes. “
    Revelation 18:4-5


  4. It would not be difficult to detect fake gold bars with lead cores due to the large density difference. It is more common to use tungsten which has very nearly the same density as gold.

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