Author Exposes Unholy Tryst Between Journalists & CIA

CIA Journalists

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

Is mainstream journalism mostly “fake news,” as President Trump says? If so, why? How does the system impede real journalism and promote propaganda on behalf of warmongers and financial elites?

Anyone searching for an accurate, detailed, grimly entertaining answer to those questions should consult Udo Ulfkotte’s Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA.* Ulfkotte, a leading German mainstream journalist himself, quit in 2003 and became a whistleblower, author, and independent journalist. He published Presstitutes in 2014 but died suspiciously in 2017 before the book could be brought out in English. Overcoming odd obstacles, Progressive Press finally published an English edition in October 2019. Publisher John-Paul Leonard explained on my radio show:

Presstitutes, Udo Ulfkotte
Late German journalist Udo Ulfkotte on how media is corrupted by the CIA, now at the AFP Online Store.

There was a concern that the book had been privished, which is a kind of neologism meaning “keep it private instead of publishing it. … It had been a top-ten bestseller for a year or so in Germany. The publisher, Kopp Verlag, sold the rights to some incredibly obscure publisher that had done maybe one book that didn’t sell any copies. I don’t know how that happened. The general perception was that this was an inside job by the CIA to suppress the book in the American and English-speaking world. This so-called publisher, Tayen Lane, had it on Amazon saying they were going to put it out, but they kept postponing it and it never came out. And then an incredible thing happened. There was so much interest in this book that it got 24 five-star reviews on Amazon from people who wanted to read it! (Go to to listen to my one-hour interview with Presstitutes publisher John Leonard and translator Andrew Schlademan.)

It’s easy to see why someone didn’t want Presstitutes to come out in English. Though his main target is the German media, Ulfkotte implicates the imperial USA, and its elite governmental and non-governmental organizations, in most of the corruption he describes. Obviously, the U.S. media, with its even greater proximity to Washington and Wall Street, is equally corrupt—if not more so.

The mainstream media (MSM) tells us that anyone who doubts its reports about violent events is a crazy “conspiracy theorist.” Yet as Ulfkotte reveals, war correspondents in the many war zones he visited habitually fake their footage. MSM war correspondents spend most of their time at the bar in their safe five-star hotel. When they need footage, they drive out to the desert with a camera and a bunch of gasoline cans, in search of an abandoned wreck near the highway to set ablaze. Then they film themselves dancing, ducking, and gesticulating in front of the burning hulk. They send the video to their networks, which add sound effects of gunfire and explosions.

In the rare case that a war correspondent uncovers a real, important, true story, it is usually suppressed. That’s what happened during the 1980s Iraqi invasion of Iran, when in July 1988 Ulfkotte permanently damaged his health to get horrific images of Iranian victims of the chemical weapons that Germany, acting under U.S. orders, had sold to Saddam Hussein. Ulfkotte’s pictures showed the victims’ “brains flowing out of their mouths, eyes, and noses.” His detailed report on this, potentially one of the biggest global stories of the 1980s, was suppressed by his bosses at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a leading German MSM outlet that fronts for the U.S. empire and the Bilderberger-Trilateral-CFR elites who run it.

Ulfkotte says MSM journalists understand that elite sex crimes and depravity must not be reported: “Certain things shouldn’t be made public.” While doing a story on the German underworld’s most notorious pimp, Steffan Jacob, Ulfkotte learned that global elite members—including the head of the CIA’s Berlin office—were implicated in all sort of depravity, including “a playground on the Fuggerstrasse in Berlin where the men back then could allegedly drive by slowly to pick out children for ‘free delivery’ to their place for sex.” If only Americans could be forced to see what their hard-earned tax dollars are paying for!

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Today, more and more people are “taking the red pill” and learning that we are ruled by a globalist elite of depraved psychopaths whose crimes are facilitated and enabled by the lies of the fake news media. The popular catchphrase “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide,” like “9/11 was an inside job” 15 years ago, has gone viral, providing evidence that the world is waking up to who really rules us and how. But knowing that the MSM is lying, and proving it in excruciating detail, are two different things. If and when the people finally rise up and overthrow the psychopathic elite, the late whistleblowing journalist Udo Ulfkotte will deserve a share of the credit.

*Udo Ulfkotte’s book Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA (softcover, 256 pages, $25 plus $4 S&H in the U.S.) is available from AFP, 117 La Grange Avenue, La Plata, MD 20646. Call 1-888-699-NEWS toll free to charge, Mon.-Thu. 9-5 ET.

Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., is an Arabist-Islamologist scholar and one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. From 1991 through 2006, Dr. Barrett taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin. In 2006, however, he was attacked by Republican state legislators who called for him to be fired from his job at the University of Wisconsin-Madison due to his political opinions. Since 2007, Dr. Barrett has been informally blacklisted from teaching in American colleges and universities. He currently works as a nonprofit organizer, public speaker, author, and talk radio host. He lives in rural western Wisconsin.