Unprecedented Spike in Deaths of White People Baffling

• First time in history a “rich” country has seen mortality spike in white population.

By James Spounias —

White Americans aged 45-53 are dying at unprecedented rates, according to a new study by Anne Case of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Princeton economics professor and Nobel Prize in economics winner Angus Deaton.

Drawing data from 1999-2013 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the authors stated this is the first time in recorded history that a “rich” country like the United States of America had an increase in mortality among white non-Hispanic citizens.

What’s startling is that the death rate of American whites is rapidly climbing, compared to other first world, industrialized countries, such as France, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and Sweden, where white population mortality rates are actually decreasing.


Black and Hispanic American mortality rates declined over the same period, though black mortality is still higher than white mortality in this age group. But that gap is narrowing—white death rates, at 415 per 100,000, are catching up to the 581 per 100,000 rate for blacks.

What’s killing white Americans at an unprecedented rate when world counterparts have reduced mortality is “largely accounted for by increasing death rates from drug and alcohol poisonings, suicide, and chronic liver diseases and cirrhosis.”

Had mortality declined as it did in other first world countries, 488,500 U.S. deaths would have been avoided between 1999 and 2013.

Think about that number this way: It is roughly equivalent to the death toll from 9-11 every month for 14 years.

What is driving this seemingly self-destructive behavior among white Americans?

Would Bill Nye “The Science Guy” blame carbon emissions and the lack of a tax on Americans as the cause? After all, Nye linked the November, 2015 Paris terrorist attack to global warming. The mainstream media fueled Nye’s assertions throughout its affiliates, keeping the conversation limited to officially sanctioned topics—Islamic terrorism and global warming, in the same sentence.

Why white Americans are self-destructing to record proportions has no easy answer.

Patriotic Americans know that the establishment media does not speak to the economic destruction caused by trade policies and the Federal Reserve’s destruction of currency.

The grandparents and parents who warned about the Fed and phony “free trade” were right, but even they did not likely foresee that economic warfare waged against the white middle class would literally kill their children and grandchildren in a precedent-setting phenomena.

Is it a coincidence that the American job-killing trade agreements like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) were made law in the 1990s, at the same time as the spiraling of Federal Reserve largess, especially after the economic crash of 2007?

The Wall Street Journal, hardly a bastion of populist sentiment, even noted that average “hourly wages in real terms were $19.18 in 1964 and $20.67 in 2014, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data cited by the Pew Research Center. Median real household incomes for whites with a high-school education have fallen since the late 1990s.”

It’s a double whammy: Not only are well-paying jobs shipped off to Third World countries for slave-wage labor, but also, the very existence of the Fed makes certain that our money is debt-ridden with little purchasing power.

Middle-aged Americans may remember that their parents, some as factory workers, were able to buy houses enviable to competing rich countries, build modest savings, and even take a yearly vacation. Often, a wife could stay at home if she chose.

This is a far cry from today when many people can’t even make the rent. And, in spite of neoconservative chafing about laziness and promoting the old canard that anyone can make it in America if they just work hard enough, many Americans under-earn because of low-paying jobs and an artificially high cost of living.

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A collection of organizations having differing philosophical perspectives, such as the libertarian-leaning Mises Institute, populist Liberty Lobby, and progressive Public Citizen, fought valiantly against NAFTA and GATT, but ultimately lost. The corrupt bipartisan establishment partnership of Republican and Democrat elites, who were cuckolds of corporate America, was too much even though the American public was steadfastly against NAFTA by a margin of 46% against and 38% for, according to a Gallup poll.

What about the Fed?

The purchasing power of Americans has eroded since the inception of the Fed, but increasingly worsened in the past few decades because of massive printing money. What isn’t talked about often is how the Fed rewards its friends. Following the economic collapse of 2007, two wives of Morgan Stanley executives collected $220 million in interest-free loans as part of a $16 trillion bailout package which was handed out directly by the Fed to private banks, corporations, and foreign governments.

While middle-class Americans faced foreclosure and economic ruin, the Wall Street wives got sickening payoffs from the Fed. The lie fed to the masses was that the bailout would help regular folk.

Instead of leading a rebellion against bankster-induced economic ruin and vile payoffs, many Americans regrettably turned to Wall Street’s partners in crime, Big Pharma and illegal drug cartels, to self-medicate. The politically minded who knew something was wrong were ultimately co-opted by the Koch brothers on the right and George Soros on the left. The original tea party and Occupy Wall Street movements spoke some truth but became vassals of controlled opposition. The best example is how the strong rallying cry to “end the Fed” weakened to “audit the Fed” and now is a nuanced whimper to raise interest rates.


Critics of the Fed know the dollar is 5% of its value and our national debt 5,000 times larger since the adoption of the unconstitutional Fed, which is no more part of the Federal Government than Federal Express. Sticklers can look to Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution to learn that Congress is supposed to coin money, not a select group of private bankers who not only ruin the economy but give money to friends.

To Americans dying from suicide and abuse of illegal and prescription drugs and alcohol, questions about globalist trade and Federal Reserve policy may never surface. However, they know in their gut something is very wrong with American society and culture, which leads to pain, depression, and suicide.

Genetically modified organisms, fluoridated and chlorinated water, pesticides and herbicides, silver-amalgam fillings, vaccinations, hormone-and grain-fed dairy as well as chemtrails help to weaken the physical state of Americans. Talking heads, some of whom collect as much as $30 million per year, use every trick in the book, like neuro-linguistic programming, to keep people in the dark about the real causes of American angst.

Did the mainstream news tell you that plucky Iceland threw banksters in prison and brought their economy back—and that Americans should demand nothing less?

No. Instead, the media appeals to every appetite except the truth.

For instance, hyper-sexualized imagery is rampant, projecting unrealistic beauty and achievement, making already battered Americans, especially women, feel worse. Plus, the media constantly frighten the American public with threats of foreign terror, even though expenditures for the military exceed almost all other countries combined. America, as a global police force, has more than 800 bases in 130 different countries.

Every American should realize the system is stacked against us and use that knowledge in refusing to be influenced by it. Stop eating junk and listening to mainstream medicrats. Do not let fear mongering take control, and reject toxic societal programming and controlled opposition sideshows.

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James Spounias is the president of Carotec Inc., originally founded by renowned radio show host and alternative health expert Tom Valentine and his wife, Carole. To receive a free issue of Carotec Health Report—a monthly newsletter loaded with well-researched and reliable alternative health information—please write Carotec, P.O. Box 9919, Naples, FL 34101 or call 1-800-522-4279. Also included will be a list of the high-quality health supplements Carotec recommends.

3 Comments on Unprecedented Spike in Deaths of White People Baffling

  1. Well, this article was my introduction to American Free Press. I first read about this topic, the rising death rate among older American whites, especially white men, a couple of months ago on the front page of The New York Times. That news stuck in my mind, and I brought it up and discussed it with several people over the following days.

    As for this article here, while it took some fortitude for me to press on through the digressions to Bill Nye and such, I think the author is onto something. Yes, the rising suicide, alcohol poisoning, and prescription drug abuse by older whites seem to be connected to some thing they have in common, and that thing seems to be their personal economic decline as a demographic group.

    And the author’s prescription seems to be sound: eat right; don’t over-medicate; don’t buy into tired media narratives. And, “Do not let fear mongering take control, and reject toxic societal programming and controlled opposition sideshows.”

    All good stuff.

    From the two comments here, though, that message hasn’t gone very far.

  2. Alcoholism was one of the main weapons used against the Russians by the Jews who conquered Russia in 1917. They kept alcohol cheap and plentiful and chronic alcoholism helped decimated the Russians for decades.

    Now we face the same thing as Jewish-controlled liquor corporations (like that owned by the billionaire Bronfman) have merged with media to place images of liquor consumption in entertainment where it serves no purpose other than to drive sales, and early adoption by adolescents. Bronfman’s company the Seagram Company Ltd. literally merged with Universal Studios, whose output, like The Vampire Diaries, has underage high school kids drinking hard liquor in just about every episode of the early seasons for no reason other than to make it look glamorous and induce modeled behavior.

  3. Look, Hitler was a pawn and much of his administration were pawns most likely. Though as history proves America sided with the wrong people in “WWI and WWII,” and we are reaping what we have sown. As Patton forewarned we could have defeated the “communists” before they slaughtered 60+ million Russians and 50+ million Asians. Patton realized too late what these internationalists were doing or maybe he would have led a true coup.

    Look I love the Benjamin Friedman and Henry Makow type of “Jews” who knew what true Americans stood for before those disasters upon humanity. We stood for peace; at least most of us. Look these internationalists, whether they be Freemasons, so called Jews, all the ones who are counterfeit Israel “firsters,” need to be kicked out for treason. That would be the most merciful thing to do, would it not? Maybe that would wake some of them up?

    Did not Jesus Christ say blessed are the peacemakers? He did not say blessed are the war makers.

    Now you have an earth filled with the violence come forth from Freemasonry (those that call themselves Jews are their prophets). For is not Freemasonry 6,000+ years old, with their worship of the genitals which is run by that fallen cherub and his minions? It was Freemasonry and the mystery religions that provoked the ancient Hebrews to rise up and worship their gold calf and have wild sex orgies. This same false god worship is what is driving so many to an early grave possibly.

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