What Really Killed Rising Journalist?

Dead too young. Why?

Young up-and-comingChristian conservative TV news personality and writer Bre Payton died in December, allegedly from a freakish case of swine flu and meningitis. Ms. Payton’s father has said, “We may never know” what caused her illness and eventually took her life.

By Donald Jeffries

On Dec. 28, 2018, Bre Payton, 26-year-old staff writer for the conservative website “The Federalist,” died suddenly. Payton’s friend, San Diego politician Morgan Murtaugh, found her unresponsive early in the morning of the 27th. She was rushed to a hospital, and a web page that was very quickly set up informed the public, “After a CT scan and hours of testing, they have determined she has the H1N1 flu and possibly meningitis.” She was placed in a medically induced coma and deteriorated rapidly.

Murtaugh announced her death in a tweet on Friday: “Thank you everyone for your prayers. It is with a heavy heart that I type this. Unfortunately Bre has passed. Please send prayers to her family. Rest in paradise, you beautiful soul.”

The Washington, D.C.-based Payton was in California to guest host a show on the One America News Network.

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Jack Posobiec, a regular host on the network, expressed the startling abruptness of her death: “Everyone says she seemed perfectly fine on Wednesday when she hosted. Bre was a young star who always shared her Christian faith. All of us are in shock and tears and we are praying for her family.”

Payton had a bright future ahead of her and had already made numerous appearances on television networks like Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN. Payton was also known to be an “anti-vaxxer,” one of an increasing number of Americans aware of the strong indications that vaccinations are linked to a variety of afflictions, including autism. In 2011, Payton had tweeted: “State urges more people to get vaccinated. . . . No! Vaccines are from the devil!”

Although information from official sources was scarce, many online claimed that the particular strain that allegedly killed Payton affected no one else in the state of California. H1N1 is more commonly referred to as the swine flu.

Payton was said to be reporting on the migrant caravan at the time of her death, and barely two weeks previously had broken a hard-hitting story about Robert Mueller’s team deleting text messages before they could be reviewed.

Payton’s deadly illness came on in an astonishingly swift manner. Her last tweets, at 9:36 p.m. Wednesday night, consisted of a promo for viewers to tune in and watch her guest host the OANN program “Tipping Point” and a final reply of “Appreciate it!” to a compliment at 10:06 p.m.

One doesn’t have to be a so-called conspiracy theorist to question how a healthy and vibrant 26-year-old could be discovered nearly dead from some sort of flu/meningitis combination less than 10 hours later. Everyone reported she’d seemed perfectly normal the previous night. It is difficult to believe that whatever illness took her life could come on so abruptly, without any warning signs.

While the initial reports mentioned meningitis, The New York Times noted in its obituary that “Ms. Payton had the H1N1 flu, also known as the swine flu, and encephalitis, according to her family.” Meningitis and encephalitis are two different ailments. How could her family have confused them?

In a Jan. 3 “Inside Edition” story headlined, “How Did Swine Flu Kill a Rising Political Star in Just Hours? Mystery Haunts Family,” it was revealed that her family stated, “She went to bed with flu-like symptoms and never woke up.” Her father, George, declared, “When I dropped her off (at the train), she seemed fine.” Her mother reported speaking to her Wednesday night, when she told her she was nauseous and unable to keep anything down. “The doctor doesn’t actually know . . . what caused all of it,” Payton’s father said, “and we may never know.”

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As many have noted on Internet forums, swine flu symptoms typically are present for quite some time before it becomes a deadly threat.

Payton had exhibited rare courage for a journalist, especially one of such tender years. She had exposed how her local municipality installed $2 million of special “artistic lighting” under a highway where a bunch of homeless people lived, forcing them to relocate. She once witnessed a junkie overdose in public and had to prod police, who were ignoring the situation, into taking lifesaving measures.

Many in the alternative media compared her death to those of journalist Michael Hastings, who strangely ran his car into a tree at a very high speed after announcing he was going off the grid to break a huge story, and the founder of Breitbart News, Andrew Breitbart, who dropped dead at a young age immediately upon declaring he was going to blow the lid off of Barack Obama’s real history. Short life expectancies are common among those who challenge the Deep State.

Donald Jeffries is a highly respected author and researcher whose work on the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations and other high crimes of the Deep State has been read by millions of people across the world. Jeffries is also the author of two books currently being sold by AFP’s Online Store.

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  1. We may never know now, while in the flesh, but God knows all, and the guilty shall see our Judge when the time is right.

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