Reduce Government 80%

• Constitution Party Candidate Hits Trump, Clinton.

• Says Return to Rule of Law the Smartest Path.

By Mark Anderson

WYOMING, Michigan—On July 21, AMERICAN FREE PRESS caught up with Constitution Party (CP) presidential nominee Darrell Castle at a speaking engagement near Grand Rapids. The event was hosted by the River City Patriots, an educational group that helps fellow citizens get a complete picture of political reality.

Among the 50 people at the dinner-speech, the general consensus was that, although Donald J. Trump may seem like a tolerably “conservative” presidential choice for some members of the group, there is a grave injustice in the near-total media blackout regarding alternative parties and candidates.

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Castle has been subjected to deplorable mainstream media treatment—especially in his home town of Memphis, Tennessee, where, despite having practiced law in the area for decades with his face plastered on billboards, the dominant newspaper literally treats Castle, the candidate” as if he doesn’t exist.

“The people of Memphis don’t know about him,” Castle’s wife, Joan, exclaimed to this writer just before the dinner-speech, where AFP evidently was the only media in attendance. Commenting as her husband’s campaign manager, she added that she’d be elated for the media “just to acknowledge Darrell,” let alone do in-depth reports.

To show that another type of media exists to provide completeness in the political sphere, this writer shared copies of AFP’s story (Issue No. 21/22, 2016] on the CP’s April nomination of Castle, with Scott Bradley nominated for vice president, at the party’s national convention in Utah.

Speaking from a basis far removed from the rather shallow mainstream candidates, Castle touched on the Magna Carta, drawn up in 1215, which was “a contract between citizen and [King John of England]. . . . It said among many other things that the law applied to everybody . . . [and] the king, from that moment on, was subject to the law just like ordinary citizens.”

For centuries since, under this worldview, man has largely had an “ascendant path,” Castle continued—“the rule of law being no one is above the law and no one is beneath its protection.”

He hammered Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, because she was allowed to skirt serious charges of using private email servers to transmit sensitive government documents as secretary of state. Castle added that he believes that the rule of law held true “until a couple of weeks ago when we heard a press conference with FBI Director James Comey, [who] told us very eloquently that the rule of law is dead in America. There are now two sets of laws: One that applies to them, the elite, and one that applies to us, the ordinary people.”

Castle continued: “That should break your heart. No matter where you come in on the political spectrum . . . you should be alarmed by the destruction of the rule of law.”

Castle added that Trump doesn’t want to restrict immigration under any actual keen awareness of a constitutional basis for doing so.

“In fact, the Constitution [authorizes] the president to repel invasions—to protect the states from invasions,” Castle said, while describing Trump as “an authoritarian businessman” who would rule from the top down based on what he assumes is appropriate.

Regarding the rule of law, Castle said that Trump “doesn’t know what it is—I’m serious, he doesn’t know what it is, so how can he give it much credence?”

And, he said, neither Clinton nor Trump would “restrict the nation to its constitutional boundaries,” which would make the federal government “about 20% of its current size.”

On the campaign trail, Castle has learned that the CP lacks nationwide name recognition largely because some within the political establishment withhold the necessary money and publicity to create that recognition, meaning that the GOP-Democrat stranglehold is artificially sustained.


He recalled traveling to Denver with his wife during the July 4 weekend, where they visited a ritzy hotel featuring a large meeting of key GOP conservatives. In a cigar room, Mr. and Mrs. Castle heard familiar voices “talking Republican stuff.” These Republican operatives were discussing how to stop Trump.

“They’re kingmakers, these people. They don’t ever get to be king but they get to decide who is king,” Castle remarked, adding that he and his wife soon realized a 20-year friend was among the operatives. On Castle’s behalf, the friend asked his fellow anti-Trump operatives, “If Trump gets the nomination, why would you not support the Constitution Party?”

The head GOP guy reportedly replied, “Because you have no name recognition and you do not have enough ballot access.”

Castle replied: “Well, you could fix that in one week if you wanted to. . . . I could have ballot access in 49 states. And within that same week I could be an international celebrity if you wanted me to. So your points are not valid.”

After getting the cold shoulder Castle told them, “You enjoy disenfranchising the American people, because that’s exactly what you’re trying to do.”

In his speech, Castle also touched on ending the Federal Reserve, while noting that free-trade agreements have spelled bad news for workers. Bill Mohr, who chairs the U.S. Taxpayers Party of Michigan (the CP’s state affiliate), told AFP that while the CP has ballot access in 19 states, it’s intent on soon getting at least five more, to establish the basis for getting sufficient electoral votes.

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Mark Anderson covers the annual Bilderberg meetings and is chairman of AFP’s new America First Action Committee, designed to involve AFP readers in focusing intensely on Congress to enact key changes, including monetary reform and a pullback of the warfare state. He and his wife Angie often work together on news projects.

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