Startling New Trends in Illegal Immigration

• Mexicans account for only about half of all nationalities sneaking into America.

By John Friend —

According to recent statistics released by the United States Border Patrol, fewer than half of those apprehended along the U.S.-Mexico border are from Mexico. During the first six months of this year, 264,185 individuals were apprehended somewhere along the southwest border. Of those, 131,138 were originally from Mexico, comprising just under 50% of the total number apprehended.

Of the total, 45,604 Guatemalans, 44,574 Salvadoreans, and 30,585 Hondurans were apprehended, demonstrating once again that the majority of illegal immigrants flooding America have origins in Mexico and Central America. Mexicans and Central Americans have large diaspora communities in many U.S. cities throughout the nation.

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Invariably, a significant portion of immigrants, especially illegal aliens, from Mexico and Central America have ties to gangs, drug cartels, and other unsavory characters, and few have the skills, education, or capital to make lasting contributions to the American economy.

Interestingly, 2,867 individuals from India were apprehended along the southwest border during the first six months of this year, while 1,498 Chinese were detained attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Thousands more from other parts of Asia and the Mideast have been caught as well.

Drug cartels, mafias, and organized criminal gangs have increasingly turned their attention toward human trafficking, charging significant fees for smuggling illegal aliens into the U.S.


There have been some positive trends of late.

Apprehensions of Mexicans along the southwest border have been declining in recent years, according to the Pew Research Center, but uncontrolled immigration facilitated and encouraged by the federal government has become a central issue in the 2016 elections. Donald J. Trump, officially nominated as the GOP candidate for president at the recent Republican National Convention in Cleveland, has harshly criticized America’s long-standing open borders policy as well as the widespread prevalence and acceptance of illegal immigration and increasing demands from the Obama administration, the Democratic Party, and radical leftist organizations for more immigrants and refugees being given either political asylum or refugee status, paving the way for their resettlement in America.

Additionally, many Americans are becoming resistant to granting legal work permits and visas to foreign laborers, who often displace American-born workers in a variety of sectors, especially telecommunications and related industries. Over 1 million immigrants enter the U.S. legally every year, in addition to countless illegal aliens crossing America’s southern border annually.


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Immigration is becoming the most important topic not only in America, but across the entire Western world. For decades now, Western governments and international organizations, which are largely dominated and influenced by far-left groups and large corporate interests concerned almost exclusively with acquiring cheap labor, have systematically flooded Europe and European-derived nations with third-world aliens. The traditional peoples of the West are on the verge of being displaced and becoming a minority in the nations their ancestors founded and built, as their own governments sit back and do nothing.

Nationalist and populist political parties and candidates for office, epitomized by Trump in America, have gained popularity and traction in response. As the forces of globalism continue to promote and advance their insidious, nation-wrecking agenda, more and more patriots of all political persuasions are rallying behind nationalists.

This year’s U.S. election is largely going to be fought over this crucial issue. Will the American people back a maverick yet controversial businessman, who claims he will put America first, build a wall on the southern border to prevent illegal immigration, and limit immigration from nations where terrorist activity is prevalent? Or will the forces of globalism backing career criminal Hillary Clinton prevail?

Time will tell, but make no mistake: Immigration will be one of the most important issues of this 2016 election.

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John Friend is a writer who lives in California.

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    The Unmaking of Americans…..John J. Miller
    The Diversity Myth……..David O. Sacks and Peter A. Thiel
    Trust Social Virtues and Creation of Prosperity………Francis Fukuyama
  2. Linda Aguilar:

    No, Mexicans do not have just as much right to the southwest as U.S. citizens do! They fought, AND LOST a war! That is how much of this world was formed into countries so maybe you need to go back to school and learn some history! All you are doing is crying over the same spilled milk that Mexicans have been crying over for years! IF they wanted the land we took, they should have fought harder! BUT NO, Mexicans didn’t fight hard enough! All they know how to do is sell drugs! They would rather keep the corrupt country they have instead of fighting to make it like America!

  3. Unless you are a full-blooded native American, you may also have ancestors that came into this country illegally. The Mexicans were robbed of part of their lands by the U.S. Consequently they have just as much right to parts of the southwest as native Americans do.
  4. Illegal immigration by Hispanic Roman Catholics as an organized army for invasion and conquest of God’s biblically prophesied “Promised Land,” Isaiah’s “New Israel,” is an openly published satanic stratagem by the Roman Catholic Church we came to America in express covenant with God to escape, available for every patriot eye to read: “National Pastoral Plan for Hispanic Ministry.”

    Visit Latin America with its “wall to wall” brothels and slums with a few rich families to know what the “New World Order”—the red-badged Old Sectarian Order of king and pope—plans to extend to America that the whole world be enslaved.

  5. What about Central and South Americans? What about all the Mexicans who are already here illegally?
  6. Immigration Tourism, Anchor Babies, Fortune 5000 Visas, Zio-War Resettlement Surge, and the Coming Amnesty for ALL Illegals and Their Families will be the Final Solution for any Post-USSA Ethnically White Amerikan Threat. A Masonic Gazillionaire Puppet POTUS will say anything to make you Be(lie)ve in S(E)lections stopping construction on the New Atlantean Tower of Babel Ziggurat.

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