ISIS: Brutal Islamic State Also A Threat to Banking Cartels

By Bill White —

Brutality, torture and murder are all things that the United States gladly tolerates in its allies. But there is one thing that the U.S. cannot tolerate: a usury-free economy.

Having invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, overturned the government of Libya and split the government of Sudan to eliminate the few holdout powers who refused to link their banking systems to the Bank of England and the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve, the U.S. is seeing its gains in Iraq and its effort in Syria reversed by the Islamic State (ISIS), a group that has declared gold and silver to be the only legitimate money for the people under its rule.

The ISIS’s brutality on the battlefield is legendary, and its ideology does not recognize volkish principles—though for the moment, it governs primarily over closely related peoples. But America has never had a problem backing groups that torture and murder prisoners, impose harsh laws and spread a communist worldview. The Obama administration’s objections to the caliphate cannot be understood in those terms. Instead, ISIS is one of the few remaining Islamic nations, its enemies in Iran and Syria being the other two, to establish an Islamic economy.

“Islamic State terrorists say they will mint their own gold and silver coins,” wrote The Wall Street Journal. “In a statement translated by Site Intelligence, they explain the new currency will be ‘far removed from the tyrannical monetary system.’”


“They demanded to be paid in gold, silver or any precious metal for the annual crop we were about to plant,” one farmer taxed by ISIS told the Journal. The Journal went on to attack the caliphate for assessing taxes, which the Journal called extortion, demanding bonds, which the Journal called “kidnapping ransoms,” and charging real estate taxes, as described.

Two special Islamic taxes on Christians who do not convert, which is required by the Koran, and the execution of peoples whom ISIS views as heretical or apostate, such as the Yezidis and Shi’ite Muslims, also drew criticism, the latter being clear acts of genocide.

While questions can be raised about the theological correctness of strict Sunni Islam, little can be said critically about an economy that has slipped from the control of the global bankers. In A.D. 731, Islamic scholar Hazrat Imam Abukaneefa declared the charging or payment of interest un-Islamic and stated that only gold, silver and other precious metals may be used as currency.

In the U.S. and almost the entire world, currency is based on debt. The government borrows money from banks in the form of bonds and authorizes banks to lend money privately to put currency into circulation. Because all money in circulation draws interest, the total debt of society is always greater than the money supply, and the money supply must be constantly inflated in order to maintain systematic stability. This system tends to draw all money into the hands of bankers, creating inequality and poverty.

Unlike in the U.S., where people have things but don’t own them, in the Islamic economies people own the things they have. America once operated on a similar system, prior to enactment of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Since the earliest human records, wars have been fought to bring usury-free peoples into international banking systems. The Bank of England began the modern expansion of usury banking in 1694 when it began to wage war on the “tally” system of usury—free money established in the early Middle Ages by King Henry I.

Since the establishment of the Rothschild-owned and controlled Federal Reserve, America and Britain have waged war against nations with autarkic economies or usury-free systems, including National Socialist Germany and the USSR.

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Bill White is a freelance journalist and publisher based in Florida. He has also written articles for THE BARNES REVIEW (TBR) magazine. You can write him at: William A. White 201400005514 Seminole County Jail 211 Bush Blvd Sanford FL 32773.

3 Comments on ISIS: Brutal Islamic State Also A Threat to Banking Cartels

  1. Brutality, torture and mass murder is more associated with the Zionist Yiddish cabal “government” in the New Jer-USA-lem than with ISIS! The Great Satan (USA) always accuses others what is he doing. And the fat, obese and degenerate ‘populace’ there is completely brain dead.
  2. Abu Bakr Al Bhagdadi’s real name is Shimon Eilat, Mossad agent. ISIS is a CIA/MOSSAD-project, and just for the sake of appearances, the organization should promote a real Muslim ideology. The bankers are definitely not threatened by those who work for them.

  3. Although Bill White’s essay is really quite good, like so many who do not understand money and what it is—or banking and what it is—he seems to consider gold and silver to be “money.” In fact, as I clearly demonstrate in “The Sumerian Swindle,” gold and silver as commodity money is just as much of a swindle as Federal Reserve Notes since it is controlled by monopoly interests.

    In ancient times, the swindle of lending at interest tended to suck the gold and silver coins into the vaults of the bankers, just as it does today. Since gold and silver disappeared from ancient societies who were dependent upon commodity money, the only way that the ancient governments could continue to operate was to go to war and steal someone else’s gold and silver. So, gold and silver for money is just another form of the Sumerian Swindle.

    As for what banking is, these animated cartoons explain the Sumerian Swindle in modern times quite excellently:

    Swindling the Goyim: The Basic Swindle

    Swindling the Goyim: Episode Two—The God of Israel Swindle

    When you realize that the bankers financed Communism, then you realize who is behind the suffering and wars in the world and also who profits from the suffering of mankind.

    All bankers are criminals. They should be arrested and the wealth that they have stolen returned to the State and to the People.

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