CIA Coup d’Etat in Canada

• Was ‘Harper Revolution’ driven by NWO/CIA front group and Big Oil?

By Ronald L. Ray —

Stephen Joseph Harper, the prime minister of Canada, has changed the face of Canadian politics, especially since the Conservative Party of Canada came to power in 2006 and consolidated gains in 2011. But recently published information suggests that the “Harper Revolution,” which swept Canada, was not organic and has been promoted not only by giant petroleum interests, but even by a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) front organization, in order to bind Canada ever more tightly to American political and business interests.

Over the past 30 years, Canada’s traditional political divisions have been transformed. They previously harbored strong elements—even in the “conservative” spectrum—of populism, traditionalism, a sense of responsibility toward indigenous American Indian populations and the environment, but also promotion of a social welfare state.

Now, however, “What is happening is that the Conservative party in Canada is becoming much more similar to the Republican party, and the Liberals are very similar to the Democrats. However, for both parties, like the U.S., it is all smoke and mirrors; at the end of the day big money calls the shots.,” Canadian financial commentator David Hague told this AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter.

Today, Canada’s political scene looks increasingly like a carefully-cultivated hybrid of the Bush II and Obama presidencies. While pandering ever so slightly to social conservatives, long enough to get their vote, Harper—the son of an Imperial Oil accountant—and his government, have gutted federal protection of the environment at the direct request of Big Oil.

A letter from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association, Canadian Gas Association and Canadian Petroleum Products Institute stated, “We believe that the basic approach embodied in existing legislation is out-dated. At the heart of most existing legislation is a philosophy of prohibiting harm.” They also demanded—and received—changes to law which unconstitutionally reduced Indian tribes’ longstanding rights and protections, so that the plutocratic privateers could plunder natural resources under reservation land.

Harper is gradually endangering the traditionally stable Canadian economy with an increasing number of “free trade” agreements while progressively eroding citizens’ constitutional rights—more so than ever with a domestic surveillance act following the October 2014 shooting of a Canadian soldier at a war memorial and armed attack in the House of Commons by a mentally-ill individual.


Both events—allegedly Islamist terror attacks—show every hallmark of false flag operations, and in the former case, U.S. officials released what appears to have been advance knowledge of the events and perpetrator, even as reporters on the scene were held at gunpoint by Canadian police. A joint Canadian-U.S. “anti-terrorism exercise” also happened to be going on at the time, while a domestic surveillance act was before Parliament, which passed shortly thereafter.

“The key in Canada,” Canadian financial commentator David Hague told this reporter, “is that the party who wins the majority in Parliament can rule basically like a dictator. There are no checks and balances.”

Professor John McMurtry, who initially accepted an interview request and subsequently cancelled, wrote on October 28, 2014 that it is no coincidence that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian secret intelligence have been implicated in “dirty tricks” to keep Harper in power over the years. McMurtry cancelled the interview alleging this newspaper is “implicitly racist.”

In foreign policy, Harper has made Canada little more than an extension office of the United States State Department. This is most evident in the Canadian prime minister’s overseas military adventurism supporting the American war against formerly stable Middle East nations, which will only inflame Islamic passions against the Canadian people. Harper is likewise a full-bore philo-Semite, receiving a number of “awards” for his toadying to the demands of Israel and the Zionist lobby.

Most recently, the impolitic politician had the hubris at the G20 meeting to tell Russian President Putin, who had extended his hand, “I guess I’ll shake your hand, but I have only one thing to say to you: You need to get out of Ukraine.” Putin reportedly retorted, “That’s impossible, because we are not there,” reported the The Canadian Press.

But where does this “Bush Lite” New World Order warmonger get his ideas, and how did he get into power?

Dr. Anthony Hall, Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, reported in 2013 on Harper’s longtime political mentor, Professor Thomas Eugene Flanagan. Radical libertarian Flanagan—who fell from public grace by repeatedly claiming use of child pornography is a “victimless crime”—has been a key proponent of exactly the sort of corporatist-capitalist political program Harper has enacted over the years. The professor even once took the youthful future PM and his university classmates to a Young Republicans conference in the U.S. for further neoconservative indoctrination. Flanagan was additionally at the center, with his protégé, of the political destruction of the Progressive Conservative Party and development of the Conservative Party, on the way to creating a new political duopoly in Canada.

Flanagan, in turn, had been hired in 1968, straight from the U.S.-funded Free University in West Berlin and without formal application, for the University of Calgary by Dr. E. Burke Inlow, apparently to make the college safe for U.S. oil interests. Cololnel Inlow “was a Pentagon operative with expert knowledge on the covert oil politics of Iran,” wrote Hall.

To close the circle, former Canadian diplomat Professor Peter Dale Scott recently publicized a 2005 diplomatic cable from WikiLeaks that reveals a sinister underside to Harper’s “meteoric rise” to political power. In the context of a report on National Democratic Institute and International Republican Institute (IRI) efforts to destabilize Venezuela through “renovation/transformation” of the country’s political parties, paragraph 12 stated, “IRI will be bringing in consultants who specialize in party renovation to discuss case studies of political parties in Germany, Spain and Canada, which successfully carried out the process of party renovation.”

That passing reference to our northern neighbor reveals what Canadian writer Mark Taliano calls a “soft coup” in his country. That is, the IRI—a branch of the CIA front organization National Endowment for Democracy—was behind the political “renovation” process that handed Harper the reins of power in Canada.

Following revolutionary models these non-governmental organizations have employed in coups and overthrow efforts from Honduras to Egypt to Kazakhstan and Hong Kong, U.S. intelligence agencies seemingly were able to transform the Canadian government into a servile proxy for U.S. and Israeli hegemonic interests and the plutocratic exploitation of Canadian citizens and indigenous peoples.

It is to be hoped that the Canadian people will wake up to the plot to subvert their way of life for the benefit of the New World Order, but as Mr. Hague told this newspaper, “Social consciousness in Canada, like the U.S., is declining and mostly limited to ‘liking’ something on Facebook. It really is not found in any of the [political] parties in any serious way.”

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Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant editor of THE BARNES REVIEW. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.

4 Comments on CIA Coup d’Etat in Canada

  1. You guys should think very carefully about something regarding this matter…it needs mass media coverage here in Canada.

    If this story received proper coverage and was brought into every home in Canada, the conservatives would be buried in the upcoming elections.

    If not, they will probably be re-elected…and I will tell you why…Election fraud.

    Do you think that people who are willing to commit treason would not be willing to commit electoral fraud?

    And while were at it, may I remind you that the CIA is going to be participating in this coming election…so while many of you might say, Harper has already fallen on his own sword, you’re wrong.

  2. It’s funny you know…I said this first way back in 2006…and then when I moved back to Canada in 2012, for some reason I can’t explain, I find people trying to kill me…following me around and threatening my family.

    Why would anyone want to do such a thing to someone as nice as me?

    There is more to your story though…the cable demonstrates one simple statement…there do exist more things you know, documents and memos discussing meetings between the CIA and Harper, among others, all of which detail not just the plan to use resources from the CIA to install Harper into power, but also plans for Harper to reciprocate his being installed…that is to say, what he will do in return for getting installed as PM. Those documents do exists, and they can be obtained.

  3. Taylor, the old bitch you are calling the queen is revered by Harper, who is by the way the worst ever leader Canada has ever known and the closest to the totalitarian régime leaders that has been in office in North America, shutting up scientists, government librairies and journalists, labeling as terrorists the citizens who want to protect the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the future of their children, etc.! He doesn’t promote peace, he sends our soldiers, known until his régime as Nobel peacekeepers, to kill women and children in Middle East and approves of the massacre of thousands by Israël! And you justify all that in the name of economics and trade! Harper has dramatically changed Canada’s image for the worst, in world politics as well as in environment; the world is now calling us the bad guys where as we have been long considered as leaders. All that for dirty oil and the destruction and pollution it causes! A recent opinion poll concluded that more than 70% of us Quebecers reject your dirty tar sands! So why don’t you keep it for yourselves. Make it your only source of power, find a way to transform it in everything you need, clothes, furniture, appliances, buildings, cars and why not food since you so revere that God oil!
  4. Well, the aboriginals should look to their own abusive leaders before anything. No leader could have been worse for Canada than Pierre Trudeau. This country is filled with far-left lunatics. Do you know what white flight is? Have you seen a city turn into a shit hole? Unlike Obama, Harper steered Canada through recession alongside the now late Jim Flaherty, rest in peace. Now the oil; don’t blame us for the lack of investment in nuclear energy or the electric cars. If the next Trudeau comes into power, he will sign away our sovereignty to the UN and implement Agenda 21, while everyone is celebrating some plant that gets you high and gay sex. This will be the real disaster for Canada’s citizens. Harper has not allowed the Communist Chinese with their manipulated currency made on slave labor to buy out the whole country yet. If we are snuggling up to America, it’s about time. Hopefully soon we can remove the old bitch’s head from the coin and become a republic ourselves; we send her money while vets get nothing. Harper is a good communicator and free trade creates global stability, peace. Obama and Trudeau are both showmen. He panders to Israel because they aren’t Marxists and will be a viable trade partner in the future with a fast growing economy. Don’t confuse the Likud with the left-wing Zionists controlling our media. The man can only do so much under the powers that be. I pick the lesser of evils. That being said, they are all politicians.

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