INTERVIEW: White House Helps China Cover Up American Murder

By Victor Thorn —

On June 24, 2012, Dr. Shane Truman Todd, a 31-year-old American electrical engineer employed in Singapore, was found dead in his apartment from an alleged suicide. In the five months before his death, he had been telling his parents, siblings and girlfriend that he believed his life was in danger. Two days prior to leaving Singapore, with pre-purchased airline tickets lying on a living room table, Todd was discovered hanging from his bathroom door.

Todd’s parents, Rick and Mary Todd, are convinced their son’s demise resulted from murder, not suicide. During a November 4 interview, Mary told this reporter that her efforts to expose the truth have been stymied by politicians in the United States.

“Not only is the U.S. government unwilling to help us with our investigation,” Mrs. Todd began, “they’re aiding Singapore in the cover-up. John Kerry, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Eric Holder have shut us down from the highest levels.”

When asked about what could be motivating them, Mrs. Todd told this newspaper: “The president, vice president and attorney general have been bought off by China’s money and power. Huawei [Technologies Co. Ltd.], a Chinese company that wanted my son to compromise U.S. national security, has a law firm on every corner in Washington, D.C. Their political contributions help get congressmen elected.”

Here are the details of what transpired. After receiving his doctorate degree from the University of California, Todd landed a job in Singapore at the Institute of Microelectronics (IME). During his employ at IME, Todd specialized in researching gallium nitride, a highly coveted new semiconductor used for advanced radar and military purposes.

Realizing its importance, Huawei, which has direct ties to the Chinese military, wanted Todd to engage in political espionage by divulging IME’s secrets to them. Doing so would have certainly placed U.S. Navy ships at great risk.

Because their son wasn’t willing to betray America by committing such a treasonous act, the Todds are certain that Shane was killed for the secrets he knew. If this information was reported to Pentagon brass or revealed before various congressional committees, the ramifications would have been enormous, especially considering Singapore’s status as Asia’s financial capital.

Mrs. Todd told AMERICAN FREE PRESS: “We’re seeking a congressional inquiry, but so far it’s been a no-go. Here’s how bad things are. During the Singapore government’s inquest into Shane’s death, U.S. State Department officials wouldn’t let one of their employees, Tracy Gowens, testify. She’d been silenced. Gowens witnessed all the lies that had been told about Shane’s murder.”

Mrs. Todd then laid out three inconsistencies in Shane’s death.

Singaporean investigative officer Muhammad Khaldun claims he discovered Shane hanging from Shane’s bathroom door by a noose that was attached to the door by bolts and screws. Yet upon inspecting the crime scene, the Todds found no bolts, screws or holes in the door.

The Todds also proved that their son’s supposed suicide note had been forged.

Finally, highly classified IME files on Shane’s hard drive had been opened by Khaldun following Shane’s death. His computer had been altered after his death with data to make people believe he’d been contemplating suicide.

And that’s only the beginning.


Dr. Edward Adelstein, chief of pathology at the Harry S. Truman Veterans Hospital in Columbia, Missouri., reviewed the Singaporean autopsy report and determined that Shane perished from blunt force trauma to the head followed by strangulation. In other words, he had been hit in the head, died and was then supposedly hanged from his bathroom door.

Another element entered the equation, as Mrs. Todd told AFP: “We located Shane’s girlfriend in Singapore, and she insisted that Malaysian and Chinese DNA were found on the towel and strap that Shane allegedly used to strangle himself. These objects had obviously been planted by police, so the Singapore government incinerated this DNA evidence. They said it was standard operating procedure.”

Mrs. Todd continued: “Right now, we’re not only fighting China and Singapore, but also the U.S. government. We sent Vice President Joe Biden a comprehensive 20-page analysis of all the anomalies in Shane’s case. He completely ignored it. The same happened with Senator Max Baucus [D-Montana]. Initially, [Baucus] provided a great deal of help in regard to our efforts. But on the very day Obama appointed him ambassador to China, all of that assistance went away. Baucus said it was time to move on. There was nothing more that could be done.”

The most appalling aspect of this scenario occurred after a Singaporean judge ruled that “incontrovertible evidence” proved Shane’s death was a suicide—not homicide—and that no foul play was involved. Afterward, the U.S. Embassy released a statement saying Singapore’s investigation was “comprehensive, fair and transparent.”

Heartbroken by these circumstances, yet still determined, Mrs. Todd has coauthored a book about her son’s murder entitled Hard Drive: A Family’s Fight Against Three Countries.

Hung out to dry by those who should be her greatest allies, Mrs. Todd told AFP: “The U.S. government under Obama doesn’t want to jeopardize its relationship with Singapore. But every parent should know that if their son or daughter travels to a foreign country, the same thing could happen to them that happened to Shane.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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