NEW BOOK FROM AFP: 9/11: United States–Sponsored Terrorism

The weeks following the attacks of September 11, 2001, were traumatic for nearly every American, but for some, the answers they received from the media and the government to explain the horrific events was not satisfactory.

Accusations of cover-ups, internal plots, and sabotage from within the ranks of the U.S. government were—and continue to be—not uncommon.

But compelling evidence contrary to the accepted narrative has, for some skeptics, been lacking.

This investigation into the events of that day reveals dark secrets about United States–sponsored terrorism. Taking highly complex technical and scientific information, and distilling it for the consumption of the lay person, this inquiry attempts to reveal the truth behind that infamous day.

Black911250Softcover, 288 pages

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5 Comments on NEW BOOK FROM AFP: 9/11: United States–Sponsored Terrorism

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  3. Foolish Yanks, never noticed 9/11 on their masonic flag, with 9 rows + 11 columns of stars. Flight AA11 had 11 crew members + Flight UA 175 had 9 crew members, hence 9/11 into the Twin Towers of Babylon the Great. Visit Google-Bloody Masonic Fingerprints Left On 9/11 Crime Scene.
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