FBI Raids Bankrupt Hospital Business Connected to the Biden Family

Malarkey Biden

By AFP Staff

When it comes to corruption involving the Biden family, the mainstream media, including conservative outlets, have been focusing on the former vice president’s ties to Ukraine as well as his son Hunter’s work for Ukrainian energy giant Burisma. But Biden and his second-born son, Hunter, are not the only ones who have been accused of rampant corruption.

Early last month, the FBI raided the home of James Biden, Joe’s brother, who had been the CEO of hospital chain Americore at one time before the healthcare company went bankrupt.

According to reports, the details of the case were released in February. It involves Florida-based Americore Holdings, which buys up and manages hospitals in rural parts of the U.S. Americore had filed chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but, according to a the latest bankruptcy hearing in Kentucky, the company has been terribly managed for years and top management has been accused of siphoning off money that was owed to debtors in order to enrich themselves.

James Biden has also been named in another lawsuit related to the business in Tennessee. According to that suit, James Biden reportedly told investors that he could exploit his brother Joe’s political influence as vice president to bring in new international investors and make the venture successful. Lawyers for the defendants argued that James Biden convinced two Tennessee businessmen to buy up rural hospitals with their own money and that they didn’t need to worry about anything because they were “protected” because of James Biden’s political connections. Eventually, the two Tennessee businessmen ran out of their own money and could not make payroll when they were never reimbursed for their hospital purchases as they had been promised by James Biden.

In his book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elites, Author Peter Schweizer has a full chapter dedicated just to the Bidens, documenting the whole family’s shady ties to Joe Biden’s political position. From billions of dollars in Chinese government funding to defrauded pension funds to shuffling around U.S. taxpayers’ money, the entire family, according to Schweizer, has profited off the former vice president and his dreams of occupying the Oval Office.

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And to think, Biden was almost president of the United States. Here he is giving an absolutely bizarre speech in June 2017 about his hairy legs, kids jumping in his lap, and some guy named Corn Pop.