AFP Article on Bilderberg 2016 Location Spurs Shadowy Group to Release Information Early

• Official Bilderberg website posts 2016 location a full two months in advance.

By Mark Anderson —

In the immediate wake of an AMERICAN FREE PRESS online article which pointed out why the Bilderberg Meetings might take place in Virginia this year, the Bilderberg media managers, in an apparent response to the article, decided to announce their meeting rather early by placing a terse passage on the group’s official website around April 9—stating that the 2016 Bilderberg meeting will take place in Dresden, Germany, June 9-12.

Bilderberg 2016 Head

The announcement, evidently designed to embarrass AFP and any other media which had reported other tentative locations for the Bilderberg 2016 meeting, was placed at the bottom of never-changing, general information “about” the Bilderberg Meetings that has been posted on the group’s website for several years.

A similar thing happened in early 2013 when James P. Tucker Jr., who passed away in April of that year, had reason to believe that the secretive conference for 2013 would take place in Chantilly, Virginia, but the conference ended up taking place that June in Watford, U.K.


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The Dresden gathering will be the group’s 64th-ever meeting and the 6th meeting in Germany, the last one there having been in May 2005 in Rottach-Egern in the southern Bavarian region near the Austrian border. Dresden is in the central-eastern region near the Czech Republic’s border.

The “criminals,” as Tucker referred to them, will most likely stay at the Hotel Taschenbergpalais Kempinski Dresden.

The group first met in the Netherlands in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg, which became the group’s namesake as it began to turn the wheels for converting separate European nation states into a common market, en route to the European Union.


One claim of key Bilderberg founders, including Josef Retinger, was that Bilderberg discussions among U.S. and European leaders and business figures would help establish a consensus on managing post-World War II Europe and quell anti-American sentiment in Europe in that war’s aftermath. And the mercilessly cruel U.S.-British bombing of Dresden clearly would have fed that sentiment. Ironically, the international establishment, while professing a goal of world peace and democracy, has adopted a permanent war footing wherein wars, as depicted in George Orwell’s novel 1984, no longer are declared and never seem to end. Germany remains under what amounts to an occupation by U.S. forces to this day.

European-U.S. relations soon came to be viewed through the lens of “transatlantic relations,” or “Atlanticism,” and CIA and Ford Foundation money came to the aid of Bilderberg in its early years. Today, the Bilderberg network of key think tanks, central bankers, military brass, media moguls, intelligence figures, finance and prime ministers, carefully selected legislators, corporate captains, technology leaders, selected royalty etc. is an important hub for world planning, comprising a management system that seeks ever more globalization and centralization of power.

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Mark Anderson covers the annual Bilderberg meetings and is chairman of AFP’s new America First Action Committee, designed to involve AFP readers in focusing intensely on Congress to enact key changes, including monetary reform and a pullback of the warfare state. He and his wife Angie often work together on news projects.

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  1. So what do the Bilderbergers call themselves when exchanging emails and when taking politicun*s to their meetings?
  2. The B-Berg group PLANS their meetings well in advance, but they don’t ANNOUNCE the meeting location until quite close to the meeting date and place. You have to make that distinction. From what I’ve seen, the B-Berg and Trilateral guys have known about AFP a long time due to that Jim Tucker guy.
  3. What a delusional piece of rubbish. Your previous article had sod all to do with anything. They plan their meeting locations a year and a half in advance. Most attendees have probably never heard of American Free Press.

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