Soros Behind Violence at Rallies

• Those disrupting Trump speeches are well-organized leftist agitators.

By Patrick J. Buchanan —

Donald Trump’s March 11 rally in Chicago was broken up by a foulmouthed mob that infiltrated the hall and forced the cancellation of the event to prevent violence and bloodshed. Brownshirt tactics worked. The mob, triumphant, rejoiced.

And the reaction of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and John Kasich? All three Republican rivals blamed—Donald Trump. With his “dangerous style of leadership,” Trump stokes this anger, mewed Rubio. “This is what happens when a leading presidential candidate goes around feeding into a narrative of bitterness and anger and frustration.”

Rubio implies that if Trump doesn’t tone down his remarks to pacify the rabble, he will be responsible for the violence visited upon him.


Kasich echoed Rubio: “Donald Trump has created a toxic environment (that) has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation to come together in violence.”

But were the thousands of Trump supporters who came out to cheer him that night really looking for a fight? Or were they exercising their right of peaceful assembly?

Cruz charged Trump with “creating an environment that only encourages this sort of nasty discord,” thus offering absolution to the mob.

Friday night cried out for moral clarity. What we got from Trump’s rivals was moral mush that called to mind JFK’s favorite quote from Dante: The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis maintain their neutrality.

As news outlets have reported, Friday’s disruption at the University of Illinois-Chicago auditorium was a preplanned assault.

Behind it were the George Soros-funded, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, Hispanics hoisting Mexican flags and cop-haters carrying filthy signs to show their contempt for police.

People for Bernie, a pro-Sanders outfit, tweeted, “[This] wasn’t just luck. It took organizers from dozens of organizations and thousands of people to pull off. Great work.”

Now, Sanders did not order this assault on the civil rights of Trump supporters. But has endorsed him and “Bernie” signs and T-shirts were everywhere among the disrupters. Hence, he has a duty to disavow this conduct and those who engaged in it. If Sanders refuses, he condones it, and is morally complicit.

Can one imagine how the media would pile on Trump if working-class white males in Trump t-shirts invaded a Hillary Clinton rally and shut it down? Can one imagine how the networks and cable TV channels that host town halls with the candidates would react if hell raisers snuck into their audiences and shouted obscenities during discussions? The keening over the First Amendment would not cease for weeks.

Some of us have been here before, and know how this ends. When the urban riots broke out in the 1960s, Hubert Humphrey declared that, if he lived in a ghetto, “I could lead a pretty good riot myself.”

At Humphrey’s 1968 convention in Chicago, radicals baited and provoked the cops in front of the Conrad Hilton, and as this writer watched, their patience exhausted after days of abuse, Chicago’s finest tore into the mob and delivered some street justice.

“Richard Nixon,” wrote Hunter S. Thompson, “is living in the White House today because of what happened that night in Chicago.” Hunter got that one right. That fall, Humphrey was daily assailed by the kinds of haters now disrupting Trump rallies. Everywhere he went, they chanted, “Dump the Hump!” At times, Humphrey came close to tears.

That fall, Humphrey realized the monster he helped nurture. My tormentors, he said, are “not just hecklers, but highly disciplined, well-organized agitators . . . some of them are anarchists, and some of these groups are destroying the Democratic Party and destroying this country.”


In 1970, when President Nixon sent U.S. troops into Cambodia to clean out Viet Cong sanctuaries, and students rioted, Ronald Reagan called the students “cowardly fascists” and declared, “If there’s going to be a bloodbath, let it begin here.”

Not much Cruz-Rubio-Kasich equivocating there.

When radicals stomped down Wall Street desecrating Old Glory, construction workers came down from the building sites they were working and whaled on them. Union president Peter J. Brennan was soon in the Oval Office—and in Nixon’s Cabinet. “Secretary Bunker,” we called him.

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Prediction: Given their “victory” in Chicago, and its allied nasties will try to replicate it, again and again. And as Americans came to despise the 1960s radicals, they will come to despise them. And, as in the 1960s, the country will take a turn—to the right.

America has changed from the land we grew up in. But she is not yet ready to allow ugly mobs screaming obscenities at Trump and his folks inside and outside that hall in Chicago, or their paragons like socialist senator Sanders, to take over the country.

Those raising hell in the street in Chicago and that convention hall are unfit to be citizens of this democratic republic.

For as Edmund Burke reminded us, “Men of intemperate minds can never be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”

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Patrick J. Buchanan is a writer, political commentator, presidential candidate and author.

3 Comments on Soros Behind Violence at Rallies

  1. AFP is a right wing rag all the fu**ing way. So much bullsh*t that you can smell it, the minute one opens the site. Are you kidding about Donald Trump? These are wet dream fantasies. Soros? Hiring protesters? That’s just plain delusional. I can’t believe the sh*t sites that call themselves American. This ain’t American by any stretch. And who do you cover, Trump? Really? Bernie Sanders is running a miracle campaign, coming from 3% popularity to front runner and you’re covering Trump? That exposed you for the fu**ing bullsh*t site you are!
  2. A very accurate piece observing all that is there on the surface of this thing.

    Note I said surface.

    Dig deeper and what lies beneath is much more sinister and organized.

    Trump is a designed character; his words stoke up right-wing anger.

    Enter Soros to fund groups who are fired up by Trump’s rhetoric.

    These groups clash with very willing supporters of Trump who have themselves been fired up by his rhetoric.

    In the sidelines we have Cruz and Rubio offering their scripted opinion for the media machine, etc.

    Meanwhile we have a similar staged contest going on between Hillary and Bernie, less the right-wing Looney constitutionalists angle.

    The media does its bit by taking up and down the candidates to create debate and distraction for the citizens who will not be drawn in by the drama surrounding Trump and Co. as if any of this and which puppet actually occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue matters a jot to America’s destiny.

    Staged drama to give the illusion that the public at large have any say in what actually happens to the sovereign country they live in and the government they put in power which is supposed to represent them.

    The game is rigged;, they hold ALL the cards. It is not if we have an NWO, but when, and they know it. They don’t really have to hide it much anymore. Job done, as they say.

    Hold on tight, it is going to get very very turbulent.

    All the world’s a stage, and the men and women are merely players.
    —William Shakespeare

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