“Oral health affects risk for heart disease, stroke” : Los Angeles Times July 1, 2011 (Ad)

Dr. John Tagg

Pictured: Professor John Tagg (BSc, MSc, PhD)

Experts in the dental profession made the bold claim that bad oral health may cause heart attacks, strokes and other deadly disease… and, conversely, good oral health may save your life.  It’s important to note that the connection between oral health and disease has not been accepted by governmental authorities or established science; it is a theory that may or may not prove to have validity.

However, we’re not taking any chances. We have a revolutionary product from New Zealand which helps keep your mouth, throat, gums, ear and teeth healthy. How? Click here to find out.

Since 1985 we at Carotec have developed cutting edge, notable health solutions:

Our “Oral Probiotic” offers a completely natural, clinically researched, critical line of defense by helping populate your mouth with healthy microflora. This is a natural, proactive way to keep you healthy.

A  fascinating story resulted in our revolutionary product:

Imagine decades ago, in New Zealand, a young man has strep throat (which is correctly known as streptococcus pyogenes).  Unlike most of us who have had strep pyogenes, this boy got rheumatic fever. Forced to take penicillin every day of his youth, he thought—“there has to be a better way.”

Many of us say “there has to be a better way” but do nothing about it. Not this young man. He made it his life work to discover a way to make sure no other child would suffer like he did. His name—is Dr. John Tagg; he earned a PhD and is a professor of microbiology at the University of Otago in New Zealand.

Dr Tagg discovered that roughly 5% of school children have a high amount of specific “strains” of microlfora which help ward off sickness; the remaining 95% need help. So, Dr. Tagg isolated strains to see if by supplementing with them, the 95% would have additional protection against infectious disease and cavities. The results were astonishing—two strains, BLIS K12 and BLIS M18 helped to fulfill Dr Tagg’s childhood dream!

BLIS stands for Bacterion-Like-Inhibitory-Substances; these are natural agents which have powerful anti (bad) bacterial properties that help bad bacteria under control. (it’s important to note that what we know as “strep throat” is actually strep pyogene—“streptococcus” itself is not good or bad—it is a broad classification; strep mutans causes cavities; and strep salivarus K12 and M18 are healthy bacteria that resist both pyogenes and mutans).

Dr Tagg proved in scientific studies that his two natural compounds, BLIS K12 and BLIS M18:

helped prevent strep throat in children (by about 40%);
helped reduce the incidence of cavities and reduced dental plaque in children:
helped reduce halitosis (bad breath) in adults:
helped increase gamma interferon which is known to contribute to nonspecific immunity against many intracellular bacteria and viruses; and
helped neutralize excess acid in the mouth (excess acid is a cause of cavities).

Far-sighted health advocates that BAD oral health promotes inflammation in the body—meaning, weaker arteries and vessels, laying the ground work for cardiovascular events and strokes. It is far too soon to make the claim that our Oral Probiotic (or any oral product for that matter) will help prevent heart attacks, strokes or other systemic disease… but, the headlines from the mainstream media are drawing attention to the fact that oral health isn’t something to ignore.

We are the ONLY company to offer BOTH BLIS K12 and BLIS M18 in a delicious, naturally sweetened vanilla flavored lozenge.

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