Expect Ferguson to Further Divide Black and White

By Kevin B. MacDonald —

Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement and six years into the “post-racial” Obama presidency, we have Ferguson. A theme is that politics in the United States and other Western countries is getting steadily more racialized as whites and non-whites gravitate to separate political parties with vastly divergent interests and attitudes. Ferguson will accelerate this process.

Apart from those whites who make a living in the bastions of liberal power in the media and academic world, the great majority of whites will see this as a justified shooting in which an out-of-control, enraged and very physically-imposing black thug attacked a white police officer.

That’s what the evidence pointed to, and St. Louis prosecuting attorney Robert P. McCulloch made it clear that some of the testimony implicating Officer Darren Wilson was wildly at odds with the facts of the case.

To put it charitably, these people saw what they wanted to see, and the black underclass and the black activists went all-in with that narrative.

Obama’s statement that the anger was “understandable” is outrageous since the anger flies in the face of the evidence. And even if you buy the idea that what happened in the past at least makes the reaction understandable, it certainly doesn’t justify an indictment, much less the shooting, burning and looting.


White America watching the TV coverage once again had its stereotypes of the black underclass confirmed—irrational, violent, white-hating and prone to criminality.

After enabling a black middle class, after all the affirmative action, after electing a black president and getting a race-obsessed attorney general, after the massive, incredibly expensive, futile efforts to improve the academic performance of black children, after billions spent in the welfare programs, after all the programs aimed at lowering black criminality there remains a very large black underclass operating completely outside the institutional structures created by white society. For this group, nothing remains except anger at a system they cannot comprehend and blaming their failures on white racism.

Like the racially divergent attitudes on the O.J. Simpson double murder verdict and the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson will be another event stored deep in the brains of white America. Ferguson will make them identify more with being white and as having interests that are radically divergent from black America. It will make them vote along with other whites. It will further polarize the racial landscape.

If this were the 1980s, I likely would have deplored such a reaction. But it’s 2014, and the left has created so many facts on the ground via massive non-white immigration and the constant drumbeat about the evil of white America and the glories of multiculturalism and “diversity” that the results of Ferguson can only be positive. It will lead to whites having greater cohesion and a realization that it is suicide for whites to become a minority in an America where there is so much irrational hatred against them.

It will make whites more concerned about massive non-white immigration, legal and illegal. Calls for yet more liberal programs to address the pathology of the black underclass will fall on increasingly deaf ears. Whites will be more motivated than ever to move away from racial diversity.

Whites are one step further down the road of getting where they need to be to begin rolling back the disastrous policies of recent decades and begin the process of establishing white areas without the possibility of a Ferguson.

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Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald is the editor of The Occidental Observer and is a professor of psychology at California State University–Long Beach. Professor MacDonald can be reached via snail mail at The Occidental Observer at 24881 Alicia Parkway, Suite E, #134, Laguna Hills, CA 92653-4617.