INTERVIEWS: Ferguson Locals Relate Anger, Frustration, Confusion, Hope

By Victor Thorn —

After rioters and looters ransacked Ferguson, Missouri for the second time in three months following the justified use of force by Police Officer Darren Wilson against an 18-year-old thug named Michael Brown, AMERICAN FREE PRESS felt it would be beneficial to speak directly with those most impacted by the wanton destruction committed by black criminals and organized leftist protesters.

On December 1, this reporter contacted five individuals. The first, a local business owner, didn’t want his name used due to possible repercussions.

“My shop got destroyed during the first riots in August,” said the man. “It put a real hurt on me because for two weeks we had no work. In my opinion, the police should have given a gun to every law-abiding citizen in Ferguson. Then, all the people who tried to put us out of business would’ve been dead the first night.”

He did not mince words about who was responsible for the riots.


“Every finger of blame should be directed at Michael Brown,” he said. “He stole cigars, then roughed up a shopkeeper and then walked down the middle of a street. When a policeman told him to move, Brown attacked him, threw punches and tried to steal his weapon. In my book that’s called assault, resisting arrest and maybe even attempted murder.”

Obviously still angered by what transpired, this man continued: “If you want to know what Michael Brown was like, look at his stepfather. He was caught on camera screaming to other protesters, Burn this bitch down.’ Authorities are now deciding whether to charge him with inciting a riot. If you ask me, everyone that said Michael Brown stood passively with his hands up should have their nuts cut off and shoved in their lying ass mouths.”

As to the overall intent of what happened on the evening of November 24, this Ferguson resident stated: “The looters were morons looking for something for nothing. They robbed and stole everything they could get their hands on.”

Toni Burrow, a volunteer at the Pakt Community Resource Center in Ferguson, had her own ideas as to why the violence ensued.

“The media is not our friend,” she told this newspaper. “If you look at all the sensationalism that was peddled for three months, it’s clear they were at the heart of this unrest. But when all is said and done, it’s people like me who have to rebuild our city. I don’t have time to die. We have to move on.”


Bob McGartland, the 28-year owner of Robinwood Tire and Auto, told AFP: “People like Reverand Al Sharpton only wanted to be in front of the cameras. The facts and truth about what happened to Michael Brown were presented to Sharpton and the New Black Panthers, but they won’t accept it. Now, nobody’s supporting their cause because they’ve alienated the entire community. The destruction and violence hasn’t helped them.”

McGartland echoed previous statements as to what was the reason for violence: “The looters wanted a free lunch. The businesses they hit, like Walgreens, aren’t here anymore. I used to shop there all the time. Now I have to drive further away. These businesses support the local people, many of them black. Today, their employees are out of work and stores can’t service them.”

Another employee, whose company would only let him speak on condition of anonymity, said: “Our sister store got burned down. It’s heartbreaking because that same location got hit by a tornado three-and-a-half years ago. Sales are down in Ferguson because everyone is scared.”

Darlene Stewart of the First Presbyterian Church of Ferguson was still in shock about the extent of the devastation to her town, which included someone burning down one of their religious centers.

“I don’t know why these people would target and burn down one of their own churches,” she said. “I can’t understand it. Churches are supposed to represent peace. Do you know what a local minister told me when he heard that Sharpton was coming to town? ‘There’s going to be trouble.’ All that the looters did was take advantage of a catastrophe and throw more fuel on the fire.”

Victor Thorn

Victor Thorn is a hard-hitting researcher, journalist and author of over 50 books.

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  1. I think care should be taken by both sides of this divide not to fall for the stated aims of the Zionist overlords. They’ve always operated on the basis of divide and rule. The outcome of the Ferguson shooting and grand jury whitewash seems to suggest that their plans are working perfectly. If only the blacks and whites would both learn who their true enemy is, this country would be restored to sanity and further social engineering averted.
  2. The Israel of the Divine Father is led by Jesus Christ, so any state that does not have the head being Jesus Christ is lying to the peoples of earth.

    Everyone who stands with the phony state of Israel including those who say they are Christians need to be brought before a tribunal led by Christians of Palestine and Syria.

  3. Here in California, all of the newspapers are full of incitement to riot and BOTH the Left-wing-Liberal and the allegedly “Right-wing-Conservative” talk shows (all Jewish-owned Media) cover nothing but how bad the white police are and how justified the Negroes are to riot and protest and cause havoc.

    Whether it’s the West coast version of The New York Times, or the San Jose Mercury-News or USA Today, it’s the same subversive message. Whether it’s the Commie Ron Owens Talk Show or the fake-patriot Michael Savage talk show, it’s all the same Jewish-Commie subversive message in the Jew-owned Media.

    What we have here is a very obvious and very well-organized push by the Jewish Media to foment unrest and to destabilize society by using the Negroes as their pawns.

  4. The police were expecting riots and looting and that is what they got. So did they really do anything in a significant way to prevent and stop this?? If they more or less stood down, are they not just as culpable as the media for firing up this racial hatred? It amazes me that we who are living on the threshold of a police state, see such evidence of law enforcement’s impotence!!
  5. I personally as long resident and citizen of this country, born in Germany, see in my own eyes,and hear my own ears, that most racist slurs, slanders, and hates against whites, flow from prominent black leaders like Sharpton, folk in TV, media, or radio. Such unpleasant messages lately happen in this country, not whites against blacks, but blacks using every opportunity to spread racism against whites. Sad and very primitive low IQ human behavior against second human created by God to be equal, only crimes are majority of blacks,and violent black youths.
  6. Victor Thorn is the reason I read AFP. He gets results with his research, his understanding of what journalism is supposed to look like. He does not polarize those who are responsible and want to respond in a correct manner. We can all give vent to injustices and inaccuracies. This article proves that we can do it in a mindful manner, expressing, with integrity, that right will be made right, if we are patient. God is forever keeping the records, and we can trust in Him alone that Ferguson is never going to be forgotten in its entirety, not as long as He occupies the thrown.

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