Pentagon Wastes Billions on Missile Defense, Emerges Unscathed

A Los Angeles Times investigation found that “the Missile Defense Agency, an arm of the Pentagon charged with protecting U.S. troops and ships and the American homeland, in trying to fashion a shield against a sneak missile attack, military planners gambled on costly projects that flopped, leaving a hole in U.S. homeland defense.”

“The project not only wasted taxpayer money but left a hole in the nation’s defenses. The money spent on it could have gone toward land-based radars with a greater capability to track long-range missiles, according to experts who have studied the issue.”

It’s only taxpayer dollars, no problem.


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One Response to Pentagon Wastes Billions on Missile Defense, Emerges Unscathed

  1. Mike says:
    Please see True Lies for more details of the LA Times article’s inaccuracies.

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